20 Fashion Trends From The ‘90s That Made No Sense (And Still Don't)

The ’90s were definitely the times of some very strange fashion, inclusive of bright colours and oversized clothing. A few of the biggest fads from the ’90s have somehow made their way back into current trends. However, it’s safe to say that some of the craziest styles from the ’90s are not likely to ever see the light of day again! This was an era that had some clearly defined styles, but not all of them were photo-worthy, that’s for sure!

You know that fashion has made a huge impact on a generation when a simple photo can clearly define the era it was taken in! Get ready for a blast from the past, and let’s take a look at 20 fashion trends from the ‘90s that make absolutely no sense today.

20 Overalls

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The only time you’ll see overalls now are if they’re on a little child and their parents are playing dress-up and looking for a good photo-op. Overalls were a huge part of the ‘90s, and everyone who was “cool” enough, owned at least a few pairs. They were definitely oversized and comfortable but did absolutely nothing for anyone’s figure, aside from completely hiding it!

19 Scrunchies

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Anyone that grew up in the 1990s is all-too-familiar with high-ponytails and the stunning array of scrunchies that were available to accentuate them! All the cool girls growing up in this generation had a drawer full of multi-coloured scrunchies which were carefully selected to match every possible outfit.

18 Platform Sneakers

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Oh, the platform sneakers were an absolute must-have for everyone in this generation! Parents had to buy them or kids had to save their allowances, because those who wore regular sneakers just didn’t make it into any cool clubs! It seemed that with a little sneaker lift, the cool-factor was also heightened.

17 Two-Toned Jeans

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You’d never see these on shelves today, but at one point in the mid 1990’s, two-toned jeans were a must-have for every female teen. They were the ultimate in bragging rights, and of course, they were accented with that stunning scrunchie and those platform sneakers. It had to be done right!

16 Neon Colours


One thing is for sure – the ‘90’s were a very “bright” era. We’re not sure how this caught on, but fluorescent colours were all the rave, and everyone sported bright clothes, inclusive of outerwear. Models on all the major runways were in neon-bright outfits, setting the trend for all to follow. It was definitely one of the most definitive signs of the times that we hope never makes a comeback.

15 Clogs

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As a kid that was growing up in the ‘90s, sometimes you just had to put your platform sneakers aside and get fancy…with Clogs! We’re not sure how anyone ever lasted long in these, and they’re surely the cause of adult-onset-shins splints, but at the time, clogs were a big deal, and everyone had them!

14 Chokers

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For girls and teens in the 1990’s the ultra-tight fitting chokers were the ultimate accessory to every outfit. Looking back at photos from that era it would be easy to spot celebrities that also sported this fancy-fashion-statement. The most popular and sought-after chokers were crushed velvet and contained a charm of some sort in the centre.

13 Jelly Shoes

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Clearly comfort was not front-and-centre when these shoes came out, but nobody seemed to mind. Jelly Shoes flew off the shelves and were among the most popular shoes of the ‘90s for girls of all ages. Of course, they provided no foot or ankle support whatsoever and they broke all the time, but the solution was to just go buy another few pairs and keep some spares handy!

12 Hip Pouches

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Everyone growing up in the ‘90s had a hip pouch. Girls and guys alike all had at least a few hip pouches to select from, and they were almost always very brightly coloured. Lots of time and thought went into how much stuff could be crammed into these tiny pouches, and whether or not to put them across the hips or over the shoulder. These were a big deal and it had to be done just right!

11 Denim Jumpers

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Clearly these jumpers were not very figure-forming, but where they lacked in style, they made up for in comfort. This was the ultimate staple to every girl’s wardrobe, and if a teenage girl didn’t have a denim jumper she may have found it difficult to make friends. Most teens alternated sweaters and t-shirts underneath, to make sure the jumpers could be worn year-round.

10 Jean Jackets With Patches

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The unisex jean jackets with patches were an absolute ‘90s must-have-item! The ultimate was the Gus ‘n Roses jacket, but we’d settle for the smiley face one or a Nirvana jacket, if a sacrifice had to be made. Oh and by the way, weather had no impact on this fashion statement – these jean jackets were worn throughout each season, and were even cooler when they looked faded and over worn.

9 Velour Tracksuits

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You can make fun of how these look as much as you want to – the truth is that most of us wish we were wearing one of these track suits right now! They were the ultimate in comfort, and it basically felt like you were wearing your pajamas all day – long. It looked like it too! For the sake of the fashion industry we hope they never make a come-back, but we wouldn’t judge you if you had a secret stash of these for home-use.

8 Baggy Clothes

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Our current fashion trends fixate on clothes that are way too tight, way too small, and barely there, so it’s hard to imagine that baggy clothes were once “a thing”. We swear they were… ask anyone that grew up in the’90s and they’ll tell you that baggy clothes were prominent and popular. This non-flattering look would never fly in today’s fashion-society.

7 Mood Rings

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Mood Rings were the ultimate in accessories throughout the ‘90s. Everyone wore them, inclusive of the boys! These expressive gems were said to reveal your mood and tell about how you’re feeling towards others. They’d constantly leave little green marks around everyone’s fingers and have to be replaced, but that didn’t stop anyone from continuing to collect them.

6 One Pant Leg Rolled Up

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This makes no sense at all, and we were glad to see this weird fashion trend disappear. However, kids in the ‘90s reached ultimate levels of coolness when they rolled one pant leg up, halfway. Nobody really knows how this began, but L.L Cool J and MC Hammer were doing it, so it must have been the right choice to make!

5 Headbands

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These were essentially useless as they barely held any hair out of the way, but that didn’t prevent all the teenagers from buying them! Headbands of various textures and colours could be purchased to match any outfit, and could be seen on every teenager across each town.

4 Bike shorts

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It’s very difficult to understand how anyone was comfortable wearing these or even just looking at them, but somehow they were among the most popular trends. The kids on “Saved By The Bell” wore them, and at some point they stopped being associated with working out and biking. These bad boys were worn as everyday casual-gear!

3 Hypercolour T-Shirts

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Everyone, and we mean absolutely everyone – had a hypercolour shirt. Most of the kids growing up in the ‘90s had several. Very few kids paid any attention in class. Most of their time was spent leaving handprints and fun line formations on the backs of their friends’ hypercolour shirts.

2 Neon Windbreakers

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Not only were these cool, they were mandatory! Everyone had to have at least one of these, and most tried to get away with wearing them in school, as shirts. If you were a really cool kid growing up in the ‘90s, you had the extra-special windbreakers that would roll up and become fanny-packs that you could snap around your waist!

1 Wide / Flare Pants

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Flare pants were so wide at the bottom in the ‘90s, that girls would routinely trip and fall as a result of all the extra fabric. Bell bottoms were simply not cool enough though. The popular girls of the ‘90s generation had to go full-out and wear the super-wide flare pants if they wanted to fit in with the crowd.

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