Family Album Exclusive: 20 Throwback Shots Of The Kardashians In High School & College

It's hard to imagine a world where the Kardashians aren't in the spotlight. Taking center stage on all our screens be it television, phones, or in print, we can't even go a couple of hours without seeing the Kardashian-Jenners somewhere. Due to their level of fame, we can't even fathom a time where they would ever live a life of normalcy, being able to walk down the street without someone noticing them. However, that time did exist once, a blissful and innocent age before the family dominated the spotlight.

Kim Kardashian recently opened up and revealed a vault of photos from her past, treating us to a look at her relatively normal upbringing before they were all famous. Normal everyday situations were photographed, and it's so bizarre to see such an intimate look at them all, without mounds of paparazzi in the background all trying to get a taste. Kim specifically was just like the rest of us, loving to selfie before selfies were even a thing, revealing mountains of shots of her and her high school friends in photo booths.

We've collected a list of 20 throwback shots of all the Kardashians in high school and college, in an intimate look of all their more laid-back lives before becoming Hollywood's biggest celebrity family.

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20 The Kardashian Sisters Are Known To Match But Took It To The Next Level At The Father-Daughter Dinner Dance In 1994


The Kardashian sisters are notorious for taking style cues from one another. From bodycon dresses to form-fitting top and skirt sets and even rocking the same designer, the sisters love copping each other's looks.

Back in the early '90s, however, they took matching to the next level.

Kim posted the above photo to her Instagram Story, exclaiming, "Look our father-daughter dinner dance in Marymount 1994." The photo featured Kim and Kourtney in the same elegant full-length black dress with mesh sleeves and their late father, Robert Kardashian, in the middle proudly resting his hands on both sisters.

19 This Holiday Photo Where Kim And Kourtney Look Too Cool For School


The Kardashian clan doesn't really smile in their photos these days since they have the whole Instagram-model pout down pat for all their posts. However, when they were younger, they hadn't quite mastered their trademark gaze just yet. According to People, Kim put up yet another throwback gem to her Instagram, telling her followers her whole family was going to kill her for posting the above shot. She goes on, “But look at my grandma and grandpa and look at Rob and look at Kourtney miserable! And look at me. I’m very cool with my choker and my thick brows. And look at Khloe!”

18 8th Grade Kim Kardashian With Eyebrows That Now Leave Her Shaken Up To Look Back At


Kim is known for having immaculate makeup done at all times. It's her skill in this department that helped her launch her own KKW makeup label.

Back in the day, however, Kim experienced her own beauty mishaps, too.

She kept on with her throwback Instagram stories with this shot, absolutely mortified at how thin her eyebrows were back in the day. As per People, she told her followers, “That was me in 8th grade. Look at my eyebrows. Anastasia would be mortified,” she said, referencing her friend and go-to brow expert, Anastasia Soare, founder of the infamous Anastasia Beverly Hills brand.

17 Kim With A Bob And Butterfly Clips In 8th Grade, Inspired By Drew Barrymore, Her Favorite '90s Celebrity


When Kim posted this set from a photo both on to her Instagram Story, '90s-obsessed girls everywhere were so happy to hear her talk about her obsession with Drew Barrymore. A style queen to so many in the '90s, Drew Barrymore had an iconic short bob that Kim clearly took notes from. In recent months, it looks like the tables have turned, with Drew gushing about Kim on social media. As per Inquisitr, when Kim launched her peach flavored Kimoji perfume this past summer, she sent one to Drew. The quirky actress immediately took to Instagram to give Kim a sincere thank you and shoutout. She gushed as she wrote, “Thank you @kimkardashian for sending me the new fragrance! It’s really cool! And smells amazing and cannot give enough props on the fun and inventive packaging!"

16 Kourtney's High School Graduation Photo That'll Genuinely Melt Your Heart


Like her sister Kim, Kourtney Kardashian isn't shy about posting a throwback photo to her Instagram as well.

A couple years ago, she posted the above throwback shot of herself and her dad at her high school graduation.

As per In Style, she posted the photo on her website as well and wrote about it, "I remember my high school graduation so well. I went to an all-girls Catholic high school with Kim. All of the seniors put a time capsule together and we buried something to remember each other by, with the plan to dig it up later. I wonder what happened to it. I haven't seen it since. We all looked like bridesmaids in the dresses we had to wear, but I still love these photos because my family all came together to celebrate my big day."

15 Khloe And Rob, Who Loved Going Out Together As Teens


Khloe and her brother Rob have always had a strong bond, like in the above photo that shows the duo out partying together as teens. Of course, now, Khloe is very close to him, but she also recently opened up about a time when they were younger when things weren't so easy.

As per ET, Khloe took to her blog a few months ago to recall one particular childhood incident that ended up bringing the two closer. "One time, Rob and I were in the back seat of the car, fighting the entire drive to Medieval Times — practically an hour and a half. We were fighting, whining and bickering, and I ended up hitting him in the face and knocking out his tooth," she shared. It's accidents like this that end up bringing people closer together!

14 Kim And Kourtney, Who Looked Like Extras In A Nirvana Music Video


When you think of the Kardashians, you associate them with the glitz and glam of Hollywood. The last thing you would associate these glamour queens with is grunge.

It turns out, the grunge rock scene that started in Seattle and took the country by storm also affected two teens of Beverly Hills — Kourtney and Kim.

Looking like fans of Nirvana, Kim shared the above photo to her social media with her and her sister wearing the trademark uniform of the grunge movement. Of course, Kim being Kim, still managed to wear a tight white t-shirt that still hugged her body and kept the flannel tied around her waist.

13 This Family Shot, Which Led To Speculation About Kim Photoshopping Her Nose


Poor Kim. It seems like she can't post any photo online without getting flooded with speculations about photoshopping a body part. According to Yahoo!, the time she posted the above family photo from 1992 resulted in speculation from her fans that she had photoshopped her nose. Besides her eyebrows, which also looked much thinner, this is probably a case of what she naturally looks like without contouring!

The rest of the photo features her late father Robert, a young Rob, and Kourtney, who also looks significantly more different, rocking Bettie Page-style bangs and straight, jet black hair.

12 This Old Shot Of Young Kris, Where She Looks Just Like Kendall


Of course, genetics play a huge rule in why all the Kardashians look alike, and with all the similar contouring they do, you can definitely tell they all come from the same family tree. This old photo that Kris Jenner posted to Instagram however, with her and her own mother, made fans do a double take.

Comments started flooding the reality star's account since she looks so much like daughter Kendall Jenner, they could almost be the exact same person.

According to Buzzfeed, fans went wild, leaving comments such as "Kendall's doppelgänger," and "Kendall vibes." Looks like it's not just us who thought so!

11 The Time Kim Dressed Up As Posh Spice Back In High School


Just like every other teenage girl who grew up in the '90s, Kim also had an obsession with The Spice Girls. We all remember picking our favorite Spice Girl and dressing up like her with our friends, and it turns out Kim's was Posh. A few years ago she posted this throwback photo of herself with her high school besties, all of them dressed as the infamous girl group. She looked just like Posh rocking a bob and a black form-fitting leather dress.

As per Billboard, Victoria Beckham actually saw the photo and reposted it to her own account with the caption, "genius."

10 This Clueless-Inspired Look That Kim Obsessed Over


It wasn't just The Spice Girls that Kim obsessed over in the '90s. Keeping on trend with the current pop culture icons of that decade, Kim was also a massive Clueless fan, and loved dressing up as Cher Horowitz, played at the time by the beautiful Alicia Silverstone.

As per Huffington Post, Kim has said, "I would dress like ‘Clueless’ on another level."

She loved rocking plaid mini skirts with preppy tops, so fitting to her teenage idol. It seems Kim never gave up her '90s-inspired looks, as she still loves throwing on slinky dresses with thin straps, an absolute throwback to the earlier decade.

9 Kim's First Trip To Europe, Where She Was Off To See The Eagles On Tour


The above photo may seem like just about any other one posted by Kim, but what's interesting to note is that she's alone in a public setting, without hoards of paparazzi and fans surrounding her. She looks the same, but the photo was taken over 20 years ago when Kim was just 15 years old. Posting the photo to her Instagram, she captioned, "When is National Ice Cream Day? (This pic was taken by Shelli Azoff when I was 15. First trip to Europe on tour with the Eagles)," she wrote. "Allison and I made a journal of this trip. I'm gonna look for it and post it on my app!"

8 Teenage Kim With Young Kylie And Kendall, Who Were The Most Fashionable Little Tots


The Kardashians love to be dressed to the nines and coordinate while doing so, so it's no surprise that this throwback shot of Kim, Kylie, and Kendall had the younger two Jenners matched to perfection. Kendall rocked an animal print dress with a matching bow, while Kylie looked ultra chic in a baby blue set and some matching blue Converse. Adorable!

Kim, on the other hand, who's clutching on to her sisters dearly, doesn't even look like herself with minimal makeup and very thin eyebrows.

It's amazing to see how far they've all come in their style transformations.

7 Kim With Braces, Proving She Didn't Always Have Such Perfect Teeth


It's hard to imagine Kim with anything less than a perfect face, contoured to perfection with absolutely immaculate makeup. There are shots of her online, however, where she shows that she was once just like the rest of us, awkward teenage imperfections and all. According to News.com, Kim took to her website to share some little-known facts about herself, including a permanent retainer she has on her teeth inside to this day that nobody can see.

Among other facts, she also mentioned that kissing a boy once got her kicked out of tennis camp, and how she sometimes sleeps with her eyes open, which is known to seriously freak people out.

6 This Selfie Of Kim And Nikki Lund, Before Kim Mastered The Art Of The Smize


Looking at the above photo made us do a double take, as we can't imagine a time Kim Kardashian West would be doing anything other than her infamous smize and pout, and certainly not pulling a goofy face with any of her friends.

Lo and behold, we see a young Kim and her BFF Nikki Lund giggling in a yard.

Since then, Kim has definitely stepped up her selfie game, so much so in fact that she released "Selfish" back in 2015, a coffee table photo book that showcased all her selfies from rare ones that have never been seen before, to some of her most notorious. As a trailblazer of the selfie movement, Kim definitely knows how to pose.

5 The Kardashians Have Always Loved To Match, But Khloe Has Sometimes Felt Left Out Growing Up


Surprise, it's another Kardashian family matching moment! This time we see the Kardashian family all matching while Khloe stands out not really wearing a similar ensemble like the rest of her clan.

Khloe has spoken up multiple times where she felt like a black sheep as a teen, and as per Daily Mail, she's been quoted as saying she struggled really hard, and in high school wasn't as popular as Kim and Kourtney, unfortunately getting D's and hating her whole experience. "While I loved having my built-in group with Kim and Kourtney, it was hard for me at times," she confessed.

4 This Leather Jacket-Clad Christmas Photo, Which Proved Their Christmas Card Game Has Always Been On Point


According to Huffington Post, every December, the Kardashians love sending out an elaborate Christmas card, one that always has a theme and captures their love for spreading holiday cheer. From evening gowns, Ninja Turtles, denim and white tees, to even elaborate Las Vegas-style shoots, they love surprising the world every year with something unique and even bizarre.

In the mid-90s, Bruce Jenner got a Harley Davidson for Christmas and was so obsessed with it, the entire family had to pose with the Harley and dress entirely in leather.

They also had a fierce-looking dog that blended in perfectly with the leather — they even named it Harley!

3 This Shot Of Khloe, Which Shows A Bit Of Her Rowdy Teenage Side


Back on the topic of Khloe as a teen, the above photo definitely shows this Kardashian had a bit of a rebellious streak. As per her website, Khloe With A K, she reminisces about her youth, “I was a very naughty teenager, so I have been grounded more times than I can remember. I used to sneak out in the middle of the night to go to parties. I stole my parents’ cars when I was underage and got into a lot of trouble for that. I was very bad for no reason!” It looks like all the grounding that her parents did for her shenanigans paid off, as she's grown into a well-rounded and stable adult in recent years!

2 This Shot Of Kim And Nikki Lund At Nicole Richie's Birthday Party


It seems like Kim was always destined to be famous before she even knew it or necessarily wanted it. According to Scribol, the above photo, posted by Kim's BFF Nikki Lund, was one of her and Kim in 1997 at Nicole Richie's Birthday party.

Nikki stated of her friend that Kim "never wanted to be famous," although the photo sees her clearly as a star in the making.

Instead, Nikki said that Kim was always "the quiet girl sitting in the corner," which is so far from what we see the reality TV and makeup mogul as these days.

1 This Throwback Snap Of Kim, Which Shows She's Really Come Far With Her Makeup Prowess


Along with her baby sister Kylie, no one can deny that Kim has a talent for doing her own makeup, too. However, when she was younger, Kim definitely experimented. She's been known to look back at photos from her childhood now and cringe at her either pencil thin or very unruly eyebrows. Since then, she's definitely had to learn how to make herself look immaculate, especially since she's been on reality TV since 2007. According to Refinery29, Kim even has a trick to make herself look more awake when she has to film all day. "It’s over for me [on long shoot days] because my left eye gets small. It’s so annoying. We have to take [a] lash curler, curl my left eye, and then I have to redo my eyeshadow to put it higher on my sleepier eye so that it appears awake."

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