20 Famous People Who Refuse To Do Interviews

Being a top entertainer in Hollywood means having to deal with fame and constantly being in the spotlight. However, some celebrities have discovered that they don't really like all the attention and constant focus on them. Almost every single star has been the victim of being misquoted and even found themselves at the center of a tabloid story that is entirely made up. We can't say we blame them for wanting to keep their distance to the phonies in the media.

Although the release of a new movie or an album usually comes with the commitment of a press tour, there are some huge Hollywood names who refuse to give interviews. They might answer a few questions here and there, but that's about it. Here are 20 celebs who never do interviews, for whatever reason that may be.

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20 Bill Murray

via Variety

Unlike the majority of celebrities, Murray doesn’t have his own publicist or any kind of PR person working for him. This makes it really hard for the press to get in touch with him, especially since the only way to reach him is by calling a 1-800 number and leaving a message. The number, of course, isn’t listed, but rather passed around Hollywood’s inner circles by word of mouth.

19 Adele

via E! online

If someone pulls a Karl Lagerfeld and insults Adele’s weight, she’ll speak up. But aside from putting catty celebrities in their place, we rarely hear from the singer. Her elusiveness has left us dying for more insight into the mind behind the music, and perhaps a hint or two on when the next album is coming out.

18 Kate Moss

via Getty Images

Model Kate Moss hates doing interviews for a reason. She explained: “I just didn’t like it. When I first started I did press because I wasn’t really aware that they would write something really negative but then they did, and I was like, ‘Oh no, I don’t want to go back there. I don’t really want to open myself up to that kind of criticism.’”

17 Johnny Depp

via Getty Images

Johnny Depp is one of the most private stars on the planet, and he's chosen to live as much of his life as possible away from the spotlight. As his fame increased and his roles become iconic whether he speaks to the press or not, he avoids interviews when he can.

16 The Olsen Twins

via Getty Images

These girls have captured the attention of the world since they were a few months old, so it’s understandable that they want their own space. As they became adults, they became a lot more private and withdrew from the public eye. The former child stars have revealed that they have anxiety regarding sharing personal information with the world, which is a great reason for avoiding interviews.

15 J Cole

via DJ Booth

Rapper J Cole decided to pull the plug on doing press altogether. In a number of written interviews, he revealed that he did not find the interview process genuine, and consequently did not want to be part of it, saying he was “through trying to play whatever game is going on.” Apparently, he feels the same way about social media, which is why he’s not an overly active user.

14 Beyoncé

via Grammy

As Beyoncé has gotten more famous and gone from ordinary pop star to global superstar she’s done significantly fewer interviews. “She has to be studying how effective her interviews have been so far,” says writer Margo Jefferson. “She may have decided that they do not contribute as dazzlingly to the portrait of Beyoncé as the other stuff. It's a perfectly reasonable decision.”

13 Adam Sandler

via AOL

While Sandler constantly attends red carpet events, he is never in the tabloids and rarely gives interviews. His aversion to interviews started after the release of 'Billy Madison'. The actor was soaking up the success of his films and he spoke to many friendly journalists. Unfortunately, Sandler’s love for the reporters changed when almost every single one of them wrote something negative about him or called him a “moron.”

12 Kanye West

via Time

Kanye used to be a guy who didn't hold back on the interviews. However, after receiving backlash from the press due to some of his comments, political opinions, and weird behavior, he’s pulled back significantly. While he still attends interviews every now and then, he’s not the same interviewee he once was. During some interviews, he’s argued with the interviewer, and sometimes, sat there and said nothing at all.

11 Jesse Eisenberg

via Vox

Jesse Eisenberg avoids interviews as much as anyone in the spotlight possibly can. He's often awkward, or rude and insulting during interviews. And it turns out there's a reason for his strange behavior. Eisenberg has explained that he doesn’t act that way during the interview process because he’s arrogant or bratty, he suffers from anxiety and that’s why he finds giving a normal interview so difficult.

10 Shia LaBeouf

via Hollywood Reporter

The relationship between Shia LaBeouf and the press has been rocky. Following accusations of plagiarism, he wrote on Twitter: “In light of the recent attacks against my artistic integrity, I am retiring from all public life.” Following this, he wore a bag over his head which read “I am not famous anymore.” Since then, he's done very few interviews and appears to have semi-retired from public life.

9 Harrison Ford

via Fox News

Harrison Ford is usually short and abrupt in his interviews. He isn’t interviewed often, but when he is, he gives very basic answers - either yes or no. He hates doing interviews - and promoting his own movies is his most disliked activity. The reason behind his hatred is that he doesn’t appreciate having his opinions censored by people twisting his words, or having to put on a pretend smile.

8 Lauryn Hill

via Medium

In August of 2018, Lauryn Hill revealed in an extensive blog post that she hadn’t given an interview for ten years. After releasing her popular solo album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, she decided to step out of the limelight. “I wanted a real life as well outside of public scrutiny. I wanted that freedom to do whatever I wanted to do.”

7 Taylor Swift

via Time

At the beginning of her music career, Taylor Swift would gladly give interviews. But as she’s experienced the highs and lows of being one of the biggest acts in the world, Swift has become increasingly more private and less willing to share. She never mentioned the release of her record Reputation to the press and kept the interviews to a minimum, clearly allowing her music to speak for itself.

6 The Weeknd

via Time

The Weeknd avoided talking to media at all costs during the early days of his career. The biggest factor behind his decision to stay out of the press was his own insecurities. However, while it was insecurity that kicked off the artist’s mysterious vibe, he soon realized that it was a good strategy to “run with the whole enigmatic thing” to keep his fans wanting more.

5 Kristen Stewart

via absnews

Kristen Stewart has a passion for acting but wishes she could make a living from films without the side effect of fame. She has previously talked about how much she disliked the concept of being famous, especially if the press and interviews. “I [dislike] the interview process. I do my work the same as you, why do I have to talk about it? I just want to be an actor.”

4 Frank Ocean

via DJ Booth

When asked about his desire for anonymity, Ocean explained to GQ that by appearing heavily in the visual press, he “could potentially be misrepresented.” He went on to explain that by mainly communicating through his own social media, he has more control over what he says. “...‘cause you’re fully in control and can message that how you want.”

3 Dave Chappelle

via The National

In 2005, he walked out not just on press and interviews, but on most of his professional gigs, and didn’t return for ten years. In 2014, he returned for an interview on The Late Show with David Letterman and explained how being famous had taken away some of the control he had over his private life. Today Chappelle chooses to limit his fame to a smaller scale.

2 Bradley Cooper

via Parade

Bradley Cooper believes that when he gives too many interviews, it actually takes away from his movies. The more his fans know about him as a person, the less they can get into the character he’s playing. According to him, that means they'll find it harder to believe the character and enjoy the movie.

1 Joaquin Phoenix

via Biography

Joaquin Phoenix avoids doing interviews as much as possible, saying: “I don’t mind one-on-ones occasionally, or round-tables where there’s a discussion. It’s the TV stuff I struggle with where it’s just soundbites … and press conferences where you’re up on a stage and people are down there constantly taking pictures …” Phoenix has done some interesting interviews in the past where he's clearly out of his comfort zone.

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