Every Bachelorette Ranked From Most Dateable To Least

As one of the most popular shows on television, The Bachelorette has been making waves since its debut back in the 2000s. Coming off the success of The Bachelor, the network wanted to flip the script, and they were able to do so with a remarkable first season that set the tone for the others that have followed. We recently just wrapped up the most recent season of the series, and fans are already hoping that the next season is going to be even better than the one that was just enjoyed.

Today, we want to take a look back at the women that took the lead on the series and rank them in order of most datable! All 15 are on this list, and we just know that people are going to love the order we have them in.

15 Ali Fedotowsky

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To kick things off, we want to go with the lovely Ali. She was able to find some temporary love on the series, but her romance was not meant to last. She has shown the willingness to take the plunge before, so it would make sense that we would consider her datable material here.

14 Andi Dorfman

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Season 10 was able to have success thanks to having this lovable lady as the object of affection for all the thirsty men on the show. What makes her season interesting is that the man that came in second on her season would find himself coming in second place once again the next season.

13 Ashley Hebert

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Finding love on television is hard, but this lovely lady was able to make it happen on her season. She is still with the love of her life, and this shows that she is a dedicated woman that knows what she wants. Any person would be lucky to find someone as great as she is.

12 Becca Kufrin

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Becca competed on one of the most recent seasons of the series, so she should be fresh in the minds of fans everywhere. It was clear from the start that she had a lot to offer the men on the series, and she was able to find someone that could rise to the occasion and make her happy.

11 DeAnna Pappas

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Back in 2008, season 4 of this series featured the lovely DeAnna Pappas, and she made waves with fans as she navigated her way through the sea of men looking for her hand. She was not able to make things last in the long run with the man she wanted, but we still think she would be a fantastic partner.

10 Desiree Hartsock

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One of the most attractive qualities in a partner is them wanting the same things that we do, and it just so happens that Desiree was able to find this and more. She is still with the man she chose, and they even have some children together. This red hot mama would make any person better.

9 Emily Maynard

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Blonde, beautiful, and ready for love, Emily Maynard was able to win over the fans when she appeared on the beloved series. Her ability to make the tough decisions on the series showed the world that she was a woman that could get the job done, which is an attractive quality.

8 Hannah Brown

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As the most recent person to take the lead on the series, Hannah Brown has been in the headlines a lot lately. She picked someone that she thought she could share her life with, but it turns out that he was already sharing it with someone else. She is as eligible a bachelorette as anyone in the world.

7 Jen Scheft

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All the way back in 2005, Jen Scheft decided to take a chance on love by appearing on the series, and it was her indecision in the finale that left people speechless. She never settled on a single person, and to this day, it remains one of the biggest surprises in the history of the show.

6 Jillian Harris

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Hailing from Canada and ready for love, Jillian Harris knew that the chance to appear on the series could be beneficial for her. As the show came down to the wire, she needed to make a tough call, and even though things didn't work out, fans still appreciated her being firm.

5 JoJo Fletcher

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Making the most of an opportunity is the name of the game in the entertainment industry, and few people know this quite like JoJo Fletcher. Not only was she able to find love on the series, but the couple was able to land a show of their own a number of years after they got together.

4 Kaitlyn Bristowe

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Season 11's Kaitlyn Bristowe had a tough choice when the season finale came rolling around, and a familiar face happened to be in a familiar position. The man that was sent packing had placed second the season before, which must have been a bad feeling to experience for the second time.

3 Meredith Phillips

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Fresh off of a debut season that became a global smash, the series returned with Meredith Phillips to see if lightning could strike twice. Though Meredith and her man of choice wound up getting engaged, it was not to be, and the couple would end up splitting up back in 2005.

2 Rachel Lindsay

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In 2017, season 13 of the series hit the small screen with this lovely lady front and center. She was a great fit for a number of the contestants on the show, and each man would have loved to have been the one that got to win her hand. Turns out, she chose right, because she got married earlier this year.

1 Trista Rehn

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There is nothing quite like the original, but her placement here as more so to do with the fact that she has been off the market for so long. The network was willing to roll the dice on the series, and Trista proved to be just what they needed to take flight and reach a massive audience.

Sources: etonline.com, newsweek.com

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