20 Formerly Buff Wrestlers Who Actually Deflated

Professional wrestling is a business that prides itself on being as entertaining as possible for the fans, and they do this by putting towering competitors against one another in scripted combat. Despite the winner being predetermined, the matches that are put on by the best performers in the industry have a way of keeping the crowd involved and entertained all throughout. The top men in the industry all have some serious muscle on their frame, with some even looking like they were ripped out of the pages of a comic book.

Unfortunately, keeping up this type of look, in the long run, is something that all people struggle with, and after years of having muscles made of marble, these performers have seen them slowly turn to dust.

20 Chris Jericho

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As one of the most seasoned competitors on the planet, Chris Jericho is known around the world as a dynamite performer. Jericho was able to put a surprising amount of muscle on his frame, but this is not something that he has been able to maintain over the years. He is still one of the best performers around.

19 Ahmed Johnson

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Older wrestling fans probably remember Ahmed Johnson best as the gargantuan competitor that was able to toss people around without much trouble. He was a beast when the bell sounded, and he had plenty of success in the ring. It is clear that he has been enjoying his retirement as of late, though.

18 Kurt Angle

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The former Olympic gold medalist went from national darling to WWE fixture in no time, and is he among the best to ever compete in the ring. Angle was jacked in his prime, but that is not the case now. He can run circles around most people in the gym, but his excessive muscle mass is gone.

17 Sting

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Sting spent the best days of his wrestling run in WCW, but he would end up competing in TNA and the WWE later on. He forged a legacy by using what muscle he had to take on foes of all sizes. The outings he made towards the end showed off a body that was less than remarkable.

16 Diamond Dallas Page

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Diamond Dallas Page was a true talent in WCW and WWE, but these days, he is focused on his yoga program as opposed to winning the WWE Championship. Page has been changing people’s lives with his yoga program, but he has lost all of the impressive muscle he used to have.

15 Hulk Hogan

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Hulkster used to sport the biggest pythons in the game, brother, but it is clear that he hasn’t hulked up in a while. Hogan was a true crossover star for professional wrestling, and he paved the way for the stars that followed. It’s unfortunate that the pythons are looking less impressive.

14 Ricky Steamboat

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Ricky Steamboat was a massively popular wrestler back in his prime, and his matches with Ric Flair are considered some of the best in the history of the business. Steamboat had a great physique back in the day, but as the years have gone on, he has become increasingly deflated.

13 Superstar Billy Graham

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Superstar Billy Graham is a legend of the business, and his name has long been etched alongside the greats of yesteryear. He was a man among men with his gargantuan frame, and he used this to reel in fans. Graham is an active man, but the muscles weren’t able to stick around.

12 William Regal

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In his younger days, William Regal had a ton of charisma and a body that allowed him to back up his words whenever the bell would sound. Now serving in a different role, it is clear that Regal keeps himself in shape, but he seems less keen on lifting heavy and bulking.

11 Ted DiBiase

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The Million Dollar Man was all the rage in his prime, and he reached heights that are reserved for few people in the game. He was able to use his large frame to toss around the competition, and he did it with a smug grin on his face. These days, he looks like he is happily retired from wrestling.

10 Ken Shamrock

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Former UFC and WWE competitor Ken Shamrock was jacked back in the day, and this helped him earn a unique moniker from fans. Shamrock was a legitimate grappler with serious muscle, but things have certainly toned down for the former pro in his later years. In his prime, he was a total force.

9 Shawn Michaels

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Shawn Michaels was never the biggest guy, but he was always the most impressive. In his younger days, he was able to carry around a solid amount of muscle on his frame while maintaining a certain degree of athleticism. He still competes, but the muscle is usually found on his opponent.

8 Lex Luger

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Having competed for some of the biggest promotions in history, most wrestling fans are familiar with Lex Luger and what he brought to the table in his prime. Luger was larger than life with his gigantic muscles, but maintaining that look is impossible, and these days, he looks far more pedestrian.

7 Billy Gunn

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The New Age Outlaws were a popular tag team during the Attitude Era, and this was because Billy Gunn and Road Dogg were a perfect duo. Billy Gunn had the attitude, talent, and the muscles to compete with the best in the world, but the muscles aren’t quite what they used to be.

6 Ric Flair

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To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man, and Father Time handed Ric Flair an L with ease. He is, after all, undefeated, but Flair has held up much better than many other superstars. Having competed for as long as he has, it would make sense that he does sport some muscle still.

5 Bret Hart

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As one of the greatest competitors to ever enter the squared circle, Bret Hart was someone that let his abilities speak for him. However, he did have a good amount of muscle on his body when he came into the WWE. From the look of it now, most people would assume that he sold insurance for a living.

4 The Undertaker

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Few wrestlers in history are as respected and as beloved as this man, and despite having a ton of size and a whole lot of muscle, he was able to move around with the best in the world. He still competes, but people have noticed a significant decline in his muscle mass and physique.

3 Kevin Nash

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Compared to many superstars of his era, Kevin Nash was considered a true giant, and this was something that helped him dispatch of his foes. For a man his size, Nash was always packed with a ton of muscle, and maintaining that look for a man his size is practically impossible.

2 Scott Steiner

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Big Poppa Pump was a dominant force in the wrestling scene back in his prime, but those days are long gone. For someone his age, Steiner does have a lot to offer, but his physique pales in comparison to what he was working with in his prime. The man was a genetic freak.

1 Scott Hall

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Scott Hall was a dominator while he was in the WWE and in WCW, and many people know him best as both Razor Ramon and as a key member of The Outsiders. Hall was a hulking behemoth of a man with a ton of strength, but as the years have rolled on, he has slimmed down quite a bit.

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