This Mattifying Primer Is Flying Off Of Sephora Shelves

It’s only been two weeks and Sephora is struggling to keep a new product, Erborian’s "Extra Matte Ultra Mattifying Primer" on their shelves. According to website Allure, the mattifying primer, which launched just a week ago, sold out and Sephora is having a difficult time in keeping up with the demand for the product. The primer can be bought at  Sephora stores or on their website.

The primer is ideal for dry and oily skin, especially in summer, now that the season has finally arrived. The product is a real game changer for anyone who is constantly looking to keep their skin matte throughout the day without feeling dry. Be prepared to say bye-bye to parched or ultra-oily skin and hello to hydration.

Sitting at a pricy $42, the product achieves a balance by using lily extract to assist with its moisturizing properties. The use of this extract allows the consumer to create a blurring effect on their skin that will leave them looking like they just used a photo filter. This primer is also soft on the skin and equally as smooth.


Erborian is a Korean-French brand and one of their products (their CC Crème) has already exceeded expectations. There’s no doubt that their running streak will continue with this primer. Thank the beauty gods that the brand has done their research and decided to cater to every complexion. To use the product, you simply have to work the primer into the skin before applying foundation, BB cream, CC cream, or any other makeup. And presto! Matte skin that stays oil-free and moisturized all day.

Erborian has done everything in its power to make the lives of its users better. Their other products have sold out, so why wouldn’t their mattifying primer? With a product that is perfect for summer, the mattifying primer is the one product every woman should have in their makeup bags. And while the benefits in the current season are clear, this product can be used year round to keep skin looking flawless under makeup.

Let's just hope that Sephora restocks ASAP!


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