Everyone Is Buzzing: 20 Things We Know (So Far) About Charlize & Brad Pitt's Relationship

So, Charlize Theron and Brad Pitt are dating! That’s the word on the street and we have to say that we more than approve of his choice. We’ve all been waiting to see who would be the next leading lady to snap up the handsome Brad. For a while we thought he might be done with actresses or famous faces, but that’s clearly not the case (and we're so happy about it).

Brad is definitely a catch in Hollywood, he’s highly successful and still just as handsome as he’s ever been, so we expect him to date someone pretty amazing. Charlize Theron is the perfect woman to be on his arm because she's beautiful, just as successful as he is and an independent woman.

Of course, now we have tons of questions, like how did they meet and is Angelina Jolie losing her mind right now? Check out these 20 things we know about Charlize and Brad’s relationship so far.

20 Brad And Charlize Were Friends First

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These two didn’t just rush into dating right away. As Elle reports, a source told Entertainment Tonight,

"Brad and Charlize have known each other for years and recently became even better friends after working together [on the Breitling watches shoot]. They enjoy each other's company and connect on many levels. Brad and Charlize have a lot of mutual friends and share their love of acting."

19 Sean Penn Is The One Who Set Them Up

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We might find it a little hard to believe that Charlize Theron’s ex-fiancé Sean Penn, would actually set her up with someone new, but this is Hollywood we are talking about after all, and much stranger things have happened.

It is said that Sean Penn was the one that got these two together. Since Sean and Charlize broke up a few years ago in 2015, it’s possible that the two may have stayed on good terms.

18 They Went To Chateau Marmont For Date Night

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Los Angeles has a lot of great places that are perfect for a date night, and the Chateau Marmont happens to be one of them (and a luxurious one at that). Over the past month the couple has been seen spending a lot of time together and they were spotted at the location looking like they were having a great time.

As a source told The Sun, “Brad seemed in a really good place — they both looked really happy.”

17 Angelina Jolie Is Not A Fan Of Charlize

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We can’t say that we are surprised. We know that at one point Angelina wanted to get her ex back and now she has to watch him with an actress that she doesn’t particularly like. Radar Online reported that Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron have feuded over movie roles in the past.

“The [feud] between these two started a long time ago and just won’t stop,” the insider told Radar. “It’s as though directors are getting a buzz out of playing them against each other, by dangling a script to both of them then leaving them to... slug it out.”

16 Brad Is A Family Man

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Brad’s the perfect guy to date if you already have children because he’s used to having plenty around him. He has a good head on his shoulders so he’s not likely to introduce his children to Charlize right away. Regardless of who he is dating, he has stated that he’s always going to be there for his children. He told Esquire,

“I'm sure they're saddened by me, and I get frustrated with them. But I love them, and at the end of the day if they need me or if they need anything, I'm there for them. Family.”

15 Charlize Isn’t Interested In A Casual Thing

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Some people might think it’s a fling for these two but considering their ages, it’s highly unlikely. Brad is definitely a relationship type of guy and Charlize doesn’t do casual. She told OK! magazine,

“I am a relationship girl. That's kind of just how I'm made... When you're in my life, it's actually very contained.”

14 They Have Been Dating For A Month

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When you think of two celebrities dating, you have to consider the fact that dating for a month is a long time in Hollywood. Some Hollywood couples are married by then!

A source told The Sun, “They have been casually seeing each other for nearly a month now. They’ve been friends for some time—ironically through Sean [Penn]—but things have developed.”

13 They Were Seen Getting Cozy

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It’s a little bit difficult to believe sources that have said the couple isn't an item when people have actually seen the two celebs canoodling at an event. The eyes don't lie, people!

“The new lovebirds were all over each over at a showbiz function last week,” a source claimed to The Sun. “They were ridiculously touchy-feely and his arm was around her back. At one point he winked at her.” We're just passing on the info...

12 News Broke When Angelina Jolie Was Shopping

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Angelina Jolie probably would probably have preferred not to be out in public when the news broke about Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron being an item now. She was said to be shopping with her son Pax at the time and she was unexpectedly hounded by the paparazzi.

Kudos to her though, as she remained expressionless as she moved through the hectic crowd. She was then seen on Sunday rock climbing with her twins, Vivienne and Knox.

11 Brad And Charlize Both Have Children

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Could you imagine if these two took all of their children on a family vacation? That would be one intense trip (anyone see the movie Cheaper by the Dozen?).

Interestingly, both Brad and Charlize have experience with adopting kids so it’s like a match made in heaven for both of them. We’re not sure how often Brad gets to see his children as things have been said to be difficult during his and Ange's ongoing custody battle, but if these two decided to blend their families, it would surely be quite the experience.

10 She Has Not Met His Children

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It was reported that Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron spent some time together over the holidays at his Los Feliz, California mansion. However, it doesn't seem like she has met his kids just yet. Whether that’s because he doesn’t see them that often to begin with or because he just isn’t ready for such a relationship milestone, it remains to be seen. We do respect Brad's decision in waiting, though (if that is in fact the case).

9 Brad Is Ready For A Relationship

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In the past two years, Brad's gone through a lot of turmoil. His divorce from Ange was difficult and it was anyone's guess if and when he'd want to date again. But he still seems positive about dating. As a source told Celebrity Insider,

“Brad is telling friends that he's finally ready to put his custody battle behind him and start publicly dating again. He was so conscious of not putting a foot wrong while he was trying to get his kids back that finding a new woman was the last thing on his mind.”

8 Charlize Is An Independent Woman

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It’s pretty obvious if you follow Charlize’s life that she’s not the kind of woman who waits around for a man to take care of her. As The Huffington Post reports, we've seen her attending sports games alone.

She decided from the beginning to adopt two children on her own and raise them herself. The last public relationship that the actress had was almost four years ago. Whether she was dating or not after that is hard to say but she hasn’t been publicly attached to anyone.

7 A Photo Shoot Brought Them Together

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When we see a new celebrity couple together, we often wonder how they met in the first place. These two haven’t been in a movie together yet, so how on earth did they even connect? Well, the two got together for a Breitling commercial.

This is what a source told People, “About six months ago, they did a shoot together. So, they have spent time together.”

6 He Likes Dating Celebrity Women

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We thought for a moment there that Brad Pitt may have taken inspiration from friends George Clooney and Matt Damon and went looking for a more regular woman (when we say regular, we mean a woman who is not a part of Hollywood's A-listers) to date. He was linked to MIT professor Neri Oxman but the news disappeared faster than it had started.

Now that he's with Charlize, it seems he feels more comfortable dating someone who shares the spotlight with him.

5 They Know What It's Like To Have Bad Days As A Parent

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If things get serious between these two then they will have a lot of children to raise together. The good thing is that they both know what it's like to have bad days as a parent. When talking about single motherhood, Charlize told Us,

“Sometimes I lose my mind, especially in a car, like when we’re on a road trip or something. [My mom will] look at me and laugh. … Then she’ll say, ‘It’s just a moment. It’s going to pass.’”

4 Brad Wants More Than A Beautiful Woman

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Brad Pitt could probably get any woman that he wanted but he’s not just looking for a beautiful woman. Charlize is gorgeous but there’s a lot more to her than that.

As Flavor Wire reports, Brad has previously said, “When you see a person, do you just concentrate on their looks? It's just a first impression. Then there's someone who doesn't catch your eye immediately, but you talk to them and they become the most beautiful thing in the world.”

3 Charlize Wants Equality

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Brad is the perfect man for a woman that wants an equal partnership. He has already proven that he likes strong women. Angelina Jolie is one of the most powerful women in the industry and Brad loved that about her. As for Charlize, she's all about equality. As E! News reports, Charlize has said,

“Marriage equality is about more than just marriage. It's about something greater. It's about acceptance.” 

2 They Are Both A-List Actors

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Sometimes in Hollywood couples are mismatched career-wise. A strong argument could be made that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris ended because his career really took off and he was always away making movies will she stayed home with their son. Brad and Charlize, however, are on the same playing field.

They both have successful careers in Hollywood and can hold their own at the box office. Their careers won’t be getting in the way of love because they can both pick and choose their projects at this point, and since they're both at the top of their game, they'll be able to understand and support each other. 

1 Angelina Is Not Fond Of The Idea

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While Brad and Charlize are all for starting something new together, Angelina is rumoured to be against their relationship. As The Frisky reports, a source has said,

"It is fair to say that Charlize is the last person [Angelina would] want to get close to her ex, let alone bond with her children. If she does defy Angelina [and] meets Brad's kids, then to say things will turn ugly is a massive understatement."

Is this source really legit? Could there really be so much turmoil that Ange's feeling? We'll have to wait and see what happens.

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