For Better Or For Never: 16 Heartbreaking Confessions From Young Newlyweds

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For Better Or For Never: 16 Heartbreaking Confessions From Young Newlyweds

Marriage is supposed to be a meaningful joining of two people. Many women plan their future weddings from the time they’re children and often know exactly how they want their big day to play out – but what about the actual marriage? How many women grew up thinking of all the ways to ensure their marriage will be just as perfect as their wedding ceremony? As any married couple will tell you, a marriage is hard work. Living with someone is extremely different from merely dating them, just like being legally connected to someone is very different from merely living with them.

Once the honeymoon phase wears off, couples encounter several hurdles in their relationship from financial situations to sudden mood swings and having to deal with each other’s frustrations. It can be a stressful time, but most problems are worth overcoming. Of course there are always those couples who can’t seem to find a way to work through their marital issues and their beautiful marriage ends in an ugly divorce. Unfortunately for these sixteen women, their honeymoon phases didn’t last very long, leading their relationships to spiral. Read their confessions and learn from them to ensure you don’t suffer the same heartbreaking tragedies.

16. Wow, How Does One Even React To That?



This newlywed bride just discovered the man she just pledged the rest of her life to cheated in a previous relationship. While this doesn’t mean he will cheat in this relationship, the stigma of once a cheater always a cheater is often too strong to overcome. This poor bride will now spend the rest of their relationship questioning whether he is where he says he is or if he’s found someone else to be with. No wonder she feels numb! She has no idea how to handle this horrible secret he purposely kept from her until after they got married. There’s a chance he admitted his past failure at this point because he wants this new relationship to be a healthy one without secrets, but the fact that he waited so long works against him. Hopefully she will learn to trust him and he will remain faithful.

15. Why Would She Lie?

Ovarian Failure


Suffering premature ovarian failure is devastating for families all around the world. Women suffering this heartbreaking condition are hurting and would greatly benefit from an understanding spouse. Part of getting married is facing life’s problems together, but this newlywed woman isn’t receiving the care and understanding she needs from her new husband. Instead of supporting his wife, he’s accusing her of lying. Why would he do that? This poor woman deserves better. Why would she lie and why would her husband doubt her word? This sad situation just goes to show that not all marriages are fun and sunshine, some are filled with unhealthy doubts and mistrust. Can this couple overcome their differences? Of course they can! Is it likely? Well, let’s just say we really hope so.

14. My How Things Change



It’s funny how money and greed can change a person. One minute it’s just you and your man against the world, then suddenly he’s got the money and a new girl by his side. This couple was only together for a year before she realized he was a waste of her time. It’s heartbreaking to know you married the man of your dreams only for him to turn around and cheat on you. What started out as an optimistic couple who only had each other ended with one broken-hearted woman and a jerk who decided she wasn’t good enough. This sad situation happens all the time, but hopefully this jilted bride won’t have to deal with the same problem twice. We all wish her luck in the future as she struggles through this hurdle.

13. How About “Be A Man?”

Be a Wife


There are several questions here, the main one being, “How can you not notice that he’s that kind of man before you got married?” It’s true, sometimes people change after getting married, but it’s hard to believe someone could change that much. If it’s true that he did suddenly change, then she needs to get out of that relationship ASAP! Who knows what else he is capable of and she doesn’t need to stick around to find out. Being able to speak your mind to your spouse without getting shot down due to your gender is a big part of equality in a marriage. If she’s smart, she’ll realize she’s in for a roller coaster of a relationship and it’s best to jump ship now, before it’s too late.

12. Seriously, Stop

Trouble Conceiving


For some reason, society believes that people who are newly married are already planning to have children. Little is more annoying than well-meaning friends and family members who constantly ask when newlyweds are planning to have children. Not everyone wants to start a family the second they tie the knot and not all couples are physically capable of having children without medical help. Some people who have trouble conceiving keep it a secret because they are ashamed or it hurts too much to talk about, so when you ask when they’re going to have a child, it can cut deeply without your knowledge. Do everyone a favor by saving all baby-related questions for the day a couple announces they are trying or are already pregnant.

11. Don’t Live According To Others’ Standards!

Not Happy


People expect newlyweds to be all smiles and sunshine but she is her own woman and her level of happiness shouldn’t depend on how others view it. This woman says she misses who she was before she got married and believes she got married too soon; however, she’s still in love and that may bode well for their future. For now, she might just miss her freedom more than anything. Maybe now she is expected to do more housework than she used to or is held responsible for things she doesn’t want to be responsible for. Whatever her issues are, the first thing she should do is talk to her husband. He might not even know she’s struggling! This may be a sad situation, but it doesn’t have to stay one.

10. This Isn’t Right



Sometimes people lose track of what’s most important to them. Sometimes they let their friends and family fall to the wayside so they can enjoy their time with their significant other, but after marriage and moving in together, they’re hit with the reality that they don’t have much of a life outside that which they share with their spouse. While that may not necessarily be the case here, she feels alone. Maybe everyone is giving the newlyweds plenty of space and her spouse isn’t filling the gaps. Whatever the reason for her loneliness, she needs to figure out how to connect with people again. Loneliness should never be part of a marriage or any other healthy relationship. Let’s hope she figures things out sooner rather than later.

9. Grow! Soar!

Grow, Soar!


This newlywed is facing both fear and excitement. She knows she will continue to evolve and she wants her spouse to grow with her! Why face the world alone when you’re married, right? She’s afraid to change because he might not change with her, but she’ll never know if she doesn’t try. She wants to be amazing and the only thing holding her back is her fear of failure, but that’s something everyone fears at one point or another. If she truly wants to grow, she should grow. If her husband is like-minded, then they’ll grow together. If he isn’t like she is, at the very least her changes will leave a mark on his life and even if he can’t fully keep up, he can still grow as a person whether he wants to or not.

8. You DO Need To Lose Weight…About 250 Pounds of Useless Husband!

Lose Weight


A lot of people incorrectly assume that once they’re married, their spouse will remain unchanged. People grow up and become more responsible. Sometimes they gain weight, sometimes they lose weight. Some people even change their attitudes, but what this woman’s spouse did was lose all respect for his wife. She puts in the effort to look nice but a new outfit isn’t good enough for him, he wants her to lose weight too. Physical attraction is very important for any relationship but it is difficult to imagine a newlywed somehow bloated up to the point that her husband is unhappy with her appearance. If he had problems with her size before their marriage, he should have said so and at least given her a chance to call of the wedding. Now she’s temporarily stuck with a man who doesn’t care that she already puts in effort and only wants more.

7. Go Home!

Sitting in Car


Home is where the heart is. If your heart isn’t at least partially to be found in your spouse, something is wrong. If you’d rather wait outside your home in a car than go inside and get comfortable, something is wrong. We may not know the root of this person’s issues but one thing is certain – she doesn’t feel comfortable in her relationship and is trying to avoid spending time with or around her husband. Once they work through their problems, she’ll feel right at home in her own house, but until then she is going to continue struggling through a confusing relationship. With any luck, she posted this confession then went inside and had a real conversation with her spouse. Maybe they worked out their issues or she at least made them known. Either way, we wish her luck.

6. She’s Not Enough


Getting married is an amazing experience and is worth celebrating. Unfortunately for this new bride, she found out the hard way that her perfect man doesn’t think of her the same way she thinks of him. It’s easy to believe you aren’t enough to satisfy your man when he’s out messaging someone else. She likely would have left him had she discovered his secret buddy before the wedding, but now that she’s married, she likely imagines it’s a lot harder to break off their relationship. Many women feel ashamed for wanting a divorce so soon after getting married, and since she says she’s sad all the time instead of saying she left him high and dry, it’s safe to assume she is too broken to leave just yet. How awful for her to have married such a jerk!

5. Why Say Goodbye?



Is she saying goodbye permanently or temporarily? She seems to have to say goodbye often, which implies she got an amazing job but needs to move and is only able to spend time with her spouse part of the time. It really is hard to say goodbye to those we love, but at what point will this bride decide that her relationship is more important than a job? Marriage is about compromise. Maybe she can have the dream job at the cost of her relationship or she can have the relationship at the cost of her dream job – it doesn’t sound like she can enjoy both. For whatever reason, he can’t go with her, but maybe he really can if they find common ground. This isn’t the ideal marriage for anyone and the situation is a difficult one, but it isn’t without hope.

4. Something Is Definitely Wrong

Something is Wrong


Someone is in denial and it isn’t the new bride. Sometimes people change after getting married. It isn’t that they no longer love their spouse – sometimes it’s just that they are struggling to find their place in the relationship. Outside stresses paired with the stress of getting used to being married can sometimes make people turn away from others. In this bride’s situation, the groom is pulling away at an alarming rate and is so obvious about it that others are noticing. Any bride would feel distraught at this behavior, but what’s even more frightening is his flat out refusal to acknowledge anything is wrong! Perhaps in his own mind nothing is wrong, but his actions (or lack thereof) are hurting his wife and he needs to talk to her about it. Hopefully these two can meet on common ground.

3. Put The Controller Down!

Gamer Boy


Women marry gamers and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. What’s wrong is when their gamer boy is more attentive to a technology fix than they are their own wife. When a couple isn’t able to spend enough time together, they tend to look forward to the few moments they can breathe and just relax with one another. This new bride is obviously looking forward to spending time with her new husband but he is ignoring her and favoring time with his game. She may be discovering this the hard way, but a good marriage is built partially on good communication. She needs to let him know how his actions make her feel and he needs to be more responsible with his priorities. Until this conversation happens, she’s going to continue feeling lonely and resentful, neither of which belong in a healthy marriage.

2. This Does Not Bode Well For Your Future

Intimacy Issues


Newlyweds stand out from the crowd due to their emanating aura of love. They’re giggly, they’re touchy-feely, they gaze at each other and there is a general feeling of love surrounding them. Newlyweds are also known for spending an amazing amount of time locked away in their own intimate little world, which makes this poor woman’s confession all the more heartbreaking. At a time in her life when intimacy should be at its peak, she is experiencing a concerning lack of it. For now it means she is suffering silently, or perhaps her spouse doesn’t care, both of which are bad places to be, but in the long run, this lack of intimacy spells out a bleak future for these two. Hopefully they can overcome their marital issues before their problems become permanent fixtures in their relationship.

1. He Won’t Even Try


One would assume a newly married couple would happily show their love on Valentine’s Day, but this wife was let down pretty harshly. All she wanted was a handwritten letter and some chocolate. The hardest part of that simple V-day request is getting in and out of a  candy shop. Instead, he gets his new bride a generic card and a complaint that her request was “too much work.” The least he could have done is set up a romantic date or buy her some kind of gift. A Valentine’s Day card requires the lowest of effort. How disappointing for this newlywed wife. Hopefully she takes this opportunity to teach him the importance of meeting her needs and considering her feelings in the future.

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