Experts Bust The Myth That Lots Of Exercise Leads To Weight Loss

Losing weight can be tricky, but most of us think that it heavily involves hitting the gym. If counting calories isn't your thing and you love eating too much to cut back, then exercising can seem like the ideal way to keep on top of those ever-growing love handles - but how many of us have gone to the gym for 14 days straight and not seen the results on the scales? There might be a reason for that. According to Popsugar, the idea that exercising a lot can help you lose loads of weight is simply a myth.

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One expert, Fatima Cody Stanford, stated that on average, most people who regularly exercise will simply maintain their current weight and not shed the pounds like they might think. If you're new to working out, then it's important to find the right type of exercise to get the results you want. It's all about trail and error - if you launch into a HIIT program and the numbers stay the same, then your body might respond better to cardio and strength training. There are so many different types of ecercise regimes out there that it can seem almost impossible to pick, but don't be fooled - no matter what you chose to do at the gym, don't expect it to be the key to dropping a dress size.

You are far more likely to lose weight by making changes to your diet, but don't go throwing out every carb. When it comes to your eating habits, it has to be a sustainable change that won't see you reaching for the biscuit tin at the first sign of a craving. Encorporating more vegetables into your diet, as well as taking some time to revise your portion sizes could go a long way. Combine it with a short period of daily exercise and you can meet your target significantly faster.

Of course, exercise is important for your overall health and not just weight-loss, so don't give up on that morning gym session just yet. Your body will thank you for it in the long-run...even if you don't like running.


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