Hang Eucalyptus In The Shower To Ward Off The Flu

The latest trend to fight off the nasty flu is to hang eucalyptus in the shower. Not only does it look pretty but it is relaxing, soothing and helps keep the cold/flu at bay.

There are different variations of eucalyptus. Therefore the aesthetics can be different each time you hang some in the shower. People have been doing it for a while for the calming effects, but a recent Reddit thread has gone viral with the most important reason to have this plant in the shower.

In the thread, one user mentioned that it does so much more than look pretty. During this time of year, a hot steamy shower can do wonders to help with the aches and pains of the flu or cold. Steam is great for sweating out all the sickness, especially loosening up a dreaded cough.

Eucalyptus is often used to help fight upper respiratory issues. It is found in a good majority of chest rubs. So, what does this have to do with hanging it in a shower? Well, actually quite a bit. The steam causes the essential oils in the plant to be released. These oils are beneficial to relieving congestion and inflammation. It is recommended to breathe in the steam in the hot shower for about five minutes for the treatment to be the most effective.

It is almost as though an at home spa is being created, except this one helps prevent the flu. Now, the one thing to remember is that hanging eucalyptus in the shower is not a 100% guarantee that people will not get sick this winter. Hanging it in the shower can help ward it off, but it also will help if a person does end up getting sick.

There isn't really a reason to not at least try this cute little hack. Eucalyptus can be found at most local florists or even the flower section of the grocery store. It is definitely accessible and should not be difficult to find. Those who enjoy baths can achieve the same health benefits by using bath salts that have eucalyptus in them.

Have you ever hung eucalyptus in the shower? If so, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!


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