Everything You Need To Know About #DumplingSkin

Nam Vo, a makeup artist known for her expertise on glowing skin, coined the hashtag #dewydumpling several months ago to describe soft, plump, moisturized skin. “Dumpling skin” soon became the latest skincare trend, following closely behind the “glass skin” and “honey skin” trends.

Dumpling skin is a three-dimensional look that combines the natural glow of hydrated skin with the glow of bright highlighters. The “dewy dumplings” on Vo’s Instagram feed are known to have smooth complexions, plump, shiny cheeks, and no wrinkles. Vo explained in an interview with The Cut that she has always used the term “dumpling” as a term of endearment, so it was appropriate to bring the term to her love of skincare. “The same way people use sweetheart or cupcake…I call everyone that,” she said.

The biggest key to achieving dumpling skin, as with other bright skin trends, is keeping skin fully hydrated. However, a number of skincare and makeup products can boost the look even more. Vo suggested finding a great-quality, bright and natural-toned highlighter, as well as makeup in tonal shades (that is, similar to your skin tone).

Dumpling skin should look as natural as possible, so dramatic makeup looks like winged eyeliner and bold lipsticks aren’t appropriate. Apply the highlighter to cheeks in an upward swiping motion, from the inner corners of the cheeks to the outer corners of the eyebrows. Unlike typical makeup looks, you can go a bit heavier with the highlighter on the rest of the face—apply it to your chin, forehead, nose, jawline, and even your eyelids.

Vo even shared some of her own daily looks with Elle, so you can follow the expert’s exact routine! She revealed that prepping the skin before applying makeup is very important, and she often focuses on skincare during the day paired with a nude or light pink lip. She always uses an extra-hydrating moisturizer and eye cream before applying foundation and concealer. She also uses a brow pencil to fill in the natural shape of her brows. Vo suggested using cream blush to look fresh and healthy.

Finally, she applies the most important product—highlighter. Specifically, Vo uses powder highlighter, as it is the most pigmented. She explained that you should always start at the highs of the cheekbone and move outward to create a ‘C’ shape around the face.

Have you tried the #dewydumpling look? Let us know in the comments!

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