Fenty Beauty Has Launched A Shade Finder For Its Makeup Collection

Although shopping for beauty products online can often save time and even money, you’re not always guaranteed to receive the right product for your complexion. Luckily, Fenty Beauty has introduced Shade Finder, an online quiz that helps you find the right shade for your skin tone.

The quiz, which goes above and beyond similar online applications, factors in considerations like how your skin responds to the sun and what color jewelry flatters your skin tone. The quiz includes six questions and provides shade options for all products. The application even offers professional tips from makeup artists.

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For customers trying out new products, the quiz is perfect. To find the ideal shade of Stunna Lip Paint, Poutsicle, or Sun Stalk'r, use the Shade Finder and add all your selections to your cart. You’ll receive free two-day shipping and you can also save your results for future purchases.

Among other products the Shade Finder will match your skin tone to, you’ll find Fenty’s Instant Retouch Concealer, setting powders, Match Stix and Shimmer Stix, Sun Stalk’r Bronzers, and Killawatt Highlighters. Also, as new products are added to the collection, the quiz will update your profile to include items suited to your skin tone.

After selecting your shade range — either light, medium, tan, or deep — you can select a model that best resembles your skin tone. Then, by revealing which type of metal jewelry best suits you, you’ll determine your undertone.

According to Healthline, if traditional yellow gold suits your skin tone, you are likely to have warm and olive undertones. If silver, white gold, and rose gold complements your skin tone, you have cool undertones. And if both look good on you, you probably have neutral undertones. In addition, your veins will also reveal your undertone. Greenish veins likely denote a warm undertone while blue and purple veins indicate cooler undertones. If you’re unsure or your veins are colorless, your undertone is probably neutral.

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In terms of how the sun affects your skin, whether you burn easily or not can impact the way makeup oxidizes on your skin and how makeup will hold depending on the formula. Rihanna's Fenty Beauty first introduced an astounding 40 shades in 2017. Now, you can narrow down your selections online and enjoy the best the collection has to offer from the comfort of your own home.

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