10 Celeb Engagement Rings Worth More Than Your House

Everything celebrities do is totally fabulous and sometimes, just a little over the top. Considering their fabulous wardrobes, houses, and cars, we're not surprised that they go all-out when it comes to relationships and sport the most expensive engagement rings money can buy.

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On average, non-famous couples spend around $3,000 on an engagement ring. Meanwhile, celebrities will often spend upwards of a million dollars showing off their commitment to love with the biggest and most unique engagement rings money can buy. Some couples are a little more low-key with their rings but let's be honest, the ones we like to see are always the expensive ones.

10 Lady Gaga


Even though Lady Gaga and Christian Carino called off their engagement, that doesn't mean that the pink engagement ring she rocked while they were together is any less impressive - and expensive!

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The ring contained an enormous pink sapphire in the center and was framed by several diamonds. To make this ring even more special, the sapphire in the center was speculated to be a Padparadscha sapphire, a really unique and rare type of stone. All in all, Gaga's ring was reportedly worth up to $400,000!

9 Kim Kardashian


After getting engaged to Kanye West, Kim got two rings. One from the rapper's original proposal in 2013 and one that came a few years later. Unfortunately, this ring was one of the items that Kim had stolen from her in Paris.

The ring was an emerald-cut 20-carat diamond reportedly worth $4.5 million. Not only was Kim's ring expensive, it was also customized! Kanye surprised Kim with it by saying he had a gift from Adidas for her. Pretty clever since the ring had "Adidas" engraved into the band!

8 Meghan Markle


Following the loss of their mother, Harry and William reportedly agreed that whoever got engaged first would give their bride-to-be Diana's engagement ring. Even though Prince William got engaged first, Meghan Markle didn't miss out on getting a ring fit for a princess.

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With a center stone from Botswana, a location special to the happy couple, and surrounding stones that belonged to Princess Diana, Meghan's ring has around 6.5 carats worth of diamonds embedded in the gold band and is reportedly worth up to $350,000.

7 Sofia Vergara


Modern Family star Sofia Vergara got engaged to her husband Joe Manganiello on Christmas day back in 2014 and tied the knot close to a year later. Considering these two are such huge TV stars, no one was surprised to see that her engagement ring was anything but ordinary after she began showing it off.

This ring has a huge cushion cut diamond in the center with smaller diamonds surrounding it. The price for that bling? Jewelers have estimated that it likely set Joe back $500,000 or more!

6 Blake Lively


It's hard to deny that Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds are totally relationship goals for many people. They're adorable and hilarious on social media and even though they're pretty private about their personal lives, they give just enough glimpses to show off how cute their family is!

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Something else we're jealous of? Her ring! Blake's ring has a rose gold setting with a large, oval-shaped diamond and smaller diamond accents. All in all, her ring is said to be worth about $2 million!

5 Ciara


Ciara hasn't had just one but two expensive engagement rings. Even though her engagement to rapper Future didn't pan out, she still had us all jealous of her $1.5 million engagement ring.

Future and Ciara may not have walked down the aisle together but Ciara still managed to get her happily ever after - with an even bigger ring. She got engaged to her Seattle Seahawks husband, Russel Wilson, in 2016 who popped the question on a romantic vacation with a 16-carat ring reportedly worth $2 million!

4 Paris Hilton


Not every celebrity engagement is meant to be in the end and although money can buy a huge ring, it can't buy true love! Paris Hilton is one celebrity that learned this the hard way after Paris and her former fiancé Chris Zylka called it quits.

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Zylka proposed to the hotel heiress with a pear-shaped, 20-carat diamond ring that is reportedly worth $2 million. So, what's Paris doing with it since the engagement was called off? She says she's keeping it!

3 Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is definitely no stranger to fabulous engagement rings. Having been engaged a total of five times now, Jennifer's ring finger has seen some massive and expensive diamonds. We definitely can't blame this actress and singer for being such a fan of flashy rings.

One of the most memorable rings that the singer has worn was definitely the one she got from her ex Marc Anthony. This 8.5-carat square blue diamond engagement ring came from Harry Winston and was reported to be worth $4 million.

2 Katy Perry


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom may keep their relationship somewhat private but that didn't stop the happy couple from snapping a super romantic shot of themselves on Valentine's Day after the Teenage Dream singer accepted this actor's proposal.

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The super unique ring has an oval-shaped pink diamond in the very center and has white diamonds surrounding it. The whole ring looks just like a flower blooming - pretty fitting considering her future husband's last name. Not only is this ring unique, it's also reported to be worth around $5 million.

1 Jennifer Aniston


In 2018, everyone secretly hoping that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt will eventually rekindle their romance got some good news: she had split from her husband Justin Theroux.

One question on everyone's mind when they announced they were getting a divorce was what Jennifer was going to do with her ring! The ring in question consists of a single 8-carat, emerald-cut diamond set on a simple gold band. This ring is reported to have set Theroux back $500,000. We'd be keeping it, that's for sure!

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