Every Bachelor Ranked From Most Dateable To Least

The Bachelor premiered in 2002, featuring 25 women competing for the heart of one man, and it certainly had its critics. Perhaps not without reason? It is kinda weird that millions of people tune in to a show where a bunch of women fight over one guy— humiliating and degrading themselves just for some cheesy "dream date" and 15 minutes of fame.

The Bachelor’s ratings have dropped slightly over the years, but it’s expanded to include spin-offs like The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and Bachelor Winter Games. The show has also faced criticism for how it depicts and treats women, not to mention its glaring lack of diversity among contestants. But today we don't care about any of that. Just like women have been judged on the show, we will now judge the bachelors - ranking them from the most dateable to the least!

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22  Sean Lowe, Season 17

Via People

Sean is a model human being and seemed like a guy genuinely looking for love while genuinely invested in the show. We love this guy - what's there not to love? He holds the record for being the only bachelor whose proposal turned into a marriage. He and Catherine Giudici are happily married with two kids. Ain't love grand?

21 Ben Higgins, Season 20

Via Brit+Co

The Season 20 heartthrob ranks at number 2. He was fun to watch and the contestants on his season were extremely entertaining. He was a pretty decent guy until the near end when he told both finalists, JoJo Fletcher, and Lauren Bushnell, that he was in love with them both... how very confusing.

20 Nick Viall, Season 21

Via Pop Sugar

Nick is no stranger to the bachelor world, having appeared on 3 ''bachelor'' shows. One would expect that he'd be an expert in matters of the heart. It was expected that he would choose Vanessa Grimaldi, an obvious favorite of his from day one. He is a gentleman and easy on the eyes too.

19 Andrew Firestone, Season 3

Via Cheat Sheet

Handsome, wealthy, and a real gentleman - he was the ideal bachelor, fan approved. Firestone proposed to Jen Schefft at the end of his season, however they called it quits only seven months after the proposal. He was fun to watch and we have got to point out that his season was among the best ever.

18 Jason Mesnick, Season 13

via usweekly.com

Former Bachelorette fan-favorite Jason Mesnick, picked Melissa Rycroft, only to realize he was actually in love with Molly Malaney, which he revealed at the After the Rose special. The betrayal hit hard and had fans thinking the single dad had everyone fooled. He and Malaney eventually married and went on to have two children.

17 Andy Baldwin, Season 10

Via Twitter- Challenge Family Americas

Andy was an actual US Naval Officer, hence his season being dubbed,"An Officer and a Gentleman." He was a true gentleman that treated the contestants with respect and actually seemed like he was really there to find a partner. Andy proposed to Tessa Horst in the finale, but they called off the engagement after the show. The couple continued to date for about six months before breaking up.

16 Chris Soules, Season 19

Via ET Canada

Aahh Chris, where do we begin? His time on The Bachelor is nothing but a blurred memory and has been overshadowed by his legal troubles. He made the headlines when he was arrested after he rear-ended Mosher’s tractor. Soules called 911, performed CPR on Mosher, and waited for first responders, but he left the scene before officers arrived. Not cool, dude...

15 Lorenzo Borghese, Season 9

Via Celebrity Net Worth

His Season had all the glitz and glamour you'd expect from an Italian Prince - he technically doesn't have a title, though, his father's the real prince. His season was filmed in Rome, Italy— there were dates to the opera, pool parties in actual castles, spa dates in ancient baths... but it still wasn't enough to make him that memorable.

14 Brad Womack, Seasons 11 And 15

Via BenQ

For someone widely despised by The Bachelor nation, it was a shock to see him return as the Bachelor again! We loved the stunt he pulled in Season 11 - he didn't choose a winner which was very unexpected and mature of him. You can't force a connection where there isn't one.

13 Byron Velvick, Season 6

Via Us Magazine

Poor Byron's only crime is being forgettable. There wasn't anything memorable about him really. He proposed to Maria Delgado in the season six finale, and the two were together for a few years before calling it quits. It was a case of a romance gone bad - Delgado was charged with battery for punching Velvick in the mouth.

12 Bob Guiney, Season 4

Via Youtube-Wochit Entertainment

The thing most people would remember about Bob was how funny he was on the show. It was shocking when he gave his finalist Estella Gardinier a promise ring instead of proposing to her. It's no wonder they broke up after the show aired. We love clowns, though, hence Bob ranking a little higher on the list.

11 Aaron Buerge, Season 2

Via Popsugar

This charming banker was really nice and his season didn't have any controversies - but that could be the problem; he was not memorable. He chose Helene Eksterowicz and proposed to her, but they called off their engagement only a few weeks after the show aired. He was so boring, it's a miracle the show got a third season.

10 Matt Grant, Season 12

Via Pinterest

We sure hope we aren't the only ones that think British accents a swoon-worthy - that's all this bachelor brought to the season. Matt was the first lead from outside of North America and fans were hoping for something different... from what other bachelors offered. That wasn't the case, and the only thing we remember is his accent.

9 Travis Lane Stork, Season 8

Via Worldation

The good doctor appeared on season 8 of The Bachelor. Unfortunately, there isn't much discourse about his Season and that's owed to the fact that he was fairly boring. Sure, he is good to look at, but we think he's better off on his show The Doctors or better still - the ER. We love you Travis, but...

8 Charlie O'Connell, Season 7


Actor and Jerry O'Connell's younger brother Charlie, AKA the less famous of the duo, was the "party like the world is nearing its end" bachelor. On his first group date of the season, he actually did body shots off a couple of contestants. Charlie's far from classy, but he is a fun guy.

7 Ben Flajnik, Season 16

Via Bustle

This babyfaced winemaker made the mistake of picking the season's villain, Courtney Robertson, who was rude to other contestants and seemed visibly unstable. What infuriated the Bachelor nation was Flajnik's indifference to Robertson's rude behavior towards other contestants, and deciding to only focus on her charms. He did redeem himself though. The couple broke up while the season was still airing due to Robertson's villainy

6 Alex Michel, Season 1

Via Bustle

He was the first bachelor! That's probably why many do not remember this gentleman, or it could be that he doesn't really fit the bachelor aesthetic. He is also said to have been bland and didn't have much of a personality. We bet him not proposing to winner, Amanda Marsh, caused quite a stir.

5 Jesse Palmer, Season 5

Via Pinterest

His season was fun to watch, and not just because he was nice to look at - well, maybe that, but who can forget how he called out the wrong woman's name at the Rose Ceremony? That was truly cringeworthy and made for spectacular viewing. That's not all.. he made one of his married friends go undercover as a contestant in order to gain intel about the ladies.

4 Colton Underwood, Season 23

Via USA Today

When you think Colton Underwood, the famous "fence jump" comes to mind. After getting his heart broken by frontrunner Cassie when she decided to leave him, Underwood ripped off his mic, jumped a fence, and disappeared into the night. Who wants a partner that throws tantrums when things don't go their way? You guessed it - nobody. Impressive parkour skills there, buddy.

3 Jake Pavelka, Season 14

Via Pop Sugar

You'd wonder why the hunky pilot was ranked low on the list... wonder no more, we have got you covered. Fans were disappointed when he picked the season's villain, Vienna Girardi, as the winner. It only got worse when the couple broke up not long after the show wrapped and verbally duked it out in a televised interview. We saw a side to him that was well hidden on the show.

2 Arie Luyendyk, Jr., Season 22

via In Touch Weekly

The first thing that irked fans about the race car driver was how boring he was. That said, things quickly escalated when unedited footage showed Luyendyk dumping his distraught winner and fiancée, future-Bachelorette Becca Kufrin, so he could reunite with runner-up Lauren Burnham. It was later claimed that Arie was sliding into a couple of contestants DMs... yikes.

1 Juan Pablo Galavis, Season 18

via Pinterest.com

Initially, many were excited about Juan Pablo being the first Latino Bachelor - it's very understandable because there isn't a lot of diversity when it comes to the lineup of bachelors. However. he quickly became the Bachelor that everyone loved to hate. He's even been declared the worst bachelor in history— a title well deserved.

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