This 'Mini Pizza Cutter' Eyeliner Creates An Ariana Grande-Esque Cat Eye

Ariana Grande's makeup artist has shared the product that she uses to create the pop icon's famous cat eye liner look.

Chalk it up to the percolating cynicism that's been playing havoc with civility these days, but more than a few people have noticed a number of folks getting catty. OK, maybe not when it comes to attitude, though. But check out the eyes of a few female fashionistas of late. It's as if their orbs have taken on a feline appearance a la Cleopatra.

Yep, winged eyeliner is all the rage, and it's a signature look being sported by Ariana Grande, although a few celebs like Zoe Saldana, Lily Rose Depp, and Rita Ora have since eyed and started to emulate the style.

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And, at least for Grande, it's all been made possible by a product called Nudestix Rock N' Roller Easy Eyeliner Ink which retails in the neighborhood of $24. What delivers the cat eye look is an applicator that resembles a pizza cutter. All a user has to do is roll the makeup into place in order to get symmetrically straighter results than if one were using a felt pen tip. And let's face it, with something that's shaped like a pizza cutter, you'd be more wary of ensuring that contraption doesn't poke you right in the eye during the process.

The woman who helped Grande achieve the appearance that's being emulated faster than a computer virus can spread internationally is Ashley K. Holm, who is employed by the singer, while she handles a few other celebs like a couple of the Kardashians. She's always changing products to not only stay on top of trends but also experiment with which brands achieve the best look. And besides the Nudestick, she's also finding great success with Smashbox's Jetset Waterproof Eyeliner, which those wanting to try can get for about $22.

While it doesn't have a pizza-cutter applicator, Holm says that using an angled brush is also helpful in achieving the same look. Besides ensuring the results are also straight, the makeup artist suggests angling that wing in an upward direction towards the outer edges of the eyebrows. That way, you create the illusion that your eyes will have a lift to them.

All those in favor, say "eye."


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