10 Emojis Your Partner Always Uses (And What It Says About Them)

There are plenty of things that we do or say on a regular basis that can say a lot about what type of person we are. From the way we talk, dress, what we choose to eat, even right down to the way we text and what emojis we always seem to be using. If you have ever wanted to know more about your partner, maybe it’s time to start analyzing their favorite emojis and seeing what it says about them or even about yourself.

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People with certain characteristics tend to gravitate toward using specific emojis. Continue reading to learn about what your partner's favorite emojis say about them!

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10 The Smiling Poop Emoji

People who always use the smiling poop emoji tend to be a bit on the reckless side and very free-spirited. They like to be goofy and silly and make others laugh. They have the type of sense of humor that not everyone may understand at first, but that is okay because people who love to use this emoji frequently often find their own jokes to be downright hilarious.

9 The Smiling Heart Eyes Emoji

People who always seem to be tapping out the smiling heart-eyed emoji usually tend to be romantic and very emotional individuals. People who frequently use this emoji can appear as being basic and they are usually very much aware of this and it doesn’t bother them the least bit. They can become easily stressed by certain situations and are often very excitable. According to Cosmopolitan.com, someone who uses this emoji a lot may send out a group text to their friends letting them know how amazing that first iced coffee of spring was and how excited they are for summer to begin!

8 The Blushing Smiley Face Emoji

People who frequently use the blushing smiley face emoji are usually optimistic and can see things on the brighter side. They are the glass-half-full kind of people that often have infectious personalities who others just love to be around.

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People who always use this emoji are often the glue that holds their most important relationships together, according to Cosmopolitan.com. They are also usually able to handle anything that life decides to throw their way. They are also more likely to be happy-go-lucky in their daily life.

7 The Laugh Out Loud Emoji

Laughter can cure what ails you and people who are always using the laugh out loud emoji, the laughing face with the tears, tend to have a wicked sense of humor and a great personality. According to Bloghthings.com, if laughter is the best medicine, then everyone who is around a person who frequents this emoji should all be extremely healthy! These people also tend to have the best comments, comebacks, posts, and even text messages. They are sure to brighten your day.

6 Kiss Lips Emoji

People who always seem to use the kissing lips emoji tend to be major flirts. They usually know exactly what they want when it comes to their relationships, friendships, or just life in general. People who use the emoji a lot are often bold, loving, and straightforward. There is never a need for them to beat around the bush because they tell it as they see it.

5 The Face Screaming In Fear Emoji

Most of us have that one friend who is always using the face screaming in fear emoji. You know the one; the emoji that resembles Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream. People who always seem to be using this emoji tend to be massive alarmists. They are responsible and caring individuals. According to Cosmopolitan.com, people who frequently use this emoji are usually the type that knows their way around the symptom checker on WebMD. If you need anything, people who love this emoji will always be there for you.

4 The Skull Emoji

People who always seem to use the skull emoji more than anything else tend to be extremely passionate individuals. They are passionate about everything that they do and about everything that is in their life.

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They can sometimes take things to an extreme seeing as how they are often described as extreme people. People who frequently use this emoji seem to have an all or nothing type of personality. They either love something hard or they hate it.

3 The Fire Emoji

People who always seem to use the fire emoji radiate confidence above all else. They tend to know exactly what their likes, wants, and needs are and they will not be the type to settle for anything less. If you don’t have what they need or want, they are likely to move onto the next with ease. They don’t tolerate nonsense or unnecessary drama. According to Cosmpolitan.com, they are most likely Leos who tend to gravitate toward their natural element; fire.

2 The Thumbs Up Emoji

People who always seem to use the thumbs up emoji are usually very easygoing and agreeable individuals. They tend to have a very dry sense of humor. These people also tend to find it challenging to make even the most basic of decisions which can leave their partner as the main decision maker in the relationship. As long as you don’t mind taking charge, it can be a smooth ride.

1 The Ghost Emoji

People who always use the ghost emoji are usually very silly and love to make people laugh. They love to be spontaneous. Although they may not necessarily be the most reliable person that you know, they are always there when for you when you need to spice things up and want some adventure in your life. People who frequently use this emoji tend to run in packs, and they go great with people who love to use the skull emoji, according to Cosmopolitan.com. These people also never want to seem to grow up.

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