Lacking Inspiration? Here's Where To Find It

Feeling inspired has to be one of the best feelings in the world. The only thing that can trump it might be inspiring others. We all have the power to be the light that shows others the way, to pursue our passions and turn our dreams into reality. Inspiration is the fuel of dreams, so where can we fill up our tanks? Here are a few places for those running on empty.

Talk To People

Every person we meet has a different story full of experiences that shape their circumstances, dreams, and vision of the world. Speak to them and listen to what they have to say. Be interested in everyone around you. From the guy serving your coffee to the girl next to you on the bus. Be they strangers, family or friends, learn about them. Everyone is fighting their own battle, chasing their own dream. They can provide a massive source of inspiration. People's problems and goals remind you there is a whole big world outside of yourself and helps shift your perspective. We can get stuck in a certain way of thinking sometimes and it can take one conversation or moment to change that if we remain open.

Do Something That Makes You Happy

We all have something that transports us to our happy place. Be it yoga, swimming, walking, coloring, writing, the list goes on. Go ahead and indulge in that thing and switch off. Slow down from the pace of life while you're doing it. Be present. It is often in this state that we are most in tune with ourselves and can have that eureka moment. Do not stress if it doesn’t. Maybe it will come later. Subconsciously something will be happening, ideas will be marinating and you are allowing the internal channels of inspiration to open up ready to receive.


As far and wide as is within your means. Embrace different cultures, scenery, climates, and cuisines. The more we fill our own lives with color and adventure the more we are exposed to different ways of thinking, ideas. The most beautiful thing about the world truly is the world. It is the most amazing hub for inspiration.


Read, watch movies, listen to music, take courses. Nourish your brain. No matter how old we get there is always more to learn. There is no end point when it comes to any profession, skill or subject. Life is like a yoga pose, there is always more room to develop, something new to discover. Stay curious.

Pay Attention

When we have an idea we get this exciting energy, intuitively we know we are experiencing something on a higher level. This is the inspiration. We can write this off as something less important if we are not paying attention. Or if we are letting other people’s judgments or our own fears prevent us from pursuing it. The universe is always listening to our thoughts and acknowledging our efforts. An idea is like a present gift - wrapped just for you, so why not open it? Whether it’s storyline for a book, a new app, a new business or simply to take a trip. When you are inspired to do something, go for it. As in the words of George E Woodberry: “Defeat is not the worse of failures, not to have tried is the true failure”.

When you keep an open mind and heart, inspiration is everywhere.


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