The Top 10 Eyeshadow Trends Of 2019

Eyeshadow has been around for as long as we can remember, but the way people wear this product has changed over the years. This year alone we have seen numerous styles appear before our very eyes and they are incredible. The creativity and artistic eye some people have inspires the rest of us to up our own game.

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We have laid out some of these trends, so you can join the rest of the world in looking fabulous. These might not all be for you, but we are certain there is one style that fits you. Keep reading to learn about the top ten eyeshadow trends of 2019!

10 Red Fierce Hues

Red is all the rage right now and it is easy to see why. They give women a fierce look that can't be matched and it makes their eyes pop with a red hot fire. This look can also be pulled off using different pink shades, but the darker it is, the better it looks.

It might be considered a risk to some, but it is your time to be bold and step out of your comfort zone. It won't be long before the compliments start rolling in about your star-studded appearance.

9 Artistic Sunset Eyes

This look takes a steady hand and an artist's eye as you paint a beautiful sunset atop each of your lids. Your face becomes the canvas as you layout your own personal col0r scheme that matches your supreme outfit.

Many people use various shades of purples and reds for a duskier sunset, but the colors are entirely up to the wearer. Let your imagination run wild and take inspiration from nature as you create the perfect sunset eyeshadow look on your face.

8 A Slight Haze

This is not to be confused with "smokey," because those are two completely different things. Hazy is a lighter application of a smoky eye and generally uses only one color instead of several.

The color options are endless, but many do lean toward pale pinks or greys that do just enough for your eyes to become your redeeming quality. It might not seem like much, but a little goes a long way and this small change will make all the difference in your trendy look.

7 Dark Smoky Eyes

Smokey eyes tend to be darker, and they are still in style, but they have transformed. They have become a staple in gothic looks, or for people who are looking to make a bold statement with their face.

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It generally uses a dark charcoal eyeshadow that really draws attention to itself. This look may not be for everyone, and some may struggle with preventing a raccoon disaster, but those who do manage to pull it off look as exceptional as the compliments they receive.

6 A Soft Metallic Wash

Metallic is one of the biggest new trends that has been popping up all over town. It shimmers in the light, but it is subtler than glitter. It makes the wearer look professional, sophisticated, and high-class, which is why it is so popular.

You could put it on for a date, or even wear it into the office. It will separate you from the crowd, but make you more approachable and respected as a woman who is working to make a living.

5 A Neutral Shade

Natural makeup is in right now, which means that neutral shades of eyeshadow are too. You might not want to ditch your beauty products altogether, but using these shades will make it look like you did.

It will give you an effortless glow that showcases your best features, while still hiding and blending your imperfections away. These shades still draw the eye, but it is not as in your face as neon or a non-natural shade might to an onlooker.

4 Shaped to Perfection

This technique takes your skills to the next level as you make two distinct blocks of color that are the same size and shape over each of your eyes. This style comes in many different forms, but they usually end in a point at the outside of your eye no matter how high up to your eyebrow you decide to go.

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It is the fun and trendy summer style you were going for and it will give you that extra ounce of sunshine you wanted in your look. It works great in the winter too as you switch to frosty blues, and you can even mix and match colors to create your own unique eyeshadow concoction.

3 Glitter Is a Girl's Best Friend

This eyeshadow literally has you smearing specks of glitter all over your lids, and it is a great way to dress yourself up for a night out. Your eyes will shimmer beneath the city lights and reflect the shine of a thousand stars.

It will captivate those around you and other women will be jealous of your phenomenal idea. Glitter has and always be a girl's best friend, so that is why this season glitter is one of the trendiest ideas around.

2 Glossy With a Hint of Shine

We have powder and glitter, but glossy eyeshadow has grown into a huge trend this year. It gives off a shine like nothing else we have ever seen, and it almost looks metallic. It might take a few steps to complete the look you are going for, but a major plus is it will stay on all night.

Since it is a liquid, you don't have to worry as much about it slowly wearing away throughout the evening, giving you a style that sticks with you for the duration of your evening.

1 A Touch of Color

The final trend from this past year that you should consider giving a go is adding a touch of color. This comes in many different forms, so you could add neon blue to just the corners, or decide to use it on your entire lid.

It counts toward this trend as long as you use a color that is different from the rest. It could be paired with other bright and obnoxious colors, or you could simplify it with a neutral shade. The design is up to you, so this is one trend you can twist to match you and your makeup identity.

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