Ever Is Targeting Millennial Shoppers With Their Latest Skincare Trio

A new kid on the block of the cosmetic industry is in search of an audience that's just as fresh. That's the ambition of skin-care company Ever, which launched in 2016. It has stated that the big target of its latest product, the Pretty Young Trio, will be the millennials, a fickle demographic not exactly notorious for brand loyalty.

Ever, owned by online clothing and jewelry retailer Stella & Dot, announced on Monday that it hopes the next youth wave will benefit from the Pretty Young Trio, a triple-phase skincare item that includes a cleanser, brightening gel and moisturizer designed with millennials' epidermal physiology in mind. It's a shift from the Gen-X market when Ever launched three years ago as it first targeted older women with Pure Results, a five-step skincare product.

“Launching PYT is about millennials,” said Ani Hadjinian, Ever's general manager. “We want to open up the funnel of who can participate and relate to our products.”

Ever doesn't have the benefit of a celebrity spokesperson to speak glowingly about its inventory. But the company noticed that word-of-mouth was rampant with the millennial set earlier this spring, as young women took to social media to praise some of Ever's cosmetics, including an assortment of lip gloss, palettes, and mascara.

It was in mascara, especially its Whiplash volumizing line, that Ever really scored points, especially when the company started working with Influenster, a product review, and market research platform. A six-week campaign resulted in 3.7 million social media impressions and visits as well as more than 200 reviews on EverSkin.com from those who used the item. The results translated into a change in strategy for Ever, which launched with the idea of reaching women in all walks of life.


“As digital natives, millennials have had access to more platforms for consuming, creating and sharing content," said Influenster vice-president Laura Brinker. "Peer-to-peer no longer just happens face-to-face with people you know but is fueled by things like social networking, texting, online ratings and reviews, and via a much-expanded digital network.”

However encouraging the results, it's not enough for Ever to reveal how they've performed in the market, although one spokesperson claimed the company has grown to three times its original size since operations began. It also won't let folks know about annual sales or how much capital they're pouring into Pretty Young Trio.

To that end, Ever plans to follow a selling format similar to Avon, bringing on board "independent specialists" to peddle the product. For each item sold, these specialists will be rewarded with commissions up to 35 percent, depending on their commitment to selling. The company has announced joining forces with blog and vlog networks like HerCampus and InfluenceHer to further heighten awareness of the Pretty Young Trio.


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