How To Minimize Migraine Pain Naturally

Migraines are dreadful. Anyone who has the misfortune to suffer from these excruciating headaches understands that they can literally stop your life in its tracks. There is no cure for migraines. However, there are several tips that can help alleviate some of the pain.

Keeping stress to a minimum is a crucial component to reducing the pain level of a migraine. Unfortunately, this tip is easier said than done, as many of us know. In today's "we want it all" world, stress is hard to manage. But if it can help you get migraines less often, it is a must try. Meditating, unplugging or doing one activity you love at least once a week helps with stress.

Even though it may be cumbersome, going a quick brisk walk when you feel a migraine coming on is a great tip for helping to minimize the pain. The reason exercise is helpful is because not only does it get the blood flowing but also those good feeling hormones. It helps to put the body at ease instead of in a tense state. There really is nothing like taking a walk to make you feel better for many reasons but relieving migraine pain is at the top of that list.

Reduce the amount of alcohol you drink, especially if you are a wine or beer drinker. Those types of alcohol contain congeners, which is a byproduct of distilled and fermented alcohols. Other non-fermented booze, such as vodka, don't necessarily affect migraine pain. But in general, if you have a migraine or suffer from them, alcohol consumption should be done in small doses.

Supplements such as riboflavin or magnesium have been proven to reduce the number of migraines a person suffers each month. A study published in the journal Headache earlier this year indicated that people who took 600mg of magnesium saw a reduction of the dreaded headaches, while those who took 400mg of riboflavin said that they had about two fewer migraines per month.

Ditching the processed foods is another trick people may not have thought about doing to help combat migraine pain. It is important to remember that each person's dietary triggers for the painful headaches is different. MSG found in a lot of processed foods has been a proven to cause migraines. Keeping a food diary is also a great way to keep track of those triggers.


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