20 Flat Earth Posts That Made People Laugh…Around The World

The Flat Earth Society provides us normal Earth-folk with an almost unlimited amount of  laughs and head scratches. These misguided folk believe that science is fake, NASA is evil and trying to con all of us, and, of course, the Earth is flat.

The logic some of these people use for their insane theories (or facts, in their eyes) is enough to drive anyone bonkers. It takes one single fifth-grade elementary school science class to pretty much disprove all of the Flat Earth Society’s ideas, but try telling that to them.

Bottom line: You can’t change a Flat Earther’s mind. No amount of facts will lead them to believe that they’ve joined a ridiculous cult that is really trolling them. But at least they give the rest of us around the globe lots of laughs.

Here are 20 Flat Earther posts that are just too funny.

20 The Sun Is Not Real

via International News

The Earth isn’t a planet and the sun isn’t real. Sweet. We’re not sure if this is a troll post— it almost seems too comical to be taken seriously. Does anyone looking at this picture seriously believe that the NASA truck is taking the sun down for maintenance? This is like one of those Eiffel Tower pictures, where you can hold it in your hand if you’re far enough away and the angle is right.

19 Earth Is Not A Planet

via AcidCow

There you have it— the real question has been answered. Not only is the Earth flat, but it’s flat because it’s not a planet. What is it then? A giant comet? An asteroid? A star?! We have a feeling that this genius trio doesn’t have the answer for us. At least we know that the other planets in the solar system are round, by their logic.

18 Family Aren’t The Only Ones Who Will Ridicule You

via Reddit

This “committed Flat Earther” has it in his mind that he might fly off the face of the Earth on his flight from the US’s west coast to Australia. As if no one has ever taken that flight before… Oh wait, yes that have— thousands do it everyday. And so far, to our knowledge, none of them have disappeared into the nether void that is space. It seems that this poster is getting ridiculed by more than family: the post only has two laugh reacts.

17 NASA’s Secret Government Fisheye Lens

via Reddit

For someone who doesn’t seem to know a lot about reality or logic, this poster seems to know a lot about NASA’s secret government-level fisheye lens camera. Somehow, the mental gymnastics here point out that, because NASA uses a fisheye lens (on their cameras, presumably), it proves that the Earth is flat. Another poster makes a good point about a basketball, but it’s quickly tossed aside as more propaganda.

16 Head In The Clouds

via AcidCow

This person has taken a photo of the Earth’s curvature, proving that it’s there once and for all, from about 300,000 feet above ground level (we think). But the responder quickly throws aside his attention-seeking post and claims that the picture used is a close up of a snowball. How does this person know it’s a snowball and not something else that’s blue and round? It’s funny how Flat Earthers can immediately dismiss anything by simply coming up with whatever pops into their heads.

15 Mob Mentality

via ExtremeTech

These four genius posters seem to think that science has developed a cult following, but they should all take a long look in the mirror. Maybe then they’ll see that their flat Earth ideology is skewed and cult-like in its own right. One guy remembers learning about “gravity,” in quotes, as a kid, and another rightly calls himself a moron, and the last guy says we should all be questioning reality. If anyone needs a reality check, it’s this group.

14 The... Ice Wall?

via BuzzFeed

We’re not sure what “ice wall” dear Tyler is talking about here. Perhaps it’s the wall that the Night’s Watch protect from White Walkers and Wildlings in Game of Thrones. If that’s the case, then it’s no longer there, as the Night King demolished it. But we have a feeling he means something more specific, and real, and he thinks it’s surrounding our flat earth. Of course, Nathan has a good “get out of jail free” excuse. Pics or it didn’t happen.

13 Only At Night!

via Izismile

This confused poster wants to know when she can see into space while she is standing on the southern shore of Australia. We’re not sure why it has to be Australia’s shore that you’re standing on— maybe that’s just where she lives— but the logic seems sound here. Just look between the horizon and the clouds (what if there are no clouds that night?) and you’ll see space! But don’t try it during the day, because the not-real sun will melt your eyes.

12 Done And Done

via Reddit

“Srry buddy,” this poster tells us, “there is no curve.” That’s one of the big talking points of Flat Earthers, that the horizon doesn’t have a curve, even though it’s been proven over and over again that it does. There are even memes that read “Real Earth Has Curves.” The person’s reply gives a quick mathematical explanation of the Earth’s curvature, and then we never hear from the Flat Earther again once facts and math are involved.

11 Australia Is A Lie!

via Reddit

It seems like Australia gets a bad rep with these Flat Earthers. To this poster, Australia is a straight up lie. The place doesn’t even exist. Tell that to the millions of Ozzies who live there! You also have to love how this person asks you to “excuse my language,” when the offending language being used is the word “silly.” Maybe to Flat Earthers, being called “silly” is deeply offensive, but to the rest of us… that’s just silly.


via Year of Clean Water

If only a visual image could provide us with actual facts. Flat Earthers refuse to believe science, math, or calculations, and instead rely on their iPhone’s camera to make their cases. In this situation, the poster reveals that the clouds are in fact behind the sun, which proves that the sun is pretty dang close to us and not 93 million miles away. It’s hard to even respond to this without just shaking your head.

9 Understanding Gravity

via Reddit

Matthew here obviously needs to go back to science class and relearn what gravity is, how it works, and how it keeps the Earth together. According to him, gravity shouldn’t be able to hold tons of water without squishing all the bugs in place. We’re guessing he’s trying to say that gravity is made up by scientists (to what end, we have no idea), and that the water is simply kept in place because the Earth is flat.

8 Education Is Brainwashing Us

via Ebaum's World

This guy has all the answers. Education has brainwashed our children (unlike the Flat Earth Society). Gravity isn’t real, and because the world is not round, it therefore must be flat. We’re not sure how he jumped to that conclusion, but he really took quite a leap. And why does the Earth have to be flat if it’s not round? What if it’s octagonal, or triangular, or hexagonal?

7 We’ll Take “Things That Never Happened” For 500

via Eyes on Oz

Apparently the most sacred oath that pilots have to take, according to this poster, is to not reveal the truth about the Earth’s flatness. He would lose his pilot’s license if he told us the truth. Rather than believing that a pilot— who’s actually gone through flight school and everything— would say this, we’re just going to chalk this up to a conversation that never actually happened, and exists only in this person’s mind.

6 Another Gravity Expert

via Ebaum's World

It’s always funny trying to listen to someone explain a scientific phenomenon without understanding any of the underlying science behind it. Gravity seems to be a big issue for Flat Earthers, and this guy can’t believe that gravity could hold all that water on a ball and not insects, bugs, or dust particles. He also thinks Australia is actually upside down, because it’s the “land down under,” so we’ll just leave it at that.

5 Your Nine-Year-Old Son Never Said That

via Ebaum's World

This is one of those posts where someone is seeking attention, and they do it by claiming that their 2-year-old or whatever said some profound things, and it’s usually finished with “hashtag I learn more from him than he does from me.” This man questions why the sky is blue when it’s sunny, when black doesn’t become blue if you shine the sun’s light on it. Therefore, the sun must exist in our atmosphere. What?!

4 Disney Is In On It

via Ebaum's World

Apparently the Disney film, Moana, is a big indicator of the truth. This person tries to claim that Moana alludes to all sorts of flat Earth theories, when in fact, it’s just a kid’s film (with a deep message). But that deep message isn’t about the Earth’s roundness or lack thereof. It’s a small world after all, but not that small. Whatever happened to just watching Disney movies and trying to find the sexual innuendos? At least those actually exist.

3 Upward Rays

via Ebaum's World

We’re not sure what claim this guy is trying to make, but we do know the group doesn’t appreciate any trolling. But here we have the Flat Earthers trying to troll all of us. This person has found “undeniable proof” that the “sun is local and in the clouds.” This person’s head is in the clouds, but the sun? Not so much.

2 Elon Asking The Tough Questions

via Reddit

Leave it to futurist and billionaire inventor Elon Musk to poke fun at the Flat Earth Society, and for the Society to completely let the joke sail over their heads and take his question literally. He asks why there’s no Flat Mars Society, to which the reply is that we’ve observed that it’s round. Hmm, NASA has observed it, for sure, but isn’t that like trusting the enemy for the Society?

1 Reverse Psychology

via Twitter/Daily_Hegel

This is one of the more infamous Flat Earther posts that'll make you want to slap your forehead in amazement. The fact that it comes from “The Flat Earth Society” official Facebook page only makes it better. Maybe they aren’t sure what a “globe” is, but they’re pretty much shooting themselves in the foot when they make posts like this, and “Sci-Tech Universe” wasn’t willing to let them live it down.

Sources: reddit.com, buzzfeed.com, ebaumsworld.com

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