20 Famous Emo Kids From The Early 2000s (And What They Look Like Today)

There has been a resurgence in 1990s fashion and music, as more Gen-Z kids don Adidas, crop tops, and flannel shirts. Since trends in fashion tend to be cyclical, it’s left us wondering: When will the 2000s-era emo kids rejoin the store shelves? And what happened to the people that made the scene so popular in the first place?

While there have certainly been success stories with MySpace ravers and tattoo models like Jeffree Star and Kat Von D making it big as makeup gurus, what about the others? What about all the hair-dyed scene queens and lip-pierced emo boys? As MySpace crashed and burned to be replaced with numerous other social media platforms, where did these kids go – and perhaps, more interestingly, what did they look like now? Did they hang on to their heavy eyeliner and stacks of rubber bracelets? We tracked down 20 of them to learn what they look like today.

20 Audrey Kitching

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Considered one of the OG MySpace queens, Audrey Kitching was a big name among emo kids of the era. Kitching began modeling when she was 14 and even dated Brandon Urie of Panic! At The Disco for a brief period of time. While she’s since toned down the famous pink hair, Kitching still works as a model and artist with a very rose-toned social media presence.

19 Hanna Beth

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One of Audrey Kitching’s BFFs at the time, Hanna Beth was a more accessible version of the MySpace queens of the day, thanks to long black locks and dark eye makeup that wasn’t too theatrical. These days, she’s switched her social media allegiance over the Instagram and has adjusted her look to boot, complete with lip-and-cheek fillers and contour.

18 Kirsten Ostrenga

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Known as “Kiki Kannibal” among her fans ans those familiar with her online persona, Ostrenga became a cautionary tale for underage MySpace queens. Ostrenga was just 14 when she joined the site, and her image of Hello Kitty and lingerie got more than her fair share of creeps. Rolling Stone published an article in 2011 detailing that time.

17 The Millionaires

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Comprised of sisters Allison Maria Green and Melissa Marie Green, The Millionaires became a group after the two messed around on the program Garage Band back in 2007. Known for their big hair, big bows, and skimpy outfits, the duo was a trio for a time, with the addition of friend Dani Gore. Now just the Greens, they continue to put out music and are also DJs!

16 Verena Geiss

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A German scene queen on MySpace, Verena Schizophrenia (real name Verena Geiss) shot to internet stardom thanks to her iconic blue-and-black hair and detailed makeup looks. Post-MySpace, Geiss has largely focused on providing makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel (which boats 218k susbscribers) and still retains much of the emo look that made her recognizable.

15 Kelly Eden

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A little more bubblegum cute than the dark and twisted emo scene kids people may be familiar with, Kelly Eden rose to fame as an alternative model, tattoo artist, and cosplayer. Eden continues to do all of the above, as well as operating her own YouTube channel and having her home featured in Netflix’s Amazing Interiors!

14 Raquel Reed

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Beginning as a club kid who worked behind the counter at MAC, Raquel Reed first got her foot in the MySpace door thanks to her connections within the NYC club scene and her friendship with Jeffree Star. Reed is now a married Las Vegas showgirl and burlesque dancer at Caesar’s Palace with a retro look that suits her career.

13 Jac Vanek

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Like Kiki Kannibal, Jac Vanek moved past her emo girl aesthetic for something a lot more natural and bohemian in flavor. Soon after she got famous among emo kids, she launched her eponymous brand, beginning with bracelets before moving onto other apparel and accessories. She is now one of the hosts of the E! TV show and podcast Ladygang.

12 Lexi Lush

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A kaleidoscopic pop of color on MySpace, Lexi Lush (who is currently going by the name Lexi Bee or Cosmic Cupcake) was all about Care Bears, My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, and cotton candy. She was JoJo Siwa-bright before Siwa was a blip on the radar. Active on social media, Lexi’s aesthetic is as bright as it ever was – ow with added sparkle!

11 Hilary Haywire

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Hilary Haywire was once a hot commodity in the MySpace era, but before there was YouTube drama, there was MySpace drama. Haywire was said to be copying the style of former BFF Kiki Kannibal, which earned her lots of haters. These days, Haywire records ASMR videos under the name Cherry Crush. She also filmed adult videos with her boyfriend for release.

10 Kristen Leanne

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Kristen Leanne is not the only former scene queen to use her MySpace popularity as a launching pad for a beauty line. Formerly a tattoo artist and model, Leanne is now a cruelty-free beauty advocate on YouTube with her own line of vegan hair products called Arctic Fox, which she began in 2014. She is incredibly popular on both YouTube and IG.

9 Airica Michelle

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Now a popular cosplayer, Disney fan, influencer, and sponcon shiller, Airica Michelle (who went by the name Airica Macabre during her scene days) was once a fan of an all-black aesthetic and severely flat-ironed hair. She continues to work as a model for tattoo publications and also works as a bartender, according to her social media profile.

8 Victoria Bella

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Better known by her MySpace name “Victoria Murder”, Victoria got famous on the social media site for her makeup and tattoos – which makes sense, considering that the woman continues to work as a tattoo artist! While she’s gone the Hanna Beth route and opted to use fillers, surgery, and contour to fit the new IG aesthetic, Victoria is active across all social media to promote her tattoo work.

7 Amor Hilton

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A dramatic scene queen with fluorescent hair and crazy eyebrows, Hilton – who goes by Amorai Nicole now – really embraced the campiness of the glam-emo scene. Nowadays, she is an animal lover, city socialite, and music prodigy according to her IG bio and shares plenty of tattooed selfies of her daily life online.

6 Izzy Hilton

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Proving the power of a glow-up is Izzy Hilton, who was part of the Hilton scene gang at the time. Having worked as a webcam model in the past, Hilton (who now goes by the name Luna Lovebad) has become an active member of the LGBTQ community as an advocate for trans rights and continues to work as a model and singer.

5 Dani Artaud

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Even if you weren’t well-versed in the MySpace underworld of scene kids, chances are you at least heard of the name Dani Gore, who now goes by her birth name, Dani Artaud. More on the Goth side of the spectrum at the time, Gore was once part of the Millionaires, but has since gone on to release her own music as lead singer of the band Snowblood.

4 Vanna Venom

Via MySpace/Pinterest

With her thick eyeliner, raccoon-tail extensions, and heavy side bang, Vanna Venom epitomized the scene kid aesthetic of the 2000s. Venom has largely disappeared from the social media world, with private accounts on her platforms or accounts that haven’t been updated for years. This is the most recent photo we could find of this staple of the scene.

3 Scotty Vanity

Via MySpace/Instagram

The first of only two guys on our list is Scotty Vanity! Vanity – real name Scott Carroll – rose to fame when he released his 2006 viral song “I Like Your Hair” on MySpace. Combined with his emo kid look and Vanity was one of the most famous of the social media platform’s users. He continues to make music and tour and his look has significantly improved.

2 Alex Evans

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Known for being considered the ideal MySpace guy thanks to his swoop of dark hair and piercing blue eyes, Alex Evans was the dream of many a lovestruck scene teen. His effective use of Photoshop would later indicate his real passion – photography. Evans has since become a reputable photographer in LA, New York, and Boston.

1 Zui Watts

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Better known by her MySpace screen name “Zui Suicide”, Watts (real name: Lauren Willoughby) was also popular as a tattooed pin-up girl on the site Suicide Girls. While she’s kept the tattoos, Watts has largely left the limelight, choosing instead to focus on motherhood. However, just last month she announced online that she’s chosen to go back to modeling!

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