20 Female Celebs Who Rose From The Ashes

Everyone has had that moment in their life where they feel like nothing could get very much worse. Well, rest assured that, for many of us at least, there are always celebrities out there who have had it way worse (even if they have millions to try and make things better).

Below is a list of big-name women out there in film, TV and music who have found their own ways to rock bottom whether it be going completely broke, being abused, getting into the nose candy or whatever else. Either way, these celebs really hit the floor...but they also managed to get back on the horse and ride into the sunset (so far).

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20 Adele


People might not think that this buxom Brit has hit any sort of rock bottom at all since she first made it to the big time. However, that is certainly not the case. Some might remember a time when there was nothing but repeats of her earlier hits...that's because she severely wrecked her voice and had to learn all over again before she could get back to the stage.

19 Amanda Bynes


Amanda Bynes really had some issues. She sort of went the way of Lindsay Lohan for a while just not as publicly, though with just as many haggard media spreads from the paparazzi. To think she went from child star to raging teens to...a relatively calm adult now. Good for her!

18 Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore had the great misfortune of having a great celebrity as well as a deadbeat in her family. Both happening to be men in her family. Growing up as a child star, she really dove straight into the illicit side of things and was very quickly in deep trouble but now she's one of the biggest zombie stars on Netflix!

17 Demi Lovato


When someone hits rehab at the age of 18, it is pretty clear that there are some issues. Apparently, Lovato dealt with a lot of bullying, self-harm and substance abuse. It is very interesting to see just how some celebs who have really been through the wringer manage to pull themselves back up and keep moving forward...not all of them ever get back up.

16 Courtney Love


Here's one that people may not appreciate at all. At least not fans of Nirvana. Yes, it's very true that Courtney Love has been long seen as one of the reasons for Cobain's passing and she did make a ton of money off of publishing his diary (which was a really shady move), but that one act probably saved her from the no-money-drug-infested life she had been living otherwise. Rehab probably helped too.

15 Courteney Cox


Courteney Cox is on this list for somewhat of a different reason than most. It's not like she was broke after Friends ended or anything. She's been doing well for herself. But once she chose to get some cosmetic work done on her face, things started going downhill. However, she eventually owned up to it, admitted it was a mistake and she is actually looking better and better now that she has accepted who she is.

14 Charlize Theron


For all of those who think they've had it rough, and who think that Charlize Theron is just another pretty actor with nothing to sulk about...she watched her mother shoot her father because he was coming at both women with a piece of his own. She grew up in some shady circumstances in South Africa. And she faced issues getting roles as well in the beginning. But now she's a star.

13 Britney Spears


We are reasonably sure that we only really need to just put up Britney's picture and everyone knows what we are talking about. There was a certain point in time where Britney Spears just lost the plot, shaved her head, dove into depression (and a few other things) and then went for treatment. It took some time but she's still working her music!

12 Halle Berry


Aside from all the racism that Halle Berry has had to deal with her entire life of being an actor (as well as beforehand, obviously), she has had a myriad of relationships and marriages that have just not panned out. She has a couple of kids with different people but none of them suit her, it seems. After she won the Oscar for best actress, she fell into a funk, realizing that it did nothing for equality...but she keeps pushing!

11 Katy Perry


Well, let's be fair here, Katy Perry is still pretty weird. She has a very...unique style that is definitely all her own and we can't fault her for that. However, when she hit the stage with 'I Kissed A Girl', she was one of the biggest names in music. It didn't take long for that to go to her head and for her to fade into the fame. It seems becoming a TV judge has actually helped bring her back to baseline...a bit.

10 Lena Headey


Surely no one would suspect that Lena Headey, Queen Cersei herself would ever be without money...however, thanks to a pretty nutty divorce, it turns out that even while she was filming Game of Thrones she had, at one point, only $5 in her account. That is likely an exaggeration but the point remains that she was pretty much flat broke even while she was one of the biggest names on TV.

9 Lindsay Lohan


Here is another one of those nutty teenage episodes that we hardly have to make mention of. And considering how she was before everything started going down the toilet, Lohan is still a little off her rocker but since she came back to make that Gotti film with John Travolta and push to do other projects of her own, she has really picked up the pieces of her childhood fame!

8 Lorraine Bracco


Some people here may not immediately recognize this woman. For those who have seen either Goodfella or The Sopranos, she played the role of Karen as well as Tony's psychiatrist love interest. Now, imagine spending every penny fighting Harvey Keitel of all people to get custody of the kids...if not for the Sopranosm she might still be flat broke.

7 Miley Cyrus


This is Hannah Montana. She will always be Hannah Montana to many people. Partly because they don't want to think about the nutty stuff that happened right after Cyrus parted ways with Disney...but it was thanks to lewd photos and an attitude of fame, fortune and a bit of something on the side that ushered her away from Disney and into very little clothing while singing as a teen star.

6 Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj had a very interesting childhood. She didn't really start to dig into performing until her late teen years but as a kid, her father burned down the family home...on purpose. So she moved with her mom from Trinidad and Tobago to The Bronx. She might not have had a great start at things, but she really made a name for herself after everything fell apart.

5 Oprah Winfrey


Oprah Winfrey...as much as people love to make jokes about Oprah and as much as people have plenty to say about the amount of money she has and how much more she could be doing for people...she deserves a little pride in herself. She was abused by so many people in her own family growing up, not to mention the racism she was faced with and now she lords above them all!

4 Rena Marlette Lesnar


For those who recognize the face but maybe not the name, this is Sable from the old WWF days. She was always in a rough relationship (at least in the ring) but she really did deal with it in real life also. And then things took a very strange turn and while she has to put up with being around Brock Lesnar now, she definitely has it made for life!

3 Rihanna


Abusive relationships can really take a toll on someone. The whole Rihanna and Chris Brown thing was actually a big surprise to a lot of people because it's not all that often that big-name celebs end up walking around with visible marks on their face. This led to a whole lot of downhill struggle about staying with Brown or getting back with him...but she learned and got out of there and is gorgeous as ever!

2 Shania Twain


A lot of people think that it's pretty nutty that some girl from northern Canada could really break through into the business and they think that was her true struggle. That's hardly the case. Besides, northern Canada is beautiful. No, it was the heavy abuse from her stepfather that made her life difficult...but also drove her on to become one of the biggest country stars of the 90s.

1 Stevie Nicks


There is no second-guessing this one. Stevie Nicks, for those who might not know, is the lead singer of Fleetwod Mac. She has gone through a whole lot of perils. Remember she was rocking hard in the 70s and performing with two former lovers at one point or another. Touring with that sort of baggage leads to a whole lot of nose candy, according to her bio.

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