Fast & Furious: 16 Things About Dom And Brian's Friendship That Make No Sense

When The Fast and the Furious hit theaters in 2001, nobody could have predicted that it was the beginning of nothing less than a cultural phenomenon. Nearly two decades later, the franchise still holds dear in the hearts of ardent fans who grew up loving the adventures of Dominic Toretto, Brian O'Conner, and their ragtag crew of car-racing maniacs.

The early films were a bit disjointed, switching from the streets of Los Angeles to Miami and then to Tokyo, before focusing in on the original family as they became international fugitives. Now, they're more like spy films, really, with a bit of car-related action thrown into the mix.

But the original formula of Dom, played by Vin Diesel, and Brian, played by the late Paul Walker, was definitely the heart and soul of the franchise, the emotional hook that caught the attention of audiences worldwide. And yet, their friendship doesn't live up to a little bit of scrutiny.

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16 The 10-Second Car

via Entertainment Weekly

A running refrain throughout the entire first film in the Fast and Furious franchise is that Brian owes Dom a 10-second car. But this aspect of a debt that's owed just doesn't make sense, even if it does tie the two characters together in what the film's writers probably thought was a bond of honor. Why would two criminals—yes, Brian is a criminal—care about little things like codes of honor?

15 Brian Always Loses

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Early in 2001's The Fast and the Furious, Dom tells Brian that he drives like a cop. And in the rest of the movies, Brian proves his skills behind the wheel many times over. Still, it seems like Dom always manages to win in their races—except in the odd instance where Brian wins and then, of course, Dom might have let him.

14 Dom Is A Criminal

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In the end, Dom is a criminal. From the first movie, when his crew jacks semi-trucks and street races around Los Angeles to the later films, when he's an international fugitive who dabbles in the odd bit of contract espionage. Of all the people for Brian to choose as their best, most dependable friend, Dom should be the last. But Brian and the whole crew (or the writers) just push this fact to the side.

13 Dom Probably Knows Brian Is Undercover

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From the beginning of the first film, Dom seems to pretty much know that Brian is undercover. And yet, he accepts Brian because he sees a man who stands by his word and who can be counted on in a scuffle. But Dom's instant acceptance of Brian just doesn't hold water. In the circles Dom travels, trust would be very hard to earn.

12 Brian Is A Criminal

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The fact is that Brian is a criminal, too. As soon as he shirks his duties as an undercover operative, he has stepped into a world where the law isn't on his side. In later films, though, he flits back and forth, from legal to illegal and back again. Throughout all their adventures, Dom stands by his side, though, unsure whether his "friend" might turn him in at any second.

11 Dom And His Crew

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Dom and Brian's relationship with the whole crew doesn't make any sense, either. The characters all have their rapport and bonhomie, but that doesn't change the fact that these are hardened criminals—yes, even The Rock's character—that would have to be intensely paranoid about the snitch known to be amongst them.

10 Family First

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Dom becomes a legend on the street because he always puts his family first. He constantly reinforces the importance of family throughout all the Fast and Furious films, and yet, he doesn't do a great job of keeping his family together. And his worst mistake that probably leads to the family falling apart? Letting Brian into the crew in the first place.

9 Can't Stop Won't Stop

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Brian and Dom might not be the world's most astounding geniuses, but they definitely know their way around cars, crime, and the law. However, the risk-versus-reward of the life they've chosen just doesn't seem worth it. Why wouldn't one of them turn to the other and suggest that they just open up a mechanic's shop and make some solid money the old-fashioned way?

8 The Charger

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One of the strangest elements of the entire Fast and Furious franchise surrounds the cars themselves. Much like people project their personality onto their pets, each character is typified by their car. And amid all the JDM tuners and rice-rockets, Dom drives his Charger—which wouldn't be ideal for any nimble handling, not even in full ice-Charger form.

7 Dom Doesn't Mourn

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In the real world, audiences and fans lost Paul Walker in 2013. In the movies, his character, Brian, retires to raise his family. But Dom doesn't seem to mourn Brian's disappearance—not to mention his sister's disappearance—enough. Even if the character didn't die, the loss of a blood brother would be pretty hard to take.

6 Letty's Activities

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Plenty of plot, action, and emotion in the franchise's later films turns towards Letty, her memory, and Dom's attempts to bring her back. But wouldn't Brian have been a bit concerned about Dom's paramour and been able to have checked in with his connections in law enforcement to find out what was actually going on?

5 Dom In Japan

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While real fans of the Fast and Furious franchise know that the third installment, Tokyo Drift, was originally intended to be about Dom, the characters in the movies don't know things like this. But it's not really explained how Dom would have ended up in Japan, nor whether Brian would have known about Dom's actions there given that he's super tied into the JDM-import scene.

4 Roman Pearce

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Tyrese Gibson joined the crew for 2 Fast 2 Furious as Roman Pearce. Again, this was supposed to be Vin Diesel as Dom, but things didn't work out that way. And yet, Brian's old friend just gets shunted to the side, left to crack smart jokes and flash his smile and abs for the rest of the series, while Dom remains his diehard blood brother.

3 The Rock Gets Fooled

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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has, in a way, taken over the Fast and Furious franchise (which has caused some drama amongst the cast). But in Fast Five, his character gets sucked in just the same way Brian did. But Brian's character, on the run from the law in Brazil, would have been a pretty strong warning sign that things wouldn't go so well for Luke Hobbs later.

2 Vince Was Right

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In the end, it turns out that Vince was right—the whole time! In the first film, Vince tried to warn Dom about Brian. Dom ignored him, which set the whole franchise in motion. But his friendship with Brian truly caused a ton of problems, resulting in his family getting broken up and scattered across the globe and leaving audiences wondering why Dom just couldn't see things clearly like Vince did from the get-go.

1 Mia Toretto

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On the most basic level, the number one reason that Brian and Dom's friendship just doesn't make sense is Dom's sister, Mia Toretto. No one likes the tall, blonde guy who shows up and starts going after their sister, especially when the sister is so obviously into him, herself. And yet, Dom seems perfectly fine with Mia and Brian getting way too close for comfort.

Sources: IMDb, Wikipedia, and Fast and Furious Fandom.

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