10 Date Ideas Way More Exciting Than Dinner And A Movie

There is nothing wrong with a classic dinner date along with a movie, yet it's important to spice things up in your relationship by trying out new activities as often as possible. Falling into a routine is an easy way to hurt a romance and burn out the spark, so what can you do to keep the fireworks?

Luckily, there are a number of awesomely adventurous date night activities you and your partner can participate in that will be so fun and exciting, it will cause your man to want to spend all his time with you. If the person you are seeing is usually the one to come up with activities for date night, he will really appreciate your ability to organize exciting dates as well. Add some fun to your relationship by following these 10 date ideas that are way more fun than dinner and a movie!

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Bring out your inner dork with your man and play some laser tag! You can go from feeling like a regular old couple to Bonnie and Clyde once you get your hands on a set of laser guns. There is no more exciting way to bond with your partner than to get playful and shoot lasers together!

It's a nice change of pace from your average dinner date where you have to feel all lady-like and formal. Although it can be fun to get all dressed up and elegant with your man, it's also a breath of fresh air when you get to dress it down and just have some fun. After all, the whole purpose of going on a date is to enjoy yourself!


In the classic film Breakfast At Tiffany's starring Audrey Hepburn, Holly and Paul spend all day doing activities that neither of them has ever done before. Paul has never stolen anything before from a 5 & 10 store, and Holly has never walked through New York City in the morning (because she always sleeps in). They dedicate the whole day to trying new activities and have an incredible time while doing so.

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Figure out what activities you and your date have never done before, and spend the whole day doing them! Doing so is an excellent way to shake things up and put an end to your same old routine. The best way to help a relationship maintain its spark is to try new things together as often as possible. As much as you and your man would probably love to spend all your days wrapped up in a blanket together while marathoning Netflix, it's also necessary to get out and live a little!


Want to feel like you and your partner are on top of the world? Cozy up on your rooftop! If you're in the city, you can enjoy the sparkling nightlife of the lit buildings surrounding you and if you're in the suburbs, you can stargaze. Either way, it is incredibly romantic, not to mention adventurous.

If you don't have rooftop access, there are plenty of rooftop bars to enjoy. A quick google search can let you in on the best rooftop bars in your area so you and your man can get some fresh air and feel lifted. Get creative with your rooftop experience by setting a romantic and cozy scene. A blanket and hot cocoa can do the trick!


Couples who bake together stay together! When people in a relationship cook together they are finding new ways to communicate, and we all know communication is one of the main key elements to any successful relationship. Not only does making food together aid in your communication skills but you get to eat delicious meals as a result! That is, assuming you and your date know how to bake. If not, you can always laugh it off and start a food fight. You know you want to...

Instead of baking your average chocolate chip cookies, get creative! The internet is filled with unique cupcake ideas and recipes that range from amazing pizzas to Disney-themed cupcakes. If they turn out looking amazing, great! If they look like a total disaster, even better. Either way, you'll have a great time working with your partner on a creative (and delicious) project.


Want to have an awesome date night with bae and make some extra cash in the process? House sit together! As long as your house sitter is okay with you having company over during your stay, enjoy some time in a foreign home with your man. Switching up the scenery every once in a while is a great way for couples to bond and if you don't live together, it could be a potential sneak peek into what it would be like to share a home with him.

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In Broad City, Ilana and Lincoln experience new depths to their romantic relationship by house sitting together. It's a luxury to envision what life could one day be like with your special person, and house sitting can be an awesome way to do this. Just make sure to respect the space and go on ahead! Treat yo' self.


There's nothing more fun than spending some time in the water with your honey. Bring out your inner child and hit the local water park. If it's cold outside, don't rule out pool-time just yet! There are plenty of awesome indoor pools and hot tubs to keep you warm. Look up the most suitable pools in your area and have fun splashing around!

Spending time in the water with your date will instantly bring an air of excitement to the scene and to your relationship. We usually associate pools with our childhood, so it's a great way for you and your partner to get silly and playful with each other. Plus, swimming is a form of exercise and studies show that couples who sweat together stay together.


Shopping doesn't have to be a boring chore. Add some fun to your target-run and go on a shopping adventure with your partner! We all recall that classic scene from 500 Days of Summer where Summer and Tom play "house" while shopping at Ikea. By going to a store filled with home goods, the two are able to envision their lives together as a couple. You can do the same with your man at any store.

Perusing through a superstore is an excellent way to fantasize with your partner about what life could one day be like for the two of you. Feeling adventurous? Add some fun to the experience by having your man push you around in a shopping cart! (Just make sure you don't get caught).


There is nothing more fun than amusement parks! Treat yourself to a day of thrills with your partner by heading to your nearest amusement park. Enjoy some cotton candy and corn dogs. Scream at the top of your lungs on roller coasters. Play carnival games as you try to score your man a giant teddy bear. Come up with fun games while waiting in line together. Amusement park dates are classic for a reason and it's because they are so much fun! As previously stated, dates are all about enjoying yourself and what better way to do that than to spend some time at an amusement park?

Sidenote: scientific studies prove that roller coasters are the ultimate aphrodisiac, making amusement parks fun for more reasons than one!


Being an adult is tough. You have to wake up every day and be a responsible human being (yuck) with tons of work to get done on a daily basis. Every once in a while, it's okay to drop everything and act like you're five-years-old again with your boyfriend. What do children love to do? Build forts of course!

There is nothing more romantic and cozy than building a fort with your lover and spending some quality time inside. It's a great way to feel as though you are lost in your own world together, a world of which you two created. You can build a fort out of anything from pillows to blankets to boxes. Add some fairy lights for extra romance, and snuggle up inside! It's the best way to escape with your partner into a universe where no one else exists but you two. Plus, it's a chance to get creative with one another into building the coolest fort possible.  What will you be building a fort out of?


People love to scoff at the local tourists in town, but what's so bad about wanting to enjoy a city's most beloved spots? Most people who are native to a town or city choose not to engage in touristy activities because they already feel as though they know their hometown inside and out, but why not let your guard down and have some kitschy fun?

Every city and town has touristy attractions no matter how big or small, so find out yours and spend the day doing them! These attractions are popular for a reason and it can be a great way to better appreciate the local area with your partner.

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