Friends: 20 Pictures Of Rachel Green’s Transformation Over The Years

Without a doubt, Friends is one of the most iconic sitcoms to ever grace TV. In the 90s, it was the center of all the attention, and it gained fans from all over the world that, despite the show having ended in 2004, continue to watch and rewatch the show religiously. The series followed 6 friends in New York, the life adventures they go through together, the mishaps, the love stories... it's everything viewers ever wanted, with a dash of charm and humor.

The characters, Ross, Monica, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe and Chandler, were the epitome of iconic. They were the ones everyone followed, the trendsetters, the characters everyone wished to be. Who doesn't remember watching Friends and dreaming about being part of their circle?

One character that stands out is, without a doubt, Rachel Green, played by the lovely and extremely talented Jennifer Aniston. Her style on the show is timeless and every woman wished to be her in the late 90s. Even now, rewatching the show, Rachel Green's transformation on the show is relatable to all of us.

20 Love At First Sight: Rachel In A Wedding Dress

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We first meet Rachel Green when she enters Central Perk with a wedding dress, opening the series with the charming smile that we immediately fell in love with. Rachel already knew Monica, Ross and Chandler, having been best friends with Monica during her teenage years and with Chandler being Ross' best friend, they were bound to meet.

In this first episode, when we meet Rachel, we find a spoiled woman that was about to marry Barry, an orthodontist that she was merely marrying for money, to continue living the life she lived when she was being sustained by her parents. This decision lead her to meet the other 5 friends and we're introduced to all the characters that will be taking over our lives every day.

19 A Love Affair With Denim

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When we see Rachel Green in this denim outfit, she's gone to the orthodontist where her ex-fiance, Barry, worked. We discover that Barry ended up in a relationship with Rachel's best friend, and that's when Rachel's love affair with Barry begins, but it doesn't last long. This outfit, following many other denim outfits Rachel has worn since her near-wedding, represents a more casual Rachel, trying to get her life together and find a way to earn life for herself, without the help of her parents. We're just glad she found the confidence to end her affair with Barry and move on with her life.

18 A Stylish (Not So Professional) Waitress

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We knew from the first moment just how much Rachel was into fashion, but before she even got out there and found a job for herself in the fashion industry, she started out as a waitress at Central Perk, serving coffee to her circle of friends. It's not the job she wanted at first, but it's the job that allowed her to live with Monica and start an independent life on her own, without help from her parents or being tied to a rich man.

17 Ross And Rachel's First Time Together

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When we finally see Ross and Rachel get together, we definitely see a change in Rachel's look and personality. She is happier, more relaxed, and we see a more romantic side of her, paired perfectly with a more sophisticated choice of outfits. Her sense of style is one of the reasons why Ross loves Rachel so much, besides her natural beauty and sweet personality, and we see all of that during the time they are together.

16 The One With The Red Plaid Skirt

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Who could ever forget the red plaid skirt and white turtleneck with white socks? It's one of the most iconic 90s looks we ever saw Rachel wear and definitely one that stands the test of time. Even now, people dress up with Rachel in this outfit as their main inspiration and that's one of the legacies the show left behind.

15 The One With The Awful Pink Bridesmaid Dress

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We all felt sorry for Rachel Green when she had to attend her ex-fiancé's wedding to her best friend as her bridesmaid, but we felt even sorrier when we saw what she had to wear. That ugly pink bridesmaid dress is probably one of the worst outfit choices ever, but it was done on purpose. Rachel ends up getting humiliated at the wedding, but she ends up singing at the wedding, entertaining the crowd and successfully healing from the anger issues and feelings of hurt in her ex-fiancé and best friend's relationship.

14 Princess Leia Fantasy Moment

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We all know about men's fantasies with Princess Leia in that one Star Wars scene that every 90s man was into. When we see Jennifer Aniston cosplaying exactly what Carrie Fisher wore in the movie, we're surprised to see how good it looks on her. It would have worked perfectly for Ross and Rachel, if it wasn't for the fact Ross kept imagining his mother instead.

13 The One With That Green Dress... You Know

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This was one of the first fights we see between Ross and Rachel, when Ross is freaking out over getting to the museum in time for a formal event. Rachel is taking her sweet time getting just the right outfit but Ross runs out of patience. Rachel ends up slipping into her comfortable pajamas and gives up on even attending the event, until they eventually work it out. Once they do, she slips into a stunning form-fitting green dress with a high slit, successfully engraving her image further into our minds.

12 When Trying To Seduce Young Tag

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Ross wasn't Rachel's only love throughout the show. She had, in fact, many other love interests, one of them being Tag, probably the youngest of all. She dated him for a while, until realizing their relationship wouldn't work due to the differences in age and where they stood in their lives, but before all that, she was attempting to seduce him. This was when she got a steady position as a leader in a fashion company. Tag Jones became her assistant and that's when the comedy ensues. Rachel rocks a more professional look throughout the entire relationship, since most of it happened at the office.

11 Rachel, Go Long!

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We all remember that episode, The One With The Football, an especially fun one where all 6 friends go outside to play football and we see the rivalry between Monica and Ross, the boys and the girls. We see Rachel in a casual workout outfit, perfectly fit for the cold November days. We see just how bad Rachel seems to be at sports, with her friends setting her aside to not be part of the football match because they didn't believe in her skills. She ends up impressing at the end, but we are not really surprised, are we?

10 Wearing Bedroom Clothing To A Restaurant With Joshua’s Parents

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Rachel is an incredibly stylish and sensual woman, we already know that she can rock literally any outfit. However, wearing a lingerie dress for dinner with your boyfriend's parents may not be such a good idea. When she was dating Joshua, they went to his parents' house when they were out of town, to have an intimate date, only for his parents to suddenly come home and see Rachel wearing that. She had to say it was the latest fashion worn in Milan, but we have a feeling not everyone at the restaurant they went to agreed with it.

9 A Better Bridesmaid’s Dress For Monica’s Wedding

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This time we didn't have to see Rachel as a bridesmaid with an awful pink dress. We saw her in a stunning gold dress and we discover she is pregnant, an emotional moment for everyone, whether it be the Friends' characters or the viewers. It moved us greatly, especially seeing Rachel attempting to hide it at first, only to have her friends support in the end.

8 That Awkward Dinner With Her Father Features A Change Of Style

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The new change of hair and the stunning dress she wore for her dinner with her father was meant to give her some confidence on telling the news of her pregnancy, but she needed Phoebe by her side in order to be able to tell anything. Even with Phoebe, she couldn't muster the courage, and it had to be her friend hinting at it to her father so Rachel could crack and finally tell him. He took it nicely at first, that was until he realized she was going to go through the pregnancy alone and not marry Ross. Rachel ended up showcasing just how strong of a single mother she could be in the months after but this scene was a turning point for her.

7 When She Dressed Up As Herself For Halloween

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Remember the Halloween episode on the 8th season? Rachel came out dressed as... well, herself, in a rather beautiful and fitting black dress, and she had every reason to wear that in favor of any other Halloween costume. She was on the start of her pregnancy and she was ready to rock every slim-fitting outfit she had before her belly would start growing and growing. She was gorgeous and even gifted us with her emotional pregnant hormones when giving candy to children.

6 A Very Pregnant Rachel Green

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As months went by, we saw a more and more pregnant Rachel, to the point where she just wanted to be comfortable and forgot about looking stylish. In those last days before she gave birth, we see her struggling to even sit comfortably with her big belly. Even with her comfort over style motto, she still rocked a tank top and purse.

5 How To Win Over Joey

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There was a moment in time that we often regret: the episodes in which Rachel and Joey are a thing. Still, those Barbados special episodes were quite fun, to see all the friends' relationship and friendships evolve. Rachel wore a beautiful flowery Summer dress that leads to a very in love Joey to finally get together with her.

4 After-Pregnancy Fashion Like We’ve Never Seen Before

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It was the last season of Friends and Rachel was at the peak of her fashion style, especially when we find out she has a wonderful job opportunity in France. In this specific episode, her job at Ralph Lauren was getting better and better, she had a beautiful baby girl and something was sparking between her and Ross. This outfit showcases the best Rachel had to offer to the world, the epitome of fashionable Rachel.

3 1987 Was A Great Year

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Who didn't simply love the "flashback" episodes we got in Friends? It took us back to 1987, where we see Monica, Rachel, Chandler and Ross together back when they were in high school and university, how Monica was trying to seduce Chandler and how Ross was trying to be with Rachel. We get the pleasure of seeing Rachel's horrible hairdo and her already amazing 80s sense of fashion.

2 The One That Could Have Been

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The One That Could Have Been in season 6 was the episode where we got to see what could have been if they hadn't become the group of friends we saw during the entire show. It was a two-part episode, and we get to see what could have happened if Ross was still married to Carol, if Monica was still overweight, if Joey was never fired from Days Of Our Lives, if Chandler wrote for The New York Times, if Phoebe worked in stocks and if Rachel was married to Barry. That's when we see that Rachel would probably still be unhappy and attempt to have a one-night stand with Joey. This outfit showcases a Rachel that could have been just as spoiled as she used to be, less independent, less in touch with her true emotions. That's a Rachel we're glad we didn't see more of.

1 Comfortable Rachel Will Always Be The Best Version Of Herself

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Besides all the incredible fashion moments Rachel Green has served us during the 10 seasons of the show, we have to admit there is one side of Rachel we certainly prefer to see: the comfortable, chilling Rachel, with her plaid pants and graphic tees and hair up in a messy bun. Her day-to-day style is probably one of the most influential of them all and it's one we absolutely adore.

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