Fans Could Bump Into Their Favorite Celeb At These 20 Exclusive Shopping Spots In LA

What trip to Los Angeles is complete without a bit of celebrity spotting? We're here to help you ensure you know exactly where to find the stars. You see, Los Angeles is a pretty spread out city, and there happen to be many places A-listers wouldn't bother stepping foot in. To ensure a run in with your favorite celebs, you have to go to the sort of places they hang out in.

Of course, fashion is generally a big part of the celebrity lifestyle. At any given moment, you have quite a few celebs prancing around Los Angeles on their way to their favorite stores. Whether your aesthetic is indie or classic, you can find the store (and celeb) that matches that style. Just be warned, most of these celebrities easily spend what is two month's salary for us at just one of these stores. If you actually plan to do some shopping, be sure to save up for it! Otherwise, It's probably best to just do a bit of window shopping and hope to rub shoulders with your faves outside of one of these exclusive stores. Whatever you decide, we're giving you the tools to help you find your favorites. Do with it what you will!

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20 Vanessa Hudgens Is A Regular At Boho Inspired Planet Blue

Daily Mail

Located in Beverly Hills, this bohemian store is perfect for those who appreciate the "festival" aesthetic. As fans of Vanessa Hudgens know, she is a regular at Coachella. The Daily Mail reports that she said this of the festival, "I'm going to go every single year until I die. I'm a total gypsy bohemian!" With its distinctly colored lime green bags, Planet Blue is a favorite among young celebrities, including some of Vanessa Hudgen's former co-star and friend Ashley Tisdale. The star has also been there with her boyfriend Austin Butler, so you may be lucky enough for a two-for-one deal!

19 Cat Deely Shops At Saks Fifth Avenue In Beverly Hills


When it comes to shopping, celebrity hot spots are often a balanced mix between trendy new stores and age-old classics. Saks Fifth Avenue happens to be one of those classics. Though the brand has been around for quite a long time, it has stood the test of time and remains a favorite among celebrities. Among those you might see at the store are So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deely, as well as many others like Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Garner, and Kris Jenner. Overall, a great place to stop by if you're hoping to see a wide range of celebs!

18 Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Have Been Spotted At Fred Segal On Melrose


It's pretty much guaranteed that whoever you are, stumbling on Chrissy Teigen and John Legend while out shopping will make you the envy of everyone you know. Both members of this power couple have gotten progressively busier over the years, but once upon a time, a few lucky people were able to run into them shopping on Melrose. Located in an unassuming corner of this popular street, Fred Segal is popular among a number of celebrities. The store features a wide range of brands and often hosts exclusive events. It's been around for decades and was even visited by the Beatles once upon a time.

17 Jennifer Garner Is Comfy At Elyse Walker In Pacific Palisades


If you are looking to venture a little further, you just might run into Jennifer Garner! Located in Pacific Palisades, Elyse Walker is a luxury store that includes a wide range of designers. The one-stop shop features a curated experience including designers like Valentino and Alexander McQueen. It's no wonder it's a hit among celebs! The store also has a location in Newport Beach and provides a shopping experience that features stylists to help you out along the way. Why pick out your own clothes when you can have someone do it for you? Welcome to the life of luxury!

16 Ashley Benson Has Been Spotted At Marc Jacobs In West Hollywood

Daily Mail

Even if you don't keep up with designer brands, you've probably heard of Marc Jacobs. Now a globally recognized brand selling everything from clothes and accessories to fragrances, it's unsurprising that celebrities would flock to a store like this. Located in the home of all trendy things, West Hollywood, you can be sure that this store gets visited by quite a few celebrities. If you're a fan of Pretty Little Liars, you can cross your fingers that you're lucky enough to run into Ashley Benson on your trip there. But don't worry, even if she isn't there, chances are you'll run into someone you'll want a picture with.

15 Courtney Cox And Other A-Listers Love Maxfield In Hollywood

Style Bistro

You may have never heard of Maxfield, but rest assured this luxury boutique gets frequented by quite a few celebrities.  The store features items from classic designers like Chanel and Gucci as well as pieces from emerging ones like Fear of God and Mike Amiri, The Los Angeles Times reports. The store highlights an L.A. grunge aesthetic, but don't let that fool you into thinking their items are more affordable. The four dollars signs on their Yelp page is a fair warning about that. Among those who have been spotted at the popular West Hollywood store are Lindsay Lohan, Justin Theroux, and Katy Perry.

14 Alessandra Ambrosio Has Been Spotted At Bonpoint In Beverly Hills

Just Fab Celebs

If you haven't noticed by now, Beverly Hills is pretty much the place to be if you're hoping for a celeb sighting. All you have to do is walk down the street and let the paparazzi lead you! Another store to visit in this neighborhood is Bonpoint, a children's clothing store with clothing from Paris. If you're hoping to see a celebrity who also happens to be a parent, this may be the place to look. Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio is amongst those that have been spotted at this adorable store. If you happen to have a little one of your own you want to dress up, this is the place to go!

13 Hillary Duff Shops At The Famous Chanel Store In Beverly Hills

Hillary Duff is just one of the many celebrities who has been spotted at the Chanel Beverly Hills store. Everyone from Kevin Hart, Sofia Vergara, and Priyanka Chopra has ventured into this store, just to name a few. There are times when celebrities are the ones elevating brands and raising their reputation, and there are times when the reverse is true. Chanel has reached a pinnacle in the fashion world where it doesn't need any particular celebrity, and many feel honored to be able to work with the brand. Though it has stores all over the world, the brand's Beverly Hills store is its most iconic, so don't expect to be given the time of day unless you're ready to spend some serious cash.

12 Sarah Silverman Was Seen At American Rag In West Hollywood


Located in West Hollywood, American Rag features contemporary men and women's fashion. Its items may be more expensive than what you're used to, but compared to other brands on this list, it's all relatively affordable. Among those who have been spotted at the store; Amber Rose, Bridgit Mendler, and Amber Heard. This is a great place to spot younger celebrities as well. If your style is cool and casual, you just might stumble across some great finds at this store.  Whether you're searching for denim or a new pair of sandals, you can purchase all your basics while rubbing shoulders with the likes of Sarah Silverman!

11 Emma Roberts Is Just One Of the Celebs That've Been Spotted At Barneys New York In Beverly Hills


The name may be a little confusing if you're unfamiliar with the brand, but rest assured that Barneys New York does have a store in Beverly Hills. As you might suspect, the brand is headquartered in New York, but it's a no-brainer to bring that sort of luxury to the stars in Los Angeles. Unsurprisingly, the luxury department store is frequented by many a celebrity. Aside from Emma Roberts, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Garner, Christina Millian, and Cash Warren have all been spotted at the Beverly Hills location. The store is so iconic that it attracts celebs both young and old.

10 Younger Celebs Like AnnaLynne McCord Are Big Fans Of Revolve


Though it didn't really need the extra help, Revolve has mastered the art of being a successful brand in Los Angeles. Their store on Melrose is not just a great shopping destination, it also offers an exclusive experience. If you're lucky enough to have some connections in Los Angeles, you can hope for an invitation to the store, because sadly it's the only way to get in! Those invited get a chance to schedule private shopping appointments, so it's unfortunately not a great place to just browse. The good news is that it's right across from Fred Segal, so you can definitely stake out the area even without one of those coveted invites.

9 Lucy Hale Has Been Spotted At Reformation On Melrose


Like her Pretty Little Liars co-star Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale also enjoys doing a bit of shopping in Hollywood. Dedicated to providing sustainable fashion, Reformation has a combination of everyday wear and formal dresses, including wedding dresses. The brand is actually quite popular among a number of celebrities. Supermodels like Karlie Kloss and Lily Aldridge and others like Taylor Swift have been spotted wearing the brand. If you're looking for a nice new dress, this is a splurge that's still fairly reasonable. If you're lucky enough to visit during a sale, you may even get to purchase something without breaking the bank.

8 Kendall Jenner And Gigi Hadid Shop For Basics At La Perla In Beverly Hills


La Perla is an Italian luxury brand that is known for selling lingerie but also dabbles in undergarments, pajamas, swimwear, etc. The brand has plenty of locations in the US and Europe, including multiple in California. Unsurprisingly, the best one to find celebrities is the Beverly Hills location. You may find any number of celebrities at this particular location, and if you're really lucky, you may even get the chance to spot a Kardashian (or Jenner). The best part is that it's in the same area as many of the other stores on this list, so no need to go out of your way or anything.

7 The Grove In Hollywood Is A Go-To For Many Celebs Including Mindy Kaling

Lipstick Alley

If you happen to be a fan of entertainment news shows, chances are you've seen The Grove in the back of a segment or two. This beautiful outdoor mall is quite popular among those who want to see or be seen. There are often planned celebrity events, from book signings to fashion shows, and tickets are often free. There's also the chance of running into a celebrity who is just casually shopping. Chances are in you spend a few hours at The Grove, you will see a famous person. The best way to guarantee this, however, is to check out their calendar of events, and see what events are planned during your visit.

6 Rita Ora Shops At Luxury Vintage Store What Comes Around Goes Around


British pop star Rita Ora is not the only one who's been spotted at the luxury vintage store What Comes Around Goes Around. Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner have also worked with the brand. If vintage is your thing, this is the place to find handbags, jewelry, and accessories. Don't expect to get anything here without spending a pretty penny, after all this store essentially provides vintage pieces from the Chanel, Gucci, and other name brand stores down the street. Still, pieces from this store at least have the added advantage of potentially earning you more later if you're looking to cash in on your investment.

5 Jessica Alba Has Been Spotted At Gucci On Rodeo Drive


Gucci is a familiar brand for most of us, but we suppose some things never get old. The popular brand has quite a few stores in the Los Angeles area, but the Beverly Hills location has been visited by many celebs including Hillary Duff and Usain Bolt. Furthermore, this Rodeo Drive location is arguably the most visually stunning of the locations, since it is understandably the most photographed. Though we wouldn't call the brand inexpensive, smaller items tend to be affordable for even us regular folks. If you're hoping to own a bit of Gucci, why not do your shopping in the same store as the stars?

4 Paris Hilton Enjoys Shopping At Kyle By Alene Too In Beverly Hills

Daily Mail

It's safe to say your trip to L.A. will be made if you happen to run into Paris Hilton while shopping. It's also no secret that the heiress loves shopping, so if you hang out in Beverly Hills, the odds just may be in your favor. In addition to shopping at Maxfield and pretty much every designer store, Paris has also been spotted at Kyle By Alene Too. The store actually belongs to Kyle Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills who apparently named the store after one she loved called Alene Too. Even if Paris isn't around, there's always the chance of running into Kyle or some of her friends. If you're a fan of the Housewives franchise, this is definitely the place to go!

3 Scott Disick And Sofia Richie Have Been Spotted At Tom Ford

Daily Mail

Another iconic brand is Tom Ford, and we don't have to tell you that it's a favorite among many celebrities. Fans have been lucky enough to run into Sofia Richie and Scott Disick outside of the store, but it's pretty much guaranteed that you'll see someone famous in the area even if they aren't out that day. This store is a great place to shop for both men and women and it also happens to be on Rodeo Drive right beside the Chanel store. If you're already in the area, we can't think of a reason you wouldn't stop by to at least browse a bit.

2 Katharine McPhee Enjoys Shopping At Prada In Beverly Hills


Why not complete your Rodeo Drive experience with a trip to Prada? Maybe you'll run into Katherine McPhee! Prada is a great place to shop for handbags and perfume and it's located right beside Chanel and Hermes. By now, we hope that your shopping routes are pretty much all mapped out. Truly, any store on Rodeo Drive is a good bet to run into your favorite celebrities. If you'll like to explore some less intimidating stores, then Melrose is pretty much the street to go to. Of course, any area where you see paparazzi or many tourists gathering with cameras is a good bet to see something work posting on your Insta.

1 Antonio Banderas Has Been Spotted Shopping At Cartier In Beverly Hills

Daily Mail

We've gotta say, there are a lot of celebrities on this list we'd be excited to see, but Antonio Banderas is certainly at the top of the list. Nevermind that he's a legendary actor, he's also certainly a rare sighting. There are many celebrities that avoid going out in public in popular places because they don't want to deal with the attention. Still, we suppose that Cartier is iconic enough to get Banderas to venture out and do his own shopping. Regardless of whether you plan to purchase something, we recommend checking out this store simply because of what's inside is so beautiful. We're not talking about Anthony...or are we?

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