10 Things Your Partner Is Thinking About During Your First Kiss

Although a normal first kiss only lasts a few moments (or a few minutes if you and your partner have really got some enthusiasm and endurance) it seems like there are a whole lot of feelings that can rush through your body and a whole lot of thoughts that can go spinning through your mind in those few moments. And you best believe that no matter how many thoughts and feelings you're experiencing in the throes of that first kiss, the person that you're kissing is pretty much guaranteed to be going through just as many. But you may have wondered, what exactly are they thinking about right now? When you're sharing any experience with another person it's completely understandable to wonder what that other person is experiencing, and if you've ever wondered what your significant other is thinking about during your first smooch then here are some of the strongest possibilities!

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10 What A Rush!

Why bother with sky diving or bungee jumping when you could just kiss somebody that you really like? It's definitely easier, less expensive, and infinitely more pleasant, and in most cases it will give you that similar rush of endorphins. It doesn't matter how much thought or planning has gone into anyone's first kiss, there will always be that moment of excitement and nervousness that hits when the event finally happens, and if you're feeling that thrilling rush when you're finally puckering up to your sweetie then it's a near guarantee that your partner is experiencing that exact same rush.

9 I'm Scared

If you're at the point with someone you're into where you think your first kiss might be coming soon, it's pretty predictable that both you and your partner will experience some fear about it beforehand and most likely as it's happening too.

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Even if you know you like someone and you know they like you, putting yourself out there in any situation is usually really nerve wracking, and the fear that someone might not feel the same way that you do or that they might not enjoy your first foray into physical contact as much as you do is absolutely to be expected.

8 Finally!

Whether or not you've been digging someone for a month, a week, a day, or even an hour, it's pretty normal for any pair who's kissing each other for the first time to think "finally"! It's pretty safe to assume that if someone is ever kissing you (or kissing you back, depending on who makes the first move) then they are pretty much as excited about the smooch as you are, and it's probably something that one or both of you have been thinking about for a significant period of time, so having that moment of relief at the broken tension is to be expected.

7 Is She As Nervous As I Am?

One of the weirdest paradoxes of a first kiss (and plenty of other firsts in life) is that while pretty much everyone is really thrilled at the prospect of smooching someone they're really into, they're also normally nervous if not downright afraid to do it. And while this is a totally normal human reaction to a common circumstance, it's also pretty common that people who are feeling especially nervous about something will assume that other people aren't nearly as scared or anxious as they are about it. So it's normal for someone to wonder if their partner is as nervous as they are, and it's also safe to assume the answer might be yes.

6 Is She As Excited As I Am

Typically when you make lip on lip contact with your new boyfriend, date, or crush, it's normal to get quite a thrill out of the first time. And, unless you're with someone who is an exceptionally inconsiderate and self absorbed person, usually the person who you're kissing for the first time will wonder (or probably hope) that you're as hyped up on the moment of your first kiss as they are.

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If you really like somebody obviously you'll hope that they like you just as much in return, and a first kiss is a time where those thoughts would normally be at the forefront of someone's mind.

5 Was It Good?

Giving a good smooch is usually something that takes practice, because everyone has a different body, different preferences, and a different vibe. And of course, what might constitute an awesome kiss to one person might be downright awful to another. And most new couples are more than willing to spend the time that it takes to get on each other's wavelengths when it comes to a pleasant kiss, of course neither person has any idea of what their partner might really love when they go in for the first kiss. Of course everyone wants to impress someone they like, so it's natural for anyone to ask themselves if it was good.

4 I Don't Want This To End

While some people definitely prefer to just rip the band aid off for any given situation just to relieve the tension or get whatever needs to be done over with, a lot of people spend a whole lot of time thinking about their first kiss with their newfound honey before actually doing the deed. So understandably, when anyone has spent a significant amount of time thinking about something and looking forward to something, they're not particularly eager for the moment to end once it finally comes to pass.

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Luckily for any couple who finds themselves in this situation, kissing doesn't have a time limit.

3 Please God Let This End

Usually when two people are sharing their first kiss there is an enormous amount of anticipation and buildup of tension before the kiss finally occurs. And while a first kiss can be magical and exciting, sometimes the fireworks wind up being total duds. Your first kiss doesn't define every kiss you'll ever have afterwards so having a first time that is a bit of a letdown isn't the end of the world, but if you get to that magical moment and it winds up being anything but magical, there's a good chance that you and/or your partner are just waiting for the moment to end.

2 I'm Glad It's Done

Many times when two people embark on their first kiss they might think "thank goodness that's done", and that might be because they're just glad to finally relieve that tense build up that usually precedes a first kiss, or in some cases that might be because a first kiss doesn't always go how someone may have imagined it or planned it to go. But regardless of which way you or your pucker up partner feels at the end of your first kiss, the release of that intensely built up tension is pretty much guaranteed to leave anyone feeling relieved when it's over with.

1 Let's Do That Again

One of the best and most exciting parts of having your first kiss is simply the fact that now you both can keep doing it! A first kiss is usually an experience that involves anticipation, trepidation, and titillation, but pretty much everyone thinks or at least hopes that their first kiss will lead to many more kisses! And the good thing about that is although both of you might be a bundle of nerves and energy during your first kiss or not particularly pleased with the outcome, you'll still have a whole lot more chances to have some awesome smooching experiences.

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