20 Fakest Things On Keeping Up With The Kardashians

There are reality TV stars... and then there are the Kardashians. In 2007, the family was known simply for how Kris had once been married to one of O.J. Simpson’s lawyers and then to former Olympian Bruce Jenner. After daughter Kim became infamous due to a certain tape, the family got their own E show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. That has launched an empire of numerous spin-offs as Kim, Khloe, Kylie, Kourtney, and Rob have become world famous.

But it’s well known that “reality” TV is rarely all that real. In the case of the Kardashians, it’s blatantly obvious how much of the show is fake. It’s one thing to have so much editing, but those “cutaway comments” look off. Some events are blatantly scripted and enhanced for TV. They will reshoot moments weeks after an event, but pretend it happened on the same day. Even many of their romances appear fixed for ratings. Here are 20 of the fakest KUWTK moments to remind folks how manufactured their lives really are.

20 Kim’s Tear Stick


Kim's infamous “cry face” has become its own meme. Something about her features pulled into a crying jag looks hysterical. It should be little surprise that Kim fakes her tears quite a lot. For a scene where she recalls being held up in Paris, Kris Humphries says, Kim has her very own “tear stick” that can make it look like she’s been sobbing. It’s not the only time some of Kim’s reactions have been faked to give new meaning to the term “crocodile tears.”

19 Fake Relationship Drama


The various relationships on the show are fodder for those who want to show it’s all fake. Kourtney’s relationship with Scott Disick has been showcased with some fights and a scene at the Hamptons with Scott flirting with another woman. The woman was Kourtney’s friend, Allie Rizzo, and Kourtney was okay with it. It’s also indicated that Khloe was aware of Tristian Thompson cheating on her before her “shocking discovery” on the show. It’s hard to tell when even the romances of the show seem faked.

18 “Spontaneous” Trips


The Kardashians are known for their fun vacations. The series has shown them heading to everywhere from the best island resorts to a fun time in New York City. Often, it looks like they go on a big spontaneous trip just for fun, and they can afford it. The problem is, given how busy their schedules are, the idea that they can drop everything at a moment’s notice to vacation seems unlikely. These people have events planned out months in advance and can’t go on some impromptu trip to a hotel unprepared for their madness.

17 The Armenia Mess


Unless the Kardashians have a time machine, there’s no excuse for the timing of the Armenia episode. The episode opens with Khloe complaining about Rob not going on the trip with them, which was filmed nine weeks after they returned from it. Then, Kanye is shown throwing a surprise concert in Armenia with Kim and Khloe arguing about it.

But the dates show the concert took place five days after the first trip, indicating they flew back for it. Then Kim gives Kylie advice on the Billboard Music Awards, which happened a month before the trip. This entire episode was clearly reshot for drama.

16 All That Food


One of the oddest aspects of the series is the vast amount of food kept around the homes. There are massive jars of cookies, packs of salads, and meals seemingly appearing through magic. The fact you never see any of the family cooking adds to this, as there’s an entire crew around to keep the pantries stocked and ready to whip up some meal at a moment’s notice. Even when it looks like the family cooked something, it’s the work of a professional chef. They may enjoy chowing down on this food, but don’t think the Kardashians make it themselves.

15 Kris Controls All

Kris Jenner Brought To Tears Over Her Birthday Present From Kim Kardashian
Via: Eonline.com

Kris Jenner presents herself on the show as a kind mother handling the wacky antics of her rich kids. The reality is that Kris is the key to the entire empire. She was the one who pushed the show in the first place and has acknowledged that she gets final say on what will and won’t go on air. She can play hardball with the network in negotiations and it’s indicated she cooks up a lot of this fake stuff. Kris presenting herself as being out of the loop on things doesn’t fit at all.

14 It’s Way Too Calm With All The Kids


Anyone who’s attended a big family event knows how wild putting together a pack of little kids can be. On the show, the various children of the sisters are all well-mannered, quiet, and handle themselves well. It’s clear the footage is edited only to show them on their best behavior to push how the sisters are good parents. They also neglect to show the nannies who usually do the real watching while the family performs their drama. They are good moms, just not realistic ones.

13 The House Exteriors


From the beginning, the series will show the family living in some posh mansion and showing off its fancy exteriors. Sharp-eyed viewers will note how the interiors of the homes don’t match the outside views. As it happens, the exteriors are for houses almost 20 miles away from the real Kardashian pads. The official line is that it’s for “security purposes,” showing how even the homes are a facade on the show.

12 Kim And Kris Fight


To say Kris Humphries doesn’t think fondly of his relationship with Kim is an understatement. Their 2011 marriage lasted just 72 days as Humphries filed a lawsuit against the show. In a fantastic deposition, Humphries laid out just how many events on the show were faked for the cameras. That includes a few fights the duo had which Humphries claimed were reshot and edited to make him look worse.

A scene of Kim being upset with him going to a party was shot a few days afterward, and Humphries claims the series went out of its way to make him look terrible and Kim the victim.

11 Kim’s Proposals


In his brutal deposition, Kris Humphries shared how almost everything about his relationship with Kim was staged for the show. That includes how it all started, as the series shows Kim surprised by Kris’ big proposal. Humphries insists that Kim wanted to reshoot the scene so she could have a “better” reaction.

Likewise, the show has Kim amazed at Kanye’s epic proposal to her at a stadium. But paparazzi photos show Kim wearing her massive engagement ring a full week before the proposal took place, so at the very least she knew it was coming and faked her surprise.

10 Kim And Kris Talk Divorce


This is actually from Kourtney and Kim Take New York as Kim is showing talking to her mom about her tough marriage to Kris Humphries. The date claims that on October 11th, the two are in Dubai, where Kim reveals she’s planning to divorce Humphries. But paparazzi photos showed the pair wearing the exact same outfits at an L.A. hotel in early December, over a month after Kim filed for divorce. They had to “reshoot” it to make Kim sound better, which proves how manipulative the show is.

9 Kylie’s Pearl Diving


This has become one of the most apparent faked bits on the show. During a trip to Bora Bora, Kim started howling how she had lost one of her $75,000 pearl earrings in the ocean. Kylie immediately dived down and in moments, found the earring.

Kylie claims it was for real, but Kris Humphries stated it was one of the many moments faked for the show. That someone can find a tiny earring on an ocean floor in two minutes does seem pretty unrealistic.

8 The Pranks


The show has the family pulling a lot of pranks, but it’s debatable how real they are. Kris and Khloe are shown throwing toilet paper around Kim’s house with Kim seeming upset, but her reaction looks too fake. There was the time Khloe, Kendall, & Kylie went around L.A. in “disguise” which seemed off. There was also Kendall faking smoking, a mock intimate tape, numerous prank calls, and even a flash mob showing up at the mansion. It’s pretty clear when the writers craft some of these pranks.

7 Khloe’s Arrest


One of the first majorly dramatic moments for the show was when Khloe got busted for a DUI with footage of the arrest shown. The problem is that the arrest took place five months before KUWTK was even greenlit, which makes it unlikely Khloe had cameras on her at the time.

Also, this was supposed to be on the anniversary of her father's passing, but the dates don't match up. It indicates the entire thing was recreated just for the show and serves as the first significant case of the series faking stuff for the audience.

6 The Catfights


Yes, sisters fight, that’s a realistic part of life. But the show’s battles are often enhanced to amp up the drama. It can range from Twitter conflicts, to full-on physical fights, and even episode-long arguments between the sisters. In the end, they all come together as if nothing happened. While a few clashes may be for real, the majority of them are made up to enhance the ratings and show how these gals are all about their image.

5 The “Casual” Clothing Choices


We’re used to seeing the Kardashians dressed to the nines in expensive designer clothing. So it may seem a change for them to be wearing casual outfits at home. The reality is that nothing this family does isn’t planned out carefully.

The fact many of the outfits are for Kanye West’s Yeezy clothing line proves the family is merely doing free advertising for the brand on the show. Ditto for their makeup choices with the brands always mentioned. There’s no such thing as a “casual” choice for this show.

4 The “Cuba” Episode Was Shot in L.A.


Faking an exotic location for a movie is one thing, but claiming a vacation in L.A. took place on an island is something else. Season 12’s “Missing Cuba” has the family heading to the island for a trip. Several scenes were shot there, judging by the landmarks. However, the shooting schedule reveals several scenes of the family cruising around were filmed in Los Angeles after they returned.

Also, the entire subplot of Kris left alone and complaining about not going on the trip was shot weeks after they returned. This family can fake things better than a movie set.

3 They’re Able To Contact Each Other Instantly


They may have become “famous for being famous,” but the sisters are all truly busy today– Kylie is a full-fledged billionaire as she has her fashion & beauty lines while raising her kids– But the series makes it seem like they can instantly be in connection with each other at a moment’s notice. Most normal people have a hard time immediately returning calls or texts, but the series has the girls able to drop anything to talk to one another, which rings pretty false.

2 Kylie’s Lips


It’s not news that the Kardashians have all changed their looks as the show has gone on. But devoting an entire episode to Kylie’s lips is something else. In season 10, Kylie avoids talking about her newly enhanced lips, claiming to Remix that, “it’s just six different colors of lip balm.”

At the end of the episode, Kylie confessed to Teen Vogue that she indeed had injections. The problem is that the interview was done four days before the one in Remix, so it appears Kylie just wanted to make it look like she was building confidence for some drama.

1 Corey’s Arrival


Romantic entanglements are all too common on the show, and it's arguable how many of them are faked. A scene from December of 2014 has the family talking about Kris’ new beau, Corey Gamble, and acting like they barely know anything about the man other than some text messages. This seems odd given how Gamble joined the entire family on a trip to Las Vegas three full months earlier. Treating him like a stranger after a family trip proves how fake this show can be.

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