An Expert Reveals The Signs Of Slow Metabolism

For some of us, losing weight can be harder than it is for other people. What works for one person may not work for the other, but it can be pretty frustrating when you're putting in the same gym time as your buddy and they're shedding the pounds faster than you are. According to Popsugar, getting to know your body properly is the key to finding a workout regime that can give you the results you need. Director of the Mount Sinai Physiolab Avigdor Arad explains that metabolism is a complex process that relates to your body's ability to produce energy from fat, sugar, and protein.

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You've probably heard slim people talking about having a fast metabolism at some point in your life, which is basically a fancy way of saying that they can eat what they want and get away with it, while some people can't. Your metabolism is simply the amount o calories your body burns in a period of time. In some cases, it can be super fast, but in others, your metabolic rate isn't running as efficiently, aka slow. There are a few signs to look out for.

Weight-gain, fatigue, low energy levels and the inability to complete simple tasks can all be signs of a slow metabolism. Physical signs like dry skin, brittle nails and migraines can also be indicative of the problem, but while some people tend to blame these issues on a slow metabolism, Arad says that a slow metabolism is actually quite rare. In most cases, people who have these symptoms are usually related to poor diet, lack of sleep and lack of physical activity.

Other factors that can contribute to slow metabolism are medical issues like imbalanced hormones and thyroid disease, both of which are conditions that should be diagnosed and treated by a professional. If you suspect that you're one of the unlucky few that has a slow metabolism, consider reaching out to your doctor for testing.


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