Family Man Times Four: 20 Lesser-Known Facts About Cardi B's Hubby Offset

Even for those not that familiar with rap or people who don't know too many artists in the genre, Offset is likely still a recognizable name. He's absolutely everywhere lately! He first rose to prominence as one part of the group Migos, which was catapulted to stardom with the smash hit "Bad and Boujee." However, things were taken to a whole different level when Offset started a relationship with Cardi B.

While Migos earned their fair share of fans in the industry, Cardi B was on a different planet when it came to popularity. Fans around the world absolutely loved the talented yet hilariously candid rapper from New York and couldn't get enough of her hit songs. So, when she revealed she was pregnant and Offset was the father, everyone wanted to know all about Offset.

Lately, he's been showing a bit more of a vulnerable side to his personality, which we have a feeling fans will love. After all, while showmanship may work for rap songs, in order to earn true fans, artists have to show a little bit of who they are for real.

We're not sure what Cardi B and Offset's family life will look like over the years as they raise their baby girl, but he'll likely be in her life—in some way or another—forever.

Here are 20 lesser-known facts about Offset.

20 His Band, Migos, Consists Of Guys He Grew Up With

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Many musicians end up meeting the people they'll eventually collaborate with in college. Or, they join forces in their early 20s, when they're trying to make it in the industry. However, Offset met his bandmates way, way before then—he actually grew up with them!

The three men behind Migos are Offset, his cousin Quavo, and Quavo's nephew Takeoff. They all grew up together in the same house—both Takeoff and Offset's dads were out of the picture—so Mama Quavo took all the boys under her wing and raised them. Hopefully, they're all taking care of her now that they're huge successes in the industry!

19 He Went To Military School

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Offset doesn't really seem like the type of guy who likes to follow rules, and it seems that's always been the case—even when he was younger. Back when he was in school, he was talented at a lot of things, but he had a bit of trouble with his temper. He just couldn't seem to get control of his anger and frustration at times, and eventually ended up getting sent to military school because of it.

In order to succeed in an industry as competitive as the entertainment industry, you need to have discipline and a steady work ethic. We wonder if Offset's military school experience ended up being a blessing in the way it helped him learn to work hard!

18 He's Had Several Run-Ins With The Law

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Many, many rappers brag about their illicit lives and the experiences they've had over the years. Offset can join that crew because he, too, has had a few run-ins with the law. We won't go into all the details, but suffice to say he'll have a whole lot of cautionary tales to tell his kids when they're older.

Hopefully, though, now that he's a dad, those days are behind him. Whether things are good with Cardi or not, he needs to stay out of trouble so he can stay in his daughter's life (and the lives of his other kids) and set a good example for her.

17 He's Been In A Few Fashion Campaigns

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Fashion is increasingly deciding to think outside the box when it comes to campaigns and shows. While the industry still uses plenty of models, they've also started incorporating celebrities into various campaigns—including Offset.

While he may not be the face of a major brand like Chanel or Gucci, Offset has been in campaigns for designers including Lavati, Bryce Barnes, and Gosha Rubchinskiy. And, he's even attended fashion week, all dressed up in the season's latest. Who knew he had such an interest in fashion? We wouldn't have thought of him as a clothes horse, but obviously, it's something he has an interest in.

16 He's Notorious For Walking Out On Interviews

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There's no denying that interviews can be an uncomfortable thing for celebrities. In the best case scenario, they're likely answering questions that they've answered countless times, and it's totally boring. In the worst case scenario, they're asked about topics that they specifically requested not be brought up, and they have to try to evade the interview gracefully.

Over the years, some celebrities have straight up walked out on interviews because of what the interviewer said or did—and Offset has earned himself a reputation as being one of the celebrities who is prone to doing just that. If he doesn't like the question, he won't necessarily refuse to answer it—he'll often just leave. Crazy!

15 Migos Has Been Together For A Decade Now

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Many people assume that Migos is a relatively new band because they haven't been on the airwaves for all that long. However, that's not actually the truth—it's just that it took them a while to reach mainstream success. The group initially formed all the way back in 2008, meaning that they've been together for a little over a decade!

It just proves how competitive the music industry is. Sometimes, you have to work hard for years and years before finally getting your big break and earning mainstream notoriety. You have to be willing to keep going, even when it seems like you'll never make it.

14 He Has Four Kids From Different Women


When Cardi B found out she was pregnant, she was likely pretty nervous. After all, it would be her first kid—she'd have a lot to learn about raising children and the whole motherhood thing. Offset, on the other hand, has had quite a bit of experience with fatherhood.

He first became a father when he was just a teenager, and his child with Cardi B is actually his fourth child in total. We're not sure how involved he is in every child's life, but perhaps becoming a father of four will encourage him to make time for his kids and really step up. According to at least one of his exes, Cardi has made him a better dad all-around.

13 He Was On An Episode Of Atlanta

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Once they reach a certain level of notoriety, many celebrities end up doing cameos or playing characters on popular television shows or in movies. After all, why not get a little burst of star power if you can?

Offset and his bandmates got the call from the team behind Atlanta back in 2016 and ended up getting a small guest starring role on the show. Given that they have Southern roots, and given what a smash hit the show was, we can't imagine what an honour that must have been. Plus, it's just another feather in your cap to say that you've worked on a project like that, even if just for a short scene.

12 His Real Name Is Kiari Kendrell Cephus

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Countless celebrities in Hollywood have stage names. They want something that is memorable, yet easily pronounceable, so many change monikers once they reach Hollywood. And, of all celebrities, rappers probably use stage names the most. After all, they want something catchy, something that expresses a bit more about themselves and their style than their birth name. Offset is no different.

While fans around the world know him by his rapper name, his actual name is Kiari Kendrall Cephus. That's certainly a mouthful! We have to admit, though, it's a bit of a drag he doesn't use his name more often—it's beautiful!

11 He Was In A Crazy Car Accident

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Celebrities aren't immune to things like illnesses and accidents, as Offset knows well. Back when Cardi B was pregnant with their daughter, Offset ran to the store in the wee hours of the morning to pick a few things up. On his way back, he ended up getting in a huge car accident.

Apparently, there had been a man walking, and Offset swerved to avoid him—and swerved right into a tree. It was a pretty insane accident and Offset still has scars from it. Crazy! We can't even imagine what Cardi must have felt like when her hubby returned home all banged up and bruised.

10 He's Learning To Slow Down And Be More Vulnerable

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It's no surprise that many rappers live a pretty fast and reckless lifestyle. Offset wasn't all that different, for a while. He didn't really play by anyone's rules, and he wasn't worried about the consequences. However, his car accident had a profound impact on the way he looks at life.

As he told the New York Times, from that situation, he learned to slow down a little bit more. "That's the biggest lesson," he said. "Slow down. Take your time. Think through your moves." He's definitely been showing a different side of himself lately to the public, and we have to admit, we kind of like it.

9 He Proposed To Cardi B At A Concert

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Many celebrities try to keep the private moments in their lives very, very private. They go to great lengths to have low-key weddings, they go on sneaky dates when they first start seeing someone, and some don't even reveal they're engaged for months. Offset has a bit of a different perspective.

We're not sure if it's that he likes to be in the spotlight or just that he knew Cardi wanted a big spectacle for her proposal. Regardless, when he decided to pop the question to the rapper, he didn't plan a private, romantic adventure. Instead, he got down on one knee right on stage, in the middle of a concert. Of course, we later found out they were already married by the time the proposal rolled around!

8 He's Only 27 Years Old

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Offset has had an interesting life so far. He's been in the industry with his band Migos for over a decade. He has four kids from different relationships. He's been on the cover of magazines and on late night shows, promoting his projects. He's travelled the world performing in front of huge audiences. It's the kind of life that most people never get to experience.

And, what makes it all the more crazy is the fact that he's just 27 years old. Seriously—given how much life he's lived, we would have guessed Offset was in his 30s, minimum. Talk about a fast-paced journey!

7 He Was Born In Lawrenceville, Georgia

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A large percentage of rappers were born and raised in New York, or one of the Boroughs surrounding the city like Queens or the Bronx. Offset had a different experience—he was raised in the South. He was born in Lawrenceville, George, and raised in the small-town Georgia suburbs.

His proximity to Atlanta likely had a major impact on his development as an artist. Atlanta has certainly been a hub for rap over the past few decades, so he certainly wasn't at a disadvantage based on where he grew up. Being born and raised in the South likely impacted Migos' sound in a major way.

6 He Has A Lot Of Dogs

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We wouldn't really have pegged Offset as an animal lover, or someone who has a lot of pets. It's not because of anything he's done—it just seems like he's got a busy life, we can't imagine him finding time to walk the dogs in between tour dates. However, apparently, he actually has nearly a dozen dogs. Who would have guessed?

Obviously, he probably has help from some staff to take care of them. Who can even walk that many dogs at once, besides a professional dog walker? Still, it's nice to see a different side of him. We'd love if he shared a few pictures of his furry friends on IG!

5 He's Obsessed With Cereal

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Offset doesn't seem like the kind of guy who is super into healthy eating. And, Cardi revealed a little detail about him when she shared a few funny videos about their pantry at home—and what it was filled with. It turns out, Offset is utterly obsessed with cereal. In particular, he loves all kinds of sugary cereals—especially limited edition versions.

His pantry is filled with box after box of all kinds of crazy cereals. Sure, it may not be the healthiest option, but can you imagine how fun it would be to have your own cereal buffet on the weekends?

4 He Was Desperate To Get Cardi Back In His Life When They Were On A Break

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When he split with Cardi B a while back, Offset was absolutely desperate to get her back in his life. He spoke publicly about it time and time again, and even tried to win her back on stage. Fans around the world were divided over his grand gesture, though. Some felt he shouldn't have tried to steal her spotlight, others thought it was romantic.

Regardless, Offset was willing to do anything to try to get Cardi back. As he told Billboard, "I'd jump out the window trying to get her back, with a parachute on my back. You gotta fight for what you believe in and what you love." Well, it seems to have worked out for him in the end!

3 He Praises Cardi's Work Ethic Like Crazy

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Cardi B definitely skyrocketed to superstardom over the past year or two. She went from someone who not many had heard of to someone that literally everyone in the world knows about. And yes, some of that is due to her talent—she has a unique style that's all her own.

However, a huge part of it is sheer work ethic—and Offset realizes that. As he told Billboard, "she's a hard worker. People try to take it away from her. You never seen somebody work this hard." We love that he's able to admire all the incredible things about her—despite all their drama, he seems to really care.

2 He Had His First Kid At 17


Offset has reached a certain level of fame where he doesn't need to worry as much about where the next paycheck is coming from. Migos is successful, Offset has a few projects in the works, and things are going well. However, it wasn't always an easy path for him. Right when he was starting to think about a path in the music industry, he had something in his personal life happen that had a major impact—he had a kid.

Offset became a father for the first time when he was just 17 years old, and he's been honest about the fact that he made some questionable choices trying to support his new family. It took him a while to learn how to be a father in all senses of the word.

1 He's Had A Rocky Relationship With His Own Dad

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Over the years, Offset has had a tumultuous relationship with his dad. For a period, he wasn't in his life at all; then, he came back, but things weren't exactly peachy keen. Offset seems to be getting more mature as he gets older, and his perspective on his relationship with his dad is probably different than when he was a teenager. However, there's no denying that it's been a rocky road.

We have a feeling that his relationship with his father had a huge impact on how he views fatherhood and his relationships with his own kids. Hopefully, through all the negative experiences, he learned what not to do—and what he wants to do better.

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