10Don't Spend Every Waking Minute Together

Of course, when you go on vacation with the love of your life, all you want to do is spend every second together. After all, the trip that the two of you decided to spend all this money on was meant to be dedicated to your relationship. Why would

you risk spending time apart? Here's why: It is the key to survival. As much as you might want to superglue your hand into your partner's, if the two of you don't have any alone time at all you might end up going crazy.

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No couple, no matter how in love, should neglect their independence in order to spend all their time with that special someone. You both need some time to breathe and recharge in order to appreciate each other more. Dedicate some alone time to yourself by bringing a book to enjoy while bathing in the sunlight. Bring your headphones so you can listen to your favorite music while strolling upon the shore. Take a swim alone. Having some time to yourself is healthy, and it will only increase your bond with your partner.

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