'Framery Pods' Can Generate Happiness

The Framery company has launched a new product which claims it could revolutionize modern work culture. Intrigued? So were we.

Thankfully, health and happiness in the workplace have become recognised amongst major companies now as vital for keeping staff turnover low and productivity high. And Framery has created a pod that claims to be able to foster happiness. So what exactly is the ‘pod’ used by companies from Microsoft to Puma? The pods are, well pods, that are placed in offices to offer employees a quiet retreat to brainstorm in peace and generate ideas. Whether alone or with a colleague the pods provide a noise reduced environment. A space that allows employees to shut themselves off, either alone or with other colleagues to get their creative juices flowing, thus increasing productivity and sense of happiness.

And does it work? Well it certainly seems the proof is in the pudding according to the Global Workplace Strategies Director of Microsoft, who said

“Our employees feel less distracted and can focus better on the work. In fact, we plan to replace one-third of the traditional phone rooms with Framery booths in our head quarter campus in Seattle.”


It seems the innovative company has a drive and a vision to make the workplace a happier place. Especially having identified the link between a happy workforce and productivity. According to sources, a happy person is 12% more productive.

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Creating a happy environment in offices around the work sounds like a very positive step in the right direction. Further statistics from the company website revealed that we spend over thirty years of our lives at work and over two years in meetings. Having a pod in an office and offering employees a retreat to have a little peace and quiet is clearly being well received. Who would say no to a place to find a little calm whilst still delivering the demands of the daily grind? Still, the claims these pods are really making office life happier are pretty substantial, do they really have people bouncing out of bed on Monday morning?

It certainly seems some big brands are endorsing and benefiting from this unique product. In the hectic working life of today’s world surely anything that softens the edges of the day is welcome? Pod’s can even be custom made! Maybe its worth popping a link in an email to the boss in the run-up to Christmas and see what the office Santa brings?


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