20 Female Stars Who Might Be Vampires

It’s a brutal truth for women in Hollywood that aging can be a bad thing for their careers. Many starlets are well known for trying to put it off via plastic surgery, botox, or other means. Sometimes, that can backfire if said surgery is botched (Meg Ryan’s A-List career was ruined because of her surgery), but some ladies are lucky & blessed with amazing genes that allow them to retain their beauty over the years, if not decades. Some actresses actually look even better today than they did in their youth.

Yes, makeup does help, yet several ladies are proud t0 show off make-up free selfies that prove they still retain their amazing beauty. It gets to the point one wonders if these ladies are practically vampires with how little they age over the years. There’s a difference between “aging gracefully” and “not at all” and these ladies have done the latter. Here are 20 women whose incredible lack of aging makes you wonder how human they truly are.

20 Julia Roberts

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For almost 30 years, Julia Roberts has been one of Hollywood’s box office queens. She’s had her slumps but made some great comebacks with big hit movies and even the TV show Homecoming. It helps that Roberts retains her flawless looks, especially with that bright smile. She’s gone on record about refusing botox or surgery and that People has named her “The Most Beautiful Woman” five times in her career (the latest in 2017) shows the Pretty Woman lives up to her title.

19 Elle Macpherson

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In her prime, Elle Macpherson was nicknamed “The Body” for her stunning form that she showed off in countless magazines. At 55, Macpherson proves she can still wow in a bikini, proud of her beauty. Her makeup-free selfies showcase how she can turn heads just getting out of bed in the morning. When she dons makeup, it’s even more astounding while her fitness regiment proves this “Body” just won’t quit today.

18 Ming Na Wen


Fans of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD have been graced with a lot of fantastic things over the course of the show. But one of the best has to be how Mina Na Wen, who plays Matilda May, is doing so many stunts at the age of 55. The woman got her break almost 25 years ago on ER and still looks almost exactly the same. If anything, she seems even hotter with how she looks in leather. Marvel’s characters are ageless, and Ming is matching them nicely.

17 Gabrielle Union

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Few have aged as well as Gabrielle Union. It’s incredible how the actress could still pass for the high schooler she played in Bring It On and she continues to have great roles like on the TV series, Being Mary Jane. Union told Prevention she credits her beauty to plenty of sleep and exercise, but she also has some amazing genes that allow her to look so perfect today.

16 Elizabeth Hurley

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Back in 1995, Elizabeth Hurley was known as a British model and Hugh Grant’s girlfriend. She has since risen up to become a terrific star in her own right. From Austin Powers to playing the Queen of England in The Royals, Hurley looks utterly flawless in any role and in public. She’s about to play Morgan Le Fey in Hulu’s Runaways and that she looks so gorgeous at 54 shows Hurley really has some magic in her genes.

15 Brooke Shields

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In one of her books, Kathy Griffin joked that “Brooke Shields is the only person who can look like she’s wearing makeup when she’s not wearing makeup.” That natural beauty has helped Shields in her career from a model to an actress. While an expert at makeup, Shields looks great without some. In 2018, she showed off at 52 in a bikini and looked even better than in her ‘80s heyday. Shields told People she felt “stuck at 38” when she actually seems even younger.

14 Jane Seymour


Posing for Playboy at 67 is a daring move, but Jane Seymour pulled it off. While she didn’t truly doff it all, Seymour proved how she has more than aged gracefully over the years. She’s gone from a Bond girl in the 1970s to a respected actress with numerous TV and movie roles while looking like a woman almost thirty years younger than she really is. Thanks to a good diet and yoga, Seymour’s limber form is astounding for any age.

13 Gwen Stefani

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Take a look at Gwen Stefani today and just try to see any difference from when she started with No Doubt in the early 1990s. She can still rock those amazing outfits and her singing voice is stellar as ever. Stefani admitted to Cosmo that she wears a lot of makeup for her performances, but her “natural face” selfies are still amazing. At 50, this lady can give today’s young divas a run for their money.

12 Salma Hayek

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In her first scene in Desperado, Salma Hayek is shown as someone so beautiful that she literally stops traffic. Nearly 25 years later, that hasn’t changed. Hayek’s secret weapon, as she told Allure magazine, is tepezcohuite, a Mexican botanical that aids her skin treatment. It pays off as the upcoming comedy, Like a Boss, has Hayek totally believable as a fashion maven with the woman’s true beauty continuing to shine.

11 Reese Witherspoon

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When it was announced that Reese Witherspoon was doing a third Legally Blonde movie, some wondered if it would still be set in the 2000s. That’s because the Oscar winner barely appears to have aged since her breakout box office hit. She maintains a good beauty and health regiment which aids her from her movies, to The Morning Show, and social media posts. The actress has always had a “girl next door” quality that aids in the aging process.

10 Christie Brinkley

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Even by supermodel standards, Christie Brinkley’s lack of aging is mind-blowing. In 2017, at the age of 63, Brinkley graced the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue and looked just as amazing as when she’d been on it a quarter-century earlier. On her Instagram page, it’s nearly impossible to tell what photos are from her today and which are from the 1990s. She’s even participated in Dancing With the Stars to showcase how she can put any of today’s supermodels to shame.

9 Jennifer Connelly

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Jennifer Connelly got an early start in Hollywood as a teenager in the cult classic Labyrinth. She moved up to more adult roles such as The Rocketeer and the wild Requiem For a Dream. Connelly won an Oscar for A Beautiful Mind and continues to make major movies. Connelly still has her youthful looks and astounding body so even when she’s not in an A-list movie, she appears to be nowhere near 48.

8 Charlize Theron

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Charlize Theron is known for being able to go all-out for some movie roles. She buried herself under makeup for her Oscar-winning turn in Monster and shaved her head bald for Mad Max Fury Road. But nothing can keep Theron from looking utterly perfect in nearly any part. She’s been a spokesmodel for Dior and looks exactly like she did when it started. The actress just can’t keep from looking so stunningly beautiful.

7 Michelle Pfeiffer


For a time, Michelle Pfeiffer was a major Hollywood presence in the 1990s. She took a long break from the business, but is making a comeback with some blockbusters like Maleficent Mistress of Evil and Ant-Man and Wasp. This allows Pfeiffer to show off her incredible beauty once more. She doesn’t go for any fancy makeup or procedures but sticks to a natural beauty which helps her look amazing today.

6 Gillian Anderson


Over 25 years after The X-Files premiered, Gillian Anderson shows no signs of slowing down. The Emmy-winning actress continues to work, from an X-Files revival to starring on Netflix's The Crown. She talked to New Beauty about how she noticed her skin suffering in her 40s so she switched to a new care routine that’s done wonders. Maybe the biggest X-File of all is how Anderson still looks as amazing as in 1993.

5 Angelina Jolie

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Once, the “vampire” moniker would have fit Jolie’s often wild lifestyle. This is a woman who would carry around a vial containing the blood of her then-husband Johnny Lee Miller. Jolie has tempered herself, having become a mother, but is still able to look like one of the hottest women alive. That counts for her appearance, as Jolie told InStyle about her dermatology routine and how it has aided her in being a long-lasting Hollywood starlet.

4 Jennifer Aniston

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After a long absence, Jennifer Aniston has returned to television in the new series The Morning Show. Many have noted how, 25 years after she became a star with Friends, Aniston looks almost exactly the same. While she did have a nose job, it was for a deviated septum, not cosmetic. Aniston has constantly denied allegations of more surgery and maintains a very healthy lifestyle. It pays off as she’s still a favorite “Friend” of TV audiences.

3 Dana Delany


The series finale of China Beach shows that 25 years after the Vietnam War, Dana Delany’s character is now older with white hair and wrinkles. This is hysterical since, nearly thirty years later, Delany looks hotter than ever. Having just appeared on the CBS drama The Code, Delany maintains a good beauty regimen that allows her to look stunning at 63 and even putting her younger self to shame.

2 Halle Berry


Halle Berry will always have a historic place in Hollywood as the first African-American to win a Best Actress Oscar. A major moment for her came when in X-Men Days of Future Past, she reprised her role of Storm, which she first played in 2000. Despite how the movie was set in the future, Berry looked as if she hadn’t aged a day since the first time she put on the costume. It’s impossible to see Berry getting “mom roles” given how she appears to still be too young for that with her flawless features.

1 Jennifer Lopez

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She just turned 50, but “Jenny From the Block” looks almost exactly as she did when she broke out in the late 1990s. The gorgeous performer can claim such things as having the number one album, single, and movie all on the same weekend while still a stylish scene-stealer. She’s famous for her long list of romances and is currently doing well with beau Alex Rodriguez. It’s astounding that Lopez could still look as perfect as she has in the past.

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