Exclusive Interview: Meet ‘Quiz Date Live’ AKA Tinder For Trivia Lovers

Quiz Date Live is a new dating app that combines the fun of playing trivia games and the excitement of possible romance. App founder Kenji Yamazaki was kind enough to grant TheTalko a date for an exclusive interview to our delight so that we could quiz him to learn about this unique new app.

Quiz Date Live is a live stream Q&A in which the contestant lets the game players know certain bits of basic information about themselves to get the game rolling. Then three fun rounds begin and it ends with one finalist who has impressed the contestant the most winning an actual dream date such as tickets to a Broadway show, a 5-star dining experience or even a helicopter ride over Manhattan, just to name a few ideas.

TheTalko (TT): Quiz Date is an app that [launched] on February 13th, just in time for lonely hearts to snag a dream date, and it has been described as if HQ Trivia and Tinder had a baby. Is this an accurate description of Quiz Date? How did the idea come about?

Kenji Yamazaki (KY): We loved how HQ Trivia democratized the quiz show, and we’ve been in dating business, so it was just a matter of time really. With swiping becoming such a chore, and catfish lurking every corner, what fun is left of dating apps? It was time for us to bring back the fun into dating. Luckily, we already have had in-depth experiences in the dating industry and with the cutting-edge live streaming technologies, which enabled us to come up with fun content where everyone can participate. The other dating app we run is one of the few dating apps that has a live-streaming feature.

TT: Can you provide an overview of how Quiz Date works and walk us through the steps?

KY: The whole point of this app is that everyone gets to be part of it. Women can apply to be bachelorettes, and men can log in to participate in the game (Bachelor & LGBTQ+ episodes soon to come). The host and the bachelorette for the evening live stream to the app, while men must log in to the app when the stream starts. Round one consists of a series of multiple-choice questions that are designed to assess the compatibility with the bachelorette. Survivors move on the free-text round (Round Two), where three finalists are chosen. Three finalists are invited into the stream as if they are in the studio with the bachelorette, and they will do anything from dancing to serenading to impress her. The bachelorette will pick one winner, and we pick up the cost of their luxury date.



TT: Quiz Date consists of 3 rounds with the ultimate goal of scoring a luxury date. Can you tell us about the luxury date and what it entails?

KY: First dates are never easy no matter how you meet the person. So actually some third-party picking up the tab is helpful. They can simply focus on having fun together. We brainstorm with the couple to come up with what’s good for them. Our favorite is a helicopter ride. You’re free from the pressure of having to impress each other with a long talk, yet get to see glimpses of your date’s true side. People tend to curb their inhibition when they are in the air between skyscrapers. Two couples are going on a helicopter ride this weekend actually.

TT: What can users expect after downloading the app? Is making a profile, entering a bio, uploading photos required?

KY: There is a quick registration process but other than that everything is done during the live game. There’s no catfishing/photoshopping on a live stream. Male members are encouraged to watch the bachelorette’s introductory live-streaming (one day before every show) to get to know about her and ask her questions though.


TT: The app will be available on February 13th. Is it free? Available for iOS and Android? Is there also a site version?

KY: iOS only at the moment. Android in the making! Multi-party live streaming involves cutting-edge technologies, so it is hard to implement on a site, unfortunately. It is completely free! Unless you want to buy extra lives.

TT: One of the oldest American dating shows, The Dating Game premiered on ABC on 1965 and ran with success until 2000. Why do you think that dating games where contestants are eliminated and ultimately, a winner is chosen so popular in our society?

KY: I think it’s not about the format per se, but more about “raw” human emotions that the competition brings out in people. For example, most people watch “American Idol” to see who wins, they want to see emotions, reactions, and interactions.


TT: Quiz Date seems to be a solution to ending the catfishing problem that has plagued hopeful romantics since the invention of the internet. Was that (eliminating catfishing) one of the reasons behind the formatting of this app?

KY: Absolutely! Catfish multiply quickly and can contaminate the entire pond, endangering the dating ecosystem. They must be eradicated as fast as possible.

TT: Who should try Quiz Date? Who is your target audience? Is there an age limit?

KY: We are starting with the population most active on dating apps, 22-30. No limit! But remember bachelorettes make the final pick, so you may have a smaller chance if your age is vastly different from that of the bachelorettes. You can check out upcoming bachelorettes on our app and social media.



TT: Why will Quiz Date be successful?

KY: Because people love being part of the game show, and because people love dating. It’s the only app that allows you to do both at the same time!

TT: Finally, are you able to share some tips for our readers to increase their chances of winning a dream date?

KY: Ladies, please apply by emailing here as much information about you as possible. Including a video would give you a major edge over other applicants. Gents, make sure to tune in to the bachelorette’s introductory live streaming one day before the actual game. You get to learn about her and ask her questions, which will definitely be helpful the next day. Lastly, if you get to be one of the finalists and invited into the stream, don’t be shy. Each finalist will get less than 1 minute to make an impression on the bachelorette, so make the most of it!

Readers, we hoped you enjoy this exclusive interview. Be sure to download Quiz Date Live FREE for your iOS device and Android users, stay tuned for when the app becomes available in the Google Play store.

If you're sick of catfish (or have been staying away from dating apps for fear of encountering one) give Quiz Date Live a chance! It's catfish-proof and most of all, fun! Happy Dating!

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