10 Things To Keep In Your Fridge To Impress Your Guests

When we invite guests into our home we want to make a good impression. Our primary goal is to entertain them, but we don't want them to think less of us when they take a look inside our fridge. There are those of us who prefer to leave it bare or put the drinks in a cooler for fear of embarrassment, but with a few key ingredients, you won't have to fear any longer.

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We have compiled a list of things that will impress any guest who opens your refrigerator. You will become the talk of the town when they lay eyes on the things kept within your refrigerated heaven. Keep reading to learn about the ten things to keep in your fridge to impress your guests!

10 Fridge Organizer Bins

You might not have your life together, but you don't have to let your guests know that. When you use fridge organizer bins it helps keep your shelves tidy and all of your food in its rightful place. There will be no more shuffling of dishes or chaos when you open the door, but instead, it will be replaced with an elegant and sophisticated appeal. Your friends will be in awe of your abilities to keep your fridge looking like a million bucks, and it's up to you if you want to let them in on your little secret.

9 Infusion Pitcher

You look like an adult when you keep some sort of pitcher in your fridge, but the best kind is an infusion pitcher. This not only looks great but tastes great too, as your favorite fruits are mixed into your water. You will never go back to drinking from the tap ever again, and your guests will want to know where they can get a pitcher of their own. If an infusion pitcher is not for you, then a simple water or orange juice pitcher will do the trick.

8 Fresh Vegetables

You might have avoided your fruits and vegetables as a kid, but once you reach the age of adulthood it is expected that you understand their importance in your diet. When your fridge is overflowing with luscious greens, your guests will think more highly of you and your healthy appetite. It might be wise to have a few vegetable-heavy recipes on hand in case they ask too many questions, but adding these to your fridge will definitely improve your reputation.

7 Magnetic Bottle Holders

If you have any type of metal-capped bottle in your fridge, then you should invest in some magnetic bottle holders. These will not only save you space by suspending your bottles into the air, but your friends will be amazed by your ingenuity.

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It will look tasteful and unique compared to average fridges with bottles shoved in every available crevice. Your guests will want to know where you ordered them from so they can get a set of their own, and you can be sure that this will be the talk of the town for ages to come.

6 Refrigerator Freshener

Our fridges can begin to smell funky after we leave a few too many molded items inside of them for a few days too long, but this is an issue that can be fixed. There are little fresheners that you can stick in your fridge to keep it smelling as fresh and clean as the day you bought it. They come in all shapes and sizes, from penguins to a tasteful leaf, so you can give your fridge the vibe you were looking for.

5 Shelf Liners

It can be hard to keep your shelves clean and scratch-free, but with a few liners, you can be certain no one will see the imperfections. They not only protect your shelves from damage and the occasional sticky juices, but they can give your fridge a trendy vibe. Your refrigerator will have a personality that is all its own, and your friends will be in disbelief the moment they open the door.  You can be sure that they will all be heading to the store within the week to buy their own liners that are artfully designed to suit their needs.

4 Colorful Storage Containers

Leftovers are a fact of life, but the containers you use to store them can make all the difference when your guests judge the contents of your fridge. They come in all shapes and sizes, but the best ones are airtight and coloful.

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Your food will look even better than it tastes in these awesome containers, and your friends won't be able to disagree. It doesn't matter if they are plastic or glass, as long as they give off the aura that you are a sophisticated adult.

3 Herb Saver

You might not even use fresh herbs when you cook, but you might want to start if you plan to impress your guests. The best way to store herbs in a tasteful way is to buy an herb saver that holds your leafy greens to their highest standard for a long period of time. It can save you money as you are not forced to run to the store each and every week to buy more because your herb saver will keep them fresh for weeks to come.

2 Wine Organizer

Wine is a blessing all its own, but having a storage rack in your fridge for your bottles will definitely impress your guests. It is already a positive for them to see their favorite bottles cooled in your fridge, but adding a tasteful shelving unit is the icing on the cake. It ensures you always have a bottle chilled and ready no matter the occasion while saving you space in your fridge for all of the other essentials you need.

1 Basic Dairy Products

The other things on this list might make you look like the adult you are, but your guests will see right through you if you don't stock your basic dairy essentials. You should always have milk, eggs, and butter on hand (or vegan alternatives!) because they are used regularly in several baking dishes. They are also relatively cheap so nothing is holding you back from making this simple purchase. It might not be a showstopper, but your guests will be impressed you understand the necessities required for a fully stocked fridge.

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