Forgotten Duggar Kid: 20 Things We Don’t Really Know About Joy-Anna Duggar

The name "Duggar" is one that all people have probably heard by now. We were all introduced to the unconventional, extra-large family back in 2010 when TLC picked up on how fascinated viewers would become at watching a family raise dozens of children.

Back then there were just about a solid dozen Duggars, but that number has since climbed to nineteen Duggar kids, and now a herd of Duggar grandbabies. Give them ten years, and a third of the country's population might end up being Duggar!

Duggar parents Michelle and Jim Bob live their life according to their morals and principles and have instilled these beliefs in their children, whom they all named based on the letter "J."

Fans have grown to know these reality stars, and the older ones are now out of mom and dad's mega-abode and living their own lives. Thankfully, we all get a front row seat to the show because after the family's hit series 19 Kids and Counting ended, the elder children landed their own series called Counting On.

Middle Duggar daughter Joy-Anna has recently gotten wed and become a mother herself. But how much do fans really know about her? Here are twenty lesser known facts about the Duggar middle child.

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20 She Has A Great Set Of Pipes On Her

According to The List, Joy-Anna has a special talent that she doesn't always flaunt. The fifth Duggar daughter reportedly has a great set of singing chops on her. Joy-Anna has been known to belt some tunes out during church services as well as at home with friends and family.

We bet her little one loves all of the pretty lullabies that his mama sings to him. She isn't the only Duggar who can hold a tune though. There are several Duggars who either sing or play instruments, but it's Joy-Anna who has proven she has the voice of an angel.

19 A Lot Of Thought Went Into Her Son's Name

Joy-Anna, like the other devout Duggars, lives her life according to her religion and the set of beliefs set by the people of her faith. According to The List, it was her strong faith that helped her and her husband Austin arrive at Gideon for their first born son's name.

Gideon is a biblical name that means, "a man of power and one that was willing to serve the Lord even when the odds were against him." The young couple came across it and thought that it would be a perfect fit for the man that they hoped their child would grow up to be.

18 One Kid And Counting

Joy-Anna's famous mama Michelle birthed an incredible nineteen children in her lifetime, and it looks as if her daughter Joy-Anna is looking forward to following in her mother's birthing footsteps. In a relatively recent interview with People magazine, Joy-Anna revealed that ideally, she would like, "as many as the Lord thinks we can handle and we are putting it into his hands."

It sounds as if she and hubby Austin are happy to keep the baby making factory up and running for as long as possible. Only time will tell if she can break her mom Michelle's baby-making record, though.

17 She Is Very Down To Earth

In Touch Weekly

No diva behavior for this gal. Even though her family has catapulted to celebrity status, Joy-Anna is still a practical, simple, sweet girl at heart. Case in point, her wedding registry. According to The List, Joy-Anna asked her bridal shower guests for simple household items like towels and a coffee grinder. She also requested gift cards to low-key restaurants like The Cracker Barrel so she and her new hubby could enjoy date nights as man and wife.

There is nothing flashy or ostentatious about the middle Duggar daughter. No wonder her hubby is smitten with her! We bet she is easy to get along with.

16 She Enjoys The Outdoors

Joy-Anna and her husband have a lot in common. First and foremost they are incredibly religious and have that shared belief in faith. They also love spending time outdoors as a couple and with family and friends. The couple likes to partake in road trips, hunting, and hiking in their free time.

They even asked for camping gear on their bridal registry. For their joint bachelor and bachelorette party, the pair brought their honored guests out to the wilderness for a bit of fun in nature. The party kayaked, went tubing, and even slept in hammocks. We love this Duggar's adventurous side!

15 For Joy-Anna It Was Not Love At First Sight

Joy-Anna met her future husband through the church, but their story is not one of love at first sight. In fact, Joy-Anna didn't even really like Austin when she first met him. She thought that he was far too young and immature for her. Perhaps that was because when they first laid eyes on each other, they were only five and eight years old!

That's right; the now married couple first met waaaaaay back in the day. Thankfully Joy-Anna says she grew to appreciate his adventurous spirit and will hard work ethic. Now they are a match made in heaven.

14 She Has A Bold Streak

Her tendency to go against the grain is not as evident as her sister Jinger's, but occasionally Joy-Anna breaks the Duggar rules too. She was even seen wearing ski pants on her honeymoon, deviating from the "skirt only" rule that most of the Duggar ladies abide by.

In recent years we have seen the Duggar daughters grow into women and pave their own way. They all seem to have stuck to their core beliefs and values, but some of the fashion choices that their parents impressed on them when they were young have been updated a bit. It's nice to see them living their lives how they want to.

13 She Is A Bit On The Messy Side

Considering how neat and tidy Michelle Duggar keeps her seven thousand square foot home, it's a bit surprising that the Duggar daughters don't always follow suit. Joy-Anna isn't the first daughter to fall under scrutiny for keeping a messy home. Viewers have caught glimpses inside Jessa and Jill's unruly homes in recent years.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Joy-Anna could also stand to take a few more lessons from her mother in the housekeeping department. When she took fans and viewers through her home, they all caught a glimpse of a baby nursery that looked more like a storage room that an infant space.

12 She Is A Bit Of A Movie Star

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Joy-Anna is, of course, the star of her reality television show Counting On, but she is also a little bit of a movie star in her own right. In 2011, Joy-Anna had a small part in an independent Christian drama film called Courageous. She wasn't the only Duggar to appear in the movie.

Several of the Duggar daughters appeared in a funeral scene and Jim Bob and many of his sons had a small cameo in a 5k race scene. This project was low-key though, and none of the Duggars have tried to capitalize on their appearance in this film or reality television to break into the movie biz.

11 She Shared Her Wedding Day With Another Duggar

Sure, Joy-Anna's wedding day was special to her and her husband, but another Duggar got in on the action and used the day to proclaim his love to his paramour. Joy-Anna's brother Joe proposed to his girlfriend Kendra on his sister's big day.

Some brides would be less than thrilled at having to share the spotlight with another couple in love, but not humble Joy-Anna. For her, it seemed the more love, the better. She genuinely seemed happy not only for herself but for her brother and her now-sister in law. We can't see Joy-Anna getting catty over something like this. It just isn't her nature.

10 She Is The Middle Child

There are quite a few Duggar kids that can claim to be the middle child, but Joy-Anna gets the title when it comes down to it. There are 19 kids in the Duggar family. Joy-Anna is number nine in that mix, meaning that she is pretty much the center of the pack.

While plenty of Duggars fall between eldest Josh and youngest Josie, Joy-Anna can claim the middle as she's one-off; the "true" middle child status would go to twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah. Well, technically Jedidiah, since he was apparently born first. According to Readers' Digest, middle children have healthy relationships, keep the peace, are easy going, and are independent. Yep. That is Joy-Anna!

9 She Can Bench Press Like A Boss

via thecafestir.com

Maybe viewers can't tell too much about Joy-Anna's physique under all of those long denim skirts of hers, but Joy-Anna has some serious muscles lurking beneath all of that cloth. In 2014, fans caught a glimpse of her getting some serious gym time in.

It turns out that Joy-Anna is an impressive weight lifter! At 17 this Duggar girl could bench press roughly 145 pounds! She probably got a lot of training hours in while she was still living at home, lugging around all of those smaller Duggars. We don't imagine that any of the Duggar kids are weaklings though!

8 Future Fixer-Upper

Joy-Anna can bench press a human AND renovate a home. She and Austin spent some quality time together working on fixing up houses and flipping them for a profit before they wed. Joy-Anna's tomboy days around the Duggar compound certainly paid off when her help was needed with the couple's renovation projects.

It seems the middle Duggar daughter took to hammering nails and drilling in screws like a fish takes to water when she and Austin decided to renovate their starter home. She really can do it all, and she can do it in a floor-length jean skirt to boot! Take note ladies. We could learn a thing or two from this handy Duggar.

7 She's A Total Tomboy

This characteristic doesn't surprise us when you look at Joy-Anna's collective interests, but the middle Duggar daughter is often described as a bit of a tomboy. Joy-Anna's older sister Jessa revealed to fans in one TLC clip that her sister Joy-Anna preferred running with the boys when she was younger.

Sure she helped with the female-centered duties once she grew older, but Joy's heart is rough and tumble. Now she has taken to both domestic and traditionally male-oriented tasks, proving that she is probably the most well rounded Duggar in the bunch. Joy-Anna will make a fun boy mom for little Gideon.

6 Gender Under Wraps

The Duggar kids love a fun gender reveal, and Joy-Anna has been the sole Duggar to not partake in this fun part of pregnancy to date. She and Austin chose to wait until their baby's birthdate to see if they were the proud parents to a darling daughter or bouncing boy.

This pre-parenting choice differs from the Duggars who came before her in the parenthood department. They had all opted to find out whether they would be welcoming a baby girl or a baby boy into the family before the big day arrived, but it seems Joy-Anna is a traditionalist at heart. We know that she probably didn't care what she had and was just happy to have a healthy baby at the end of the day.

5 She Had A Hospital Birth

Joy-Anna had plans to deliver her baby in the comfort of her own home, but because little Gideon was in a breech position, he had to make his arrival at the local hospital. After a great deal of pain, and roughly 20 hours of labor. Gideon arrived via emergency cesarean section.

Joy-Anna's midwife recognized that the baby was in a breech position and decided the safest place for Mama-to-be would be at the local hospital. Thank goodness Joy-Anna is an easy going person. Had she refused to go to the hospital and stick to her initial plan, things could have turned out worse for both her and for little Gideon.

4 She Broke A Duggar Record

Joy-Anna holds a particular record in the Duggar clan. Thus far, she has delivered the largest baby in the whole family! Knowing how many kids her parents Jim Bob and Michelle have, and how many grandbabies they have acquired, this is saying a lot.

Joy-Anna and Austin's little boy weighed over ten pounds at his birth! That is a pretty big baby considering the average baby born in the states weighs only seven and a half pounds. Joy-Ana might be in for a gaggle of big babies too. Firstborn infants tend to be lighter in weight compared to their siblings.

3 They Honeymooned In Switzerland

Joy-Anna and her husband Austin have a universal love for adventure and traveling. They look their love overseas after they became man and wife and spent some time honeymooning in beautiful Switzerland. So why Switzerland of all places?

According to People magazine, both Joy-Anna and Austin find Switzerland beautiful, and Austin, in particular, had been wanting to go there for some time. It's a good thing they got there when they did because once they returned to the states it didn't take long for Joy-Anna to find herself expecting! Of course, we're sure Gideon (and any future siblings) will inherit his parents' love of adventure.

2 She Wears Her Hair A Certain Way For Her Man

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Joy-Anna's husband loves it when she wears her in a particular style. Interestingly enough, we didn't peg Austin for much of a hairstyle guy. According to Ok Magazine, she recently tried wearing her hair up in braids, and the do ended up being a big hit with her man.

Not all of her followers agreed with her style of choice, but Joy-Anna insists that if her man thinks they make her look cute, then that is all that matters to her. She likes to please her new husband, even when it comes to how she wears her hair.

1 She Loves Comfort Food

via youtube.com

Gideon's mama loves herself some comfort food, which might be why gift cards to The Cracker Barrel made her bridal registry list. Joy-Anna's favorite dish is chicken and sweet potatoes. If that isn't a simple down to earth food, then we don't know what is.

She and Austin also had themselves a unique engagement meal. Austin popped the big question out in the wilderness, and according to The Duggar Family Blog, the couple feasted on venison from the deer they hunted together and cast iron skillet green beans. It sounds like this Duggar prefers simple and hearty food over fancy feasts.

Sources: The List, The Hollywood Gossip, Reader's Digest, Duggar Family Blog

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