Everybody Who’s At Least Mildly OCD Needs These 25 Organizational Products In Their Lives

Organization is either the reason for your existence or the bane of your existence… or quite possibly both! While it can be exciting and inspiring to organize and decorate a new space, it can also be equally intimidating. It’s especially challenging when you’re struggling to maximize your storage space while not compromising the aesthetic look of your area.

These items will all please the inner organizational fanatic in you! These nifty gadgets promise to make organizing and staying tidy easier and promise to make your day-to-day life all the easier. From ingenious ways to store your pots and pans to creations that will give your hair straightener and extra mac n’ cheese a home, you won’t realize that you need these organizational tools until they’re sitting right in front of you.

Considering that the summer season is upon us, now is the perfect opportunity to catch up on your spring cleaning- er, should we say summer cleaning at this point?- and give your home a much-needed facelift. These hacks and tools will definitely make that job easier and a little bit more fun. And it will definitely make your closets and cupboards all the more aesthetically pleasing. Who doesn’t love it when everything looks clean and organized?

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25 Stackable Can Organizers

via goodhousekeeping.com

Have no idea how to organize cans in your pantry? Invest in a stackable can organizer! This ingenious creation allows you to easily see all of your canned products, and grab the one you need.

They’re small enough that you can line your kitchen cabinets with this gadget to fulfill all of your food organizational dreams.

Or, put a bunch of them in your pantry so you can see all of your cans while having it remain aesthetically pleasing.

Honestly, Khloe Kardashian is supposed to have the most organized kitchen pantry. But with this can be organized, you might be giving Koko a run for her money!

24 Glass Jars For Dried Goods

via pinterest.com

No one said your pantry had to be boring! If you’re tired of having your pantry look like a mess of exploding boxes and bags of dried goods, then try this hack.

Invest in large glass jars (mason, or otherwise) from the dollar store and line your shelves with it. Then, fill the jars with all the items you’d store in your pantry, including flour, coffee, trail mix, crackers, and the like. Anything you could keep in its packaging can be stored in glass jars.

Not only will this make your pantry look incredibly chic, but it will make it all the easier to find whatever it is you’re looking for… or to judge when’s the next time you need to make a run to the grocery store!

23 Magnetic Meal Planning Pad

via amazon.com

Even if you’re well into your 20s, cooking a homemade meal every night can be a challenge. It takes a lot of preparation and planning, which is why we totally suggest investing in a magnetic meal-planning pad to help make it a bit less intimidating.

This adorable pad will stick to your fridge so it’s always in plain sight.

With it, you can list down what dish you plan to make every night and if there will be leftovers. You can also write down what ingredients you have, and what you still need to pick up. If this doesn’t help you avoid take-out, then we don’t know what will!

22 A Cable Organizer

via theguardian.co.uk

To say that cords get tangled easily would be an understatement. Especially if you’re the type of person to have your phone, computer, and tablet charging all in one place, things can get messy quickly. And having tangled cords is the worst when you need to grab one and go ASAP.

That’s why a cable organizer is a must-have for anyone suffering from this problem! You can easily fit all of your cords into the snug slots so that it’ll be easy to grab whichever one you need in an instant from now on. You’ll never have to worry about tangled cords or your charges suffering wear and tear from being in such a messy state.

21 Wall Mount For Brooms and Mops

via pinterest.com

It can be tricky finding the perfect place to store your brooms and mops without having them fall onto you when opening your closet door. A wall mount provides the perfect solution for keeping your tall cleaning utensils in place and out of sight.

You can find this organizational tool online on sites like Amazon, and it only requires a little bit of installation.

Afterward, you’ll have a simple but life-changing way to store your brooms and mops. Plus, you won’t have to worry about them getting dirty if you’re simply storing them on the ground.

The next thing on your shopping list after this should be a wall mounted vacuum machine. Now that’s getting bougie!

20 A Battery Organizer

via buzzfeed.com

We bet you didn’t even know it existed- but now you totally need it in your life!

A battery organizer allows you to organize your extra batteries by size and types, so it’s never been easier to see if you have the right kind or not. Better yet, most battery organizers also feature a detachable tester so you can see if the batteries actually work before putting them in your electronics.

With this nifty gadget, you’ll never have to face the disappointment of not finding the batteries you were looking for or finding them only to realize they don’t work any longer. You better order this on Amazon pronto!

19 A Magnetic Knife Strip

via pinterest.com

A traditional knife set can take up valuable space on your countertop. So, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about sticking things to the wall- literally! A new trend in home décor has been to invest in a magnetic knife strip.

Not only does this look incredibly chic and modern, but it’s also practical.

It allows you to see what knives and clean and ready for use right in front of you, and also frees up space on the countertop. Putting the knives back after being washed is also a breeze since all you have to do is pop them to the wall like a magnetic.

Pick up a magnetic knife strip for cheap online and install it yourself for a budget-friendly and super cute storage solution!

18 A Steel Rack For Cookie Sheets

via buzzed.com

Finding the perfect spot for cutting boards and cookie sheets can be tough, especially in smaller kitchens. A metal rack can provide the perfect solution for being able to slide your sheets and boards in and out of a cabinet. Plus, it definitely improves the overall aesthetic look, since your sheets and boards are now nicely organized in front of you.

This organizational gadget is simple enough to find at your local dollar store, but it will make a massive difference in your kitchen. Finding the right sheet while baking will be a two-second step thanks to this handy tool! Chopping vegetables will never happen as fast as when your cutting boards are right at your fingertips!

17 Translucent Fridge Organizers

via bustle.com

Your fridge might be one of the last places you think to organize, but it also deserves a little love! See-through, plastic organizers offer a quick and convenient way to organize the contents of your fridge.

This way, seeing what food you have and quickly grabbing it has never been easier.

Simply organize the food by category or type, like having a separate organizer for meats and cheese and another for fruits and veggies. Go all out and put your dressings and sauces in one, and drinks in another. Hey, you might be inspired to give the same face-lift to your kitchen cabinets or pantry!

16 A K-Cup Rack

via amazon.com

If you’re the type of person who loves popping a K-cup in the morning, then you definitely need a K-cup rack in your life. Similar to a spice rack, this convenient little organizer holds all of your cups. Conveniently swivel the rack around to see what different flavors you have left. Simply refill the slots when you’re running low on cups.

Not only is this a popular way to organize your K-cups, but it also looks very fashionable on a kitchen counter. A quick search on Pinterest reveals all the creative ways people store their K-Cup racks on their countertop- you could even turn a section of your kitchen into a coffee corner!

15 Stackable Closet Cubes

via pinterest.com

If you need more room in your closet, then make sure you’re using up all the floor space. If you have extra room at the bottom of your closet, then pick up a few stackable cubes the can fill the space. Really, these small cubes are great to utilize in any small space and when you’re in need of extra storage, whether it’s garage, closet, or a kitchen pantry.

These cubes are meant to be stacked on top of each other.

It will provide a convenient way to store smaller items in your wardrobe, likes leggings or socks. You can even simply line shelves with these cubes to maximize the space and increase efficiency without necessarily stacking them together.

14 Over-The-Toilet Storage Rack

via amazon.com

Unless you’re super lucky, then storage is probably limited in your bathroom. But, when you have towels, beauty products, and toilet paper to store, getting creative with your bathroom storage options is crucial.

An over-the-toilet storage rack is a great solution for bad bathroom storage. It’s easy to find cost-effective options on Amazon that promise to fit most toilets. Add a few baskets to hold towels and extra toilet papers, and bins or mason jars to hold beauty supplies and other products. You can even add some fake flowers and a diffuser to make the rack match the décor. Who said organization didn’t have to be cute?

13 A Sunglasses Rack

via aliexpress.com

If you have an extensive collection of sunglasses and nowhere to put them, then a sunglasses rack is right for you. It’s easy enough to find a sunglasses rack at your local target or Marshall’s, or even online at Amazon, and the benefits will be immense.

You’ll finally have a way to display your sunglasses that will make you want to keep them out in the open.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about them getting scratched or damaged as the result of storing them anywhere. And, by having all of your sunglasses out in front of you, you’ll be aware of what you own and can quickly grab the glasses when heading out the front door. Easy peasy!

12 Over-The-Cabinet Hair Tool Holder

via buzzfeed.com

If you’re the type of gal who’s glued to her blow dryer, straightener, and curler, then treat yourself to an over-the-cabinet hair tool holder. This will instantly make storing your hot hair tools all the easier. Simply attach it to the inside of your cabinet, and you’ll be able to grab the tool you need hassle free.

There are a variety of advantages to this organizational tool! First, you can store the hot tool even directly after using it while it’s still hot since you won’t be lying the tool on top of anything. Secondly, this will free up a lot of counters and cabinet space, so you’ll have more storage for your beauty products.

11 A Magnetic Spice Rack

via blogspot.ca

If you need to free up space on your kitchen countertop, then it’s time to magnetize your spice rack. By opting for a magnetic spice rack that can stick to your fridge, you’ll be freeing up space for other kitchen gadgets or an area for food prep.

Making the area appear less cluttered will automatically make it feel more organized.

Likewise, your fridge is often the focal point of the kitchen, so it’ll be easy to see and grab your needed spices while cooking. Plus, this magnetic spice rack offers a chic and modern design element to any kitchen… and makes it look like you take your cooking seriously!

10 An Accordion File Organizer

via aliexpress.com

Face it: all adults have a stack of important documents that they need a place for, but have nowhere clue where to store!

An accordion file is a perfect way to organize all of your critical paperwork while still keeping it in a single, safe space. Store everything from your health insurance to passport to legal documentation so you’ll be able to find them in a millisecond during the rare times when you need to.

Plus, an accordion file takes up way less space (and costs a heck of a lot less) than an actual filing cabinet. So, this is both an organizational-friendly and budget-friendly solution.

9 Acrylic Shelf Dividers

via pinterest.com

If you find that you store most of your clothes or linens by folding them on shelves, then it might be time to purchase some shelf dividers!

These translucent organizational tools will separate your clothing from each other so the piles don’t spill over into one another. You’ll be able to neatly section off your pants from your shirts, and so on.

This is equally great for dividing sheets from blankets and towels.

You can go even further and get the matching drawer dividers, which will do the same job in your drawers by sectioning it off. Storing your socks and undies will never be the same again- for the better!

8 Collapsible Dish Shelves

via pinterest.com

It’s a pain having to remove smaller dishes in order to get to the bigger ones underneath- but there is a solution! Collapsible and stackable dish shelves immediately offer more storage in your kitchen cabinet by adding an extra layer of shelving. That way, you won’t have to remove dishware to get to ones underneath.

These sorts of shelving can be found online on sites like Amazon, or even in your local dollar store. Plus, you can use them in other cabinets around the house, aside from just your kitchen, to add extra storage. Heck, throw them in your fridge if you’re really getting desperate for extra room. No judgment!

7 Bed Risers

via amazon.com

Bed risers may seem like something that only college kids living in dorms should have.

But, once you get past this, it’s easy to see how handy risers can be in any sort of household!

By adding bed risers (assuming its possible with the type of bed frame you own), it will instantly create more storage under the bed. This is the perfect place to store items you don’t need on the regular, like off-season clothing and Christmas decorations.

Plus, some bed risers even come with features like outlets, to make it all the more convenient. Who doesn’t want an extra spot to charge their phone and store their Christmas tree?

6 A Pan Rack

via buzzfeed.com

Similar to a rack that holds your cookie sheets and cutting board, a pan rack conveniently organizes your pans. This way, it’ll be easy to see what pans are clean and available for frying, and even simpler to grab them and neatly put them back when you’re done.

Not to mention, this instantly improves the aesthetic appearance of any cabinet, which is a win-win for organizational lovers alike. If you want to get even more organized, we dare you to arrange your pans by size or shape. Is it possible to ever be too organized? The answer is probably yes, but we’re just going to pretend it’s a no.

5 The Cosmetic Carousel

via glamour.com

Let us take a wild guess and assume that your vanity or bathroom counter is filled with clutter! It can be difficult to control the mess when you have a ton of products and beauty tools that you need to grab on the regular.

But, the cosmetic carousel can make the chaos a bit more manageable.

This nifty organizational piece will sit right on top of your counter or dresser and display all of your products and gadgets in organized fashion. You’ll be able to see everything right in front of you, and it’ll be as easy as turning the wheel to get whatever you need. Since it’s right on top of your counter, you’ll be more motivated to put things back in their proper place.

4 A Cap Rack

via pinterest.com

Have too many hats to count? Then make sure you’re aware of how many you have by investing in a cap rack, which can be found on Amazon. This creative doo-dad can be attached to any door, and will creatively display all of your hats while taking up virtually no space.

This way, you can be sure your prized hats aren’t going to get ruined by being stuffed in your closet or left on the door. Plus, they’ll all be right in front of you, so it’ll be easy to choose what hat to wear on each day. And, if hats aren’t your thing, then you can totally use this rack to display a number of other items, including scarves to ties to even shoes!

3 A Day-Of-The-Week Pill Box

via aliexpress.com

If you’re the type to always forget to take your vitamins and medication, then a day-of-the-week pillbox was meant for you.

At the start of every week, re-fill the box so you know what pills you need to be taking each day.

Then, throw this bad boy in your purse or backpack so you’ll always have it with you, even if you forget to take your meds at a certain time.

This is also a great way to confirm whether you’ve taken your pills once you actually have… because we’ve all been in a situation where we can’t remember if we’ve taken our medication or not for the day!

2 Collapsible Under-The-Bed Storage

via amazon.com

If you’re not making use of the space under your bed, then you’re wasting your an opportunity! Investing in collapsible under-the-bed storage will instantly open up a huge storage solution.

Put items that you don’t need to access on a regular basis in these organizers, like holiday decorations or off-season clothing. Since the organizers are collapsible and foldable, they can mold to fit into any small space. And, they can also hold a lot more than they appear to.

It’s even better that you can get a set of two under-the-bed organizers for less than $20 on Amazon or in-person at stores like Wal-Mart. Let the organizing begin!

1 Over-The-Door Shoe Rack

via marieclaire.com

If you’re aching for more space for your beloved shoe rack collection, then invest in an over-the-door shoe rack.

This will easily fit behind a closet door, or really any other door in your house.

Not only will this conveniently store all of your shoes, but the chaos will be kept out of sight, and thus out of mind. They can often fit upwards of 20 pairs of shoes, and it will instantly help free up any clutter from the bottom of your closet. Or, you can finally get rid of the ugly shoe rack that’s been taking up space in your front entrance.

Either way, it’s a total win-win!

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