Fenty Beauty Sends Products To Fan Who Helped Her Brother Pay For College

As if anyone ever needed just one more reason to adore Fenty Beauty products.

Well, believe it or not, here’s another one. Courtesy, this time, of an awesome big sister/Fenty makeup lover that helped the brand prove once and for all that it truly does “treat [its] fans like family,” as Teen Vogue put it.

On July 6th, Twitter user and avid Fenty follower Hanna Driten took to the bird to let the world know exactly why she ultimately decided not to treat herself to her “@fentybeauty dream makeup” purchase.

Just before going through with check out, Driten’s younger brother phoned her because he needed “$ for his deposit for college dorm," she tweeted."Wahh i am a good big sister Y'all #goodsister."

Good sister indeed, the best even – which is probably why Fenty Beauty retweeted Driten’s post literally two minutes later, while also graciously adding, "You're an AMAZING big sister!! What products were you looking at? We'd love to help send you some ❤️."

Via Teen Vogue

It was a sweet, sentimental, not to mention deeply kind brand and customer interaction that totally caused massive upheaval -- not to mention quite a number of happy tears -- amidst social media enthusiasts all around the world.

Past and present followers of the beauty brand fully appreciated Fenty’s heartwarming and instantaneous reply, which clearly showed with the flooding of supportive tweets soon after such as, "she deserves everything!!" or "This is so nice omg.”

Nice indeed and totally agreed.

This isn’t the first time Fenty took to lending out a helping hand, however. It turns out that just about three months ago, the brand kindly replaced all the Rihanna-helmed and approved makeup products that were stolen from a woman’s New Zealand hotel room.

"Last night in NZ, got back to the hotel after a day trip and found absolutely nothing in my room," user Chiara wrote on Twitter."Some b**** stole everything I got. I hate people so much. I lived out of my bag for 2years and now everything’s gone. Fml. All my Fenty Beauty as well 😓"

In response, the brand tweeted their sorrow and support, offering to send her some products to help her out in her time of need.

Via LipstickAlley

They offer an all-inclusive range of colors in all of their products, especially in terms of foundation shades to help address a long-criticized gap in cosmetic industry offerings for women of color, and they constantly roll-out brilliant items (like the new Body Lava). The brand also manages to keep their pricing totally reasonable (when compared to other prestige beauty brands). Fenty’s shown fans their best side once again this summertime season by providing followers with no more excuses to not fall head over heels for their brand.

They certainly do know exactly how to treat their fans just like family.


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