Famous Besties: 20 Unexpected Celeb BFFs (& 5 Who Aren't Friends Anymore)

Hollywood is a bit of a fickle place, where it can be hard to know which celebrities are genuinely friends and which are super friendly because they're trying to promote a new project they're working on together. After all, if your publicist says the success of your new project depends on you pretending to be BFFs with your co-star, wouldn't you take his or her advice?

While celebrity friendships aren't scrutinized quite as much as celebrity relationships, they're still often spotted by the paparazzi and analyzed. It can be tough to just form genuine relationships with other celebs when the tabloids are speculating about whether you're fighting, whether you found a new BFF or more.

However, there are plenty of celeb friends who make it work — and quite a few are celebs you may not have even known were friends to begin with! It just goes to prove that you never know who will forge a friendship — it could be the two people who are total polar opposites, yet find some kind of common ground to build their friendship upon.

Here are 20 unexpected celeb BFFs we definitely didn't know were so close, and 5 former besties who are no longer friends. Hey, sometimes people just grow apart!

20 Unexpected Celebrity BFFS

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25 Blake Lively And Florence Welch Are So Close That Florence Sang At Her Wedding

via: zimbio.com

Many people admire Blake Lively's hilarious relationship with her hubby Ryan Reynolds, but her friendships are just as important to her — and we never would have guessed she'd be friends with Florence + the Machine singer Florence Welch. The two met while sharing pizza backstage at an event — a very Blake Lively way to meet someone — and have been close ever since. In fact, Florence even did her friend a solid and sang at her wedding, which is a pretty amazing thing to do.

24 Vince Vaughn And Robert Pattinson Are An Unlikely Pair, But Are Regularly Spotted Together

via: popsugar.com

We have to admit, we never would have imagined these two hanging out. From the cultural differences between a Brit and an American to the age gap, these two seem like they come from two entirely different words. However, they've found enough common ground to forge a friendship. Apparently, they're so close that Pattinson actually consulted his buddy when his relationship with former Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart was heading south. If you talk to someone about your relationship issues, you know you can consider that person a true friend.

23 Singer-Songwriter Ed Sheeran And Actor Russell Crowe Bonded Over A Love Of Drinks — And Avoiding The Paparazzi

via: standard.co.uk

Over the years, both Ed Sheeran and Russell Crowe have forged a bit of a reputation for enjoying a few pints at the pub. Despite their fame and success, they're both still pretty low key guys who just want to relax when they're not working. So, it actually kind of makes sense that they'd be buddies. Sheeran once spoke of their friendship, saying that "We don't get anything from each other other than just a night out. There is no boost in either of our careers from our association." I mean, who doesn't need a friend to hit the pub with every now and then?

22 Snooki And Kevin Jonas Built A Friendship On Their Shared Jersey Roots — And Love Of Fitness

via: instagram.com

Snooki and a Jonas Brother are probably one of the unlikeliest celebrity friendship we could imagine, but apparently those Jersey roots run deep! Both of these two have been making fitness a big priority in their lives, and Nicole even shared footage of Kevin and her in a HIIT session. Her caption? "Gym squad." So, we have to imagine their workout sessions are at least a somewhat frequent occurrence. Hey, why not have someone on your side who motivates you to get your butt to the gym?

via: instagram.com

21 Wholesome Jennifer Garner And Risque Chelsea Handler Are A Strange Match — But They Love A Good Girls' Night Out

via: usweekly.com

Chelsea Handler has quite a few Hollywood actresses in her close circle of friends, including her well-documented friendship with Jennifer Aniston, but this is a Jen we didn't know she was close with — Jennifer Garner! Garner has developed a bit of a wholesome reputation over the years, whereas Handler is completely unafraid to say whatever comes into her mind, no matter how controversial it may be. However, apparently they love to hang out together on girls' night — who knew?

20 Snoop Dogg And Martha Stewart Are A Bizarre Match, But Their Dynamic Is Amazing

via: nyulocal.com

When news started circulating that these two would be starring in a show together, where they'd cook and act as co-hosts, the world was a little bit stunned. I mean, they seemed like such an unlikely duo. And yet, in all their interactions, you can definitely see that they've developed a friendship over the course of filming the episodes together. Sure, at first, it was just their teams putting together a combo that would be intriguing to television audiences — but it turned into an actual friendship!

19 Allison Williams And Katy Perry Claim To Have BFF Telepathy

via: pinterest.com

At first glance these two seem like an unlikely pairing, but once you dig a little deeper into their careers, it kind of makes sense. They're both young and successful in their respective industries, and know how tough it can be to navigate the public scrutiny that being a celebrity involves. They even make beauty decisions together, choosing to go blonde on the exact same day in 2017 (although that ended up just being a crazy coincidence). Apparently, these two are so close that they even claim to have best friend telepathy.

18 Musician John Mayer And Comedian Dave Chappelle Have Been Close Since 2004

via: billboard.com

When John Mayer appeared on quite a few episodes of Dave Chappelle's beloved Chappelle's Show back in 2004, many may have assumed that Chappelle was just inviting a musical guest who was popular at the time. However, their friendship has lasted over the years, and they even had a pop-up jam session in 2016. Their friendship usually isn't front page news in the tabloids, but they obviously have kept a connection over the years, and we bet they hang out a ton in private, away from the cameras.

17 Kate Hudson And Lea Michele Are So Close She Stayed At Kate's House During A Tough Time

via: purebreak.com

While these two had likely seen one another at countless industry events, they didn't really meet until Kate had a guest starring role on Glee, the show that transformed Lea Michele from a Broadway superstar to an A-List actress. They hit it off and started building a friendship. And, when Lea was struggling through some tough times in her personal life and was being hounded by the paparazzi, she actually went over and stayed at Kate's house for a while to recuperate. Talk about a good friend!

16 Pop Prince Harry Styles And Indie King Zach Braff Are 18 Years Apart — But Formed A Strong Friendship Anyway

via: twitter.com

You wouldn't necessarily assume that the prince of British pop and the king of indie films would have a lot in common — but apparently, these two have a rock solid friendship. They're at different stages in their lives and careers, given that they have nearly 20 years between them, but they've found enough to build a strong friendship. They've been spotted having dinner together, squeezing in some fitness, and even supporting one another at industry events, such as when Harry flew out to be there for his friend during Sundance in 2014.

15 Actresses Claire Danes And Lena Dunham Grew Up In The Same NYC Neighbourhood

via: starmagazine.com

At first glance, Lena Dunham and Claire Danes seem like total opposites. Sure, they both work in television, and they both have a passion for telling interesting stories. However, they seem to be at different stages in their lives — Claire Danes is definitely quite different than many of Dunham's other single girlfriends. However, they've forged a bond that's apparently pretty unbreakable. These two friends are so close that Danes actually rushed up to Dunham on the red carpet in 2013 and gave her a hug once she spotted her.

14 Alexander Skarsgard And Jack McBrayer Are A Pair We Never Would Have Imagined To Be Besties

via: hellogiggles.com

Okay, we have to admit — we're utterly obsessed with this friendship. Alexander Skarsgard just always seems so aloof and is always in such serious roles, so we love that one of his Hollywood besties is the hilarious Jack McBrayer. The two apparently have been close for years now, having first been spotted together by the paparazzi back in 2013, and they seem to have an absolute ball at whatever events they're both attending. We would love nothing more than a show with these two as the leading characters.

13 Helen Mirren And Russell Brand Have Little In Common, But They Built A Friendship Nonetheless

via: popsugar.com.au

This is another one of those Hollywood friendships that started out because of a role. Dame Helen Mirren and comedian Russell Brand worked together on the set of The Tempest, and then a year later on the set of Arthur, and seemed to have developed a friendship. It seems like they'd have nothing in common, but actually, both of them have a huge zest for life and don't have a need to take themselves too seriously, so we can totally see why they've kept in touch over the years.

12 James Corden And Dominic Cooper Are So Close They Even Lived Together At One Point

via: bbcamerica.com

Thanks to his new role as a late night show host, James Corden spends countless hours hanging out with celebrities. However, there's one in particular who he's a lot closer to than the rest — British actor Dominic Cooper. Apparently, though they're successful enough to have their own space now, they lived together for a little bit back in their younger years. And, like a true friend, Cooper even introduced Corden to the woman who would later become his wife. Crazy!

11 Jennifer Love Hewitt And Betty White Formed An Unlikely Friendship Over Pizza

via: windsorstar.com

It's hard to imagine hanging out with Betty White being anything short of amazing. I mean, not only is she a legend in the industry, but she's also completely hilarious and not afraid to say exactly what's on her mind. It seems that Jennifer Love Hewitt gets to spend a few more hours than the rest of us with White, though, as they've developed a friendship over the years. They apparently bonded over pizza and drinks one night, and have since become close.

10 Elijah Wood And Anna Paquin Met On Set And Became Close Friends

via: hollywood.com

If you look at their paths to Hollywood, Elijah Wood and Anna Paquin actually have a surprising amount in common. They both started in the industry when they were quite young, they've both had pretty major projects under their belt, and they both also have a penchant for indie projects. So, when they started working together on the film The Romantics back in 2010, it's no wonder that they hit it off. And, the two became such close friends that Anna actually called Elijah up when she was planning her wedding to Stephen Moyer and asked him to DJ.

9 Isla Fisher And Courteney Cox Have Taken A Cooking Class Together

via: dailymail.co.uk

While many of us feel like Courteney Cox is a close friend due to all the hours spent binge-watching Friends, there's one actress who actually does count her as a really close friend — Isla Fisher. These two have forged a strong friendship over the years and even celebrate their birthdays together. In fact, for Isla's 39th birthday, she went with Courteney to a cooking class to celebrate. Hopefully Cox got to show off some of the skills she learned from playing chef Monica Geller for so many seasons!

8 Jon Hamm And Paul Rudd Have Apparently Been Friends Since College

via: pinterest.com

While most people definitely still do know him best as the mysterious Don Draper from Mad Men, Jon Hamm has been showing off his comedic chops a lot more in recent roles. And, if he's ever stuck on how to approach a part, he can always call up his pal Paul Rudd, who has been slaying it in the comedy world for quite some time now. Apparently, Paul Rudd's college roommate was an old childhood friend of Hamm's, and the two would hang out back in St. Louis in their early 20s.

7 Jennifer Lopez And Leah Remini Have Been BFFS Forever

via: popsugar.com

Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini have been friends for years now, and it seems like they'll be together forever. No matter what drama is going on in their lives, from relationship issues to more serious life issues, they always seem to have one another to lean on. They're both just girls from New York who keep it real and don't let all the artifice of being a celebrity get to them, no matter how successful they become. These two are definitely BFFs for life.

6 Serena Williams And Kim Kardashian Have Allegedly Been Friends For Over A Decade

via: time.com

Anyone who is friends with Kim Kardashian West knows it's almost impossible to keep a low profile when you're hanging out together in public. After all, the Kardashian family has basically monetized their very existence — you have to know you'll potentially be featured on the show or snapped by the paparazzi. However, that's not stopping Serena Williams from hanging out with her pal. The two met back in the '00s when Kim was helping organize Serena's closet, and have stayed in touch ever since.

5 Former Celeb Besties Who Aren't Friends Anymore

5 Gwyneth Paltrow And Madonna Were Inseparable For A While — Now, They're Never Together

via: dailymail.co.uk

For quite some time in the 2000s, you couldn't open a magazine or tabloid without seeing Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna hanging out together. The two were both slim and blonde, flitting from fitness class to the juice bar, seemingly BFFs for life. However, the thing that brought them together, trainer Tracy Anderson, is apparently what drove them apart in the end. Allegedly, Madonna stopped taking Anderson's classes, and the two simply drifted apart without that common bond to keep them together.

4 Lauren Conrad And Heidi Montag Had A BFF Breakup That Was Documented On Reality Television

via: usmagazine.com

Watching old episodes of The Hills in order is like watching a friendship unravel right before your eyes. When the show first started, Lauren and Heidi were inseparable — two girls just trying to make it work in the big city. Then, a man came between them, things went south, and the whole friendship ended with a lot of fights and screaming. Nowadays, the two probably wouldn't even want to be in the same room together. It just goes to show that you never know how things will turn out.

3 Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie Went From Notorious BFFs To Living Separate Lives

via: mtv.com.au

For a long time, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were basically the dictionary definition of BFFs. They were always out partying together, they were always hanging out, and they even starred on a reality television show together. Most people assumed they'd be friends forever. However, people grow apart as they grow older, and they entered different phases of their lives — and developed different friends. We have to admit, there's a part of us that will kind of miss their insane antics which were so well documented on their show, The Simple Life.

2 Miley Cyrus And Demi Lovato Bonded Over Their Disney Roots, But Eventually Drifted Apart

via: popcrush.com

Many starlets who get their start on the Disney channel quickly develop strong friendships with their co-stars or fellow Disney celebs, and while some of these relationships last, many don't. After all, there are many people who don't have the same group of friends as an adult as they do in their teenage years. Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato had one of those friendships — while they were both on Disney, they become really close, but once they started to embark on solo music careers and grow older, they drifted apart.

1 Rachel Zoe And Brad Goreski Were  Major BFFs For A While Before He Went Out On His Own

via: starcasm

Rachel Zoe and Brad Goreski's friendship, which fans followed on The Rachel Zoe Project, was absolutely bananas. The two were inseparable and just hilarious together. Sure, Rachel was technically Brad's boss, but there were more like BFFs than co-workers. Unfortunately, things went south and once Brad left Rachel's company, they weren't able to keep their friendship intact. It happens to many friendships out there, but we have to admit, we do miss their crazy haute couture antics. I mean, these two were major.

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