18 Famous Guys Who Left Their Wives...For The Hired Help

Hollywood is full of taboos. One of the greatest ones being the famous husband leaves his wife and family for the children's nanny. This scenario has played out so many times over in Tinsel Town; we can not figure out why celebrity mommies don't get a clue and start hiring grandmothers, or even robots, to tend to their children's needs.

When hiring a young nanny, the women of Hollywood are rolling the dice. We don't care how over-qualified a caregiver might be, is having her in your employ really worth souring a marriage? When it comes to nannies, male entertainers can not seem to take two steps back and keep their hands to themselves.

Check out these twenty famous men who ended up having a real thing for the family nanny. Some of them even started new families with the help!

18 Ethan Hawke Made A Trade

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Actor Ethan Hawke and his ex-wife Uma Thurman had it all, booming acting careers, two gorgeous young children, and each other. That wasn't enough for Hawke, though, because all he wanted was the nanny. He left Thurman in 2005 and married the nanny, Ryan Shawhughes, in 2008. They are still together to this day!

17 Gavin Rossdale Sure Loves Blondes

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Gavin Rossdale's thirteen-year marriage to Gwen Stefani seemed picture-perfect. That outward appearance came to a screeching halt though when news broke of his nanny encounters with Mindy Mann. Gwen and the rest of the world learned that Rossdale had been carrying on with the Gwen look-alike for three years right under his wife's nose.

16 There Was Nothing Funny About David Letterman's Fling

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There was nothing funny about late-night television host and funnyman David Letterman's extramarital activities. Letterman was married to Regina Lasko while he was spending his free time with some of his female employees, including his assistant Stephanie Birkitt. Things went from bad to worse when Birkitt's partner attempted to milk the situation. What a mess.

15 Ben Affleck Forgot Who The Nanny Was There To Care For

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We were sad to see actor Ben Affleck and his talented and down to earth wife Jen Garner part ways in 2015. The couple had several years of matrimony and three children between them when they decided that marriage was not for them. It is said that Ben's relationship with the nanny, Christine Ouzounian, was the straw that broke the couple's back.

14 Robin Williams Saw Wifey Material In Their Babysitter

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Funnyman Robin Williams was once married to a woman named Valerie Velardi. He and Velardi had a son together, and because of busy schedules, they hired a nanny to help run their household. Williams was smitten with the nanny, Marsha Garces. So much so that he divorced his wife and married Garces.

13 Jude Law Broke The Number One Employer Law

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Jude Law and Sienna Miller were once one of the most beautiful couples on the entire planet. Sadly, Sienna's good looks and strong acting abilities were not enough to keep Law's attention. He took up with his three children's nanny, Daisy Wright. Law publically acknowledged his transgression and apologized to Sienna and his family, but it was too little too late.

12 Joe Piscopo Married Someone On The Payroll

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Joe Piscopo was married to his ex-wife Nancy Jones when a certain Kimberly Driscoll came to work for them and care for their children. Ugh oh. Joe's curiosity was peaked, and before we knew it, he was divorced from Jones and carrying on with Driscoll. He married her almost ten years after his divorce but then divorced Driscoll in 2006.

11 Peter Cook Went Looking For A Spark

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Peter Cook was married to one of the most beautiful women on the planet, but that did not stop him from stepping out on his supermodel wife, Christie Brinkley. Cook made his mistakes with a much, MUCH younger employee, and then made excuses for his bad behavior, saying he did what he did because his marriage had lost its spark.

10 Jeremy Kyle Thinks The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side

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Another talk show host to muck his life up with a nanny is that of Brittish television personality, Jeremy Kyle. Kyle divorced his wife Carla and took to the family nanny, Vicky Burton, right away. They two claim their relationship started only after Kyle left his wife, but we aren't so sure about that.

9 Jon Gosselin Also Dipped His Toes In The Nanny Pool

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Reality television star Jon Gosselin was a family man and father of eight, so we were extra surprised to hear that he had been creeping with the family nanny, Stephanie Santoro. We didn't think this guy had it in him! When Santoro told the world about her time with Gosselin, she had less than flattering things to say. Ouch.

8 Stephon Marbury Liked What His Chef Was Cooking

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The Marbury family chef was cooking up a whole lot more than steak and potatoes when she and basketball great Stephon started to heat things up in the extramarital encounters department. The hookups only happened a handful of times, and Marbury's wife seems to have forgiven him. No way could we have done so.

7 Craig Schelske Forgot He Was Married To A Country Queen

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Schelske was married to Country Queen Sara Evans, but that marriage was far from perfect. The pair was plagued with problems, ultimately leading to their divorce. Evans claims her longtime husband had been stepping out on her. He fired back, saying she had done the same. No dude. Evans has since upgraded and remarried. Good for her.

6 Stephen Belefonte Was Accused Of Spending His Time With The Nanny

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What a messy web former Spice Girl Mel B. and her ex-husband Stephen Belefonte managed to weave when they decided to separate. Mel accused her former partner of all sorts of vile things, including making time for the kids' nanny instead of her. These two went back and forth for quite a while, but now seem to be over it.

5 Rapper Future's Future Was Not With His Fiance, But With His Stylist

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Rapper Future was engaged to the stunning singer Ciara, but they never made it down the aisle. Why? He claims that the two just drifted apart, but there are murmurings that the break up was because of one Tyrina Lee. Lee worked as Future's style consultant and maybe put in some extra hours there.

4 And Rapper Dream's Indiscretion Led To A Personal Nightmare

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Entertainer Dream's romance with Christina Milian became more of a nightmare because of his inability to stay faithful. Shortly after the couple welcomed their daughter into the world, The Dream was caught with the couple's assistant Melissa Santiago. She had been doing a whole lot more than simply lending a hand.

3 Robert Lange Did Wife Shania Wrong, But She Had The Last Laugh

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Mutt Lang was hit the jackpot when he wed Shania Twain, but some guys don't know how good they have things. He started a romance with the country singer's close pal and assistant. Shania got the last laugh when she found solace in the assistant's ex-husband. Those two married and ended up with the better deal.

2 The Terminator Liked The Help A Bit Too Much

Back in 2011, the world learned Arnie's little secret. In the 1990s, he had carried on with the family housekeeper and nanny, Mildred Baena. This relationship resulted in the birth of a son, Joseph. When you look at Arnold and Joseph side by side, you can not deny a strong resemblance. Arnold's wife, Maria Shriver, was none too thrilled to learn about the situation. They divorced when the big news broke.

1 Mick Jagger Could Not Keep His Hands To Himself

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It doesn't surprise anyone that rock and roll great Mick Jagger has a bit of a wandering eye. Women seem to be a bit of an Achilles heel for the Rolling Stones frontman. According to his former nanny, Claire Houseman, Jagger and she had relations back when he was married to Jerry Hall.

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