Emma Thompson Shares The New Diet That Is Putting Her At Peace With Her Body

If there’s one thing Emma Thompson doesn’t waffle about, it is weight-loss.The 59-year-old British actress recently cut to the chase about life and in a short interview revealed that dieting screwed up her body so badly that she regrets ever trying it.

“Dieting screwed up my metabolism, and it messed with my head. I’ve fought with that multimillion-pound industry all my life, but I wish I’d had more knowledge before I started swallowing their crap. I regret ever going on one” she admitted candidly.

In 2017 Thompson reportedly dropped two dress sizes in six weeks with the help of fitness and lifestyle guru Louise Parker. Her nutrition plan combined calorie-control with frequent meals (no wonder it was dubbed an “anti-diet diet”), as well as daily resistance workouts.


Unlike popular diets which are built around clean eating, Parker’s diet allowed Thompson to consume three meals and two snacks per day including carbs, red meats, healthy fats and even the occasional glass of red wine.

Yes, you heard right, no Chia seeds, and not a sip of kale. Celebrity-favorite Louise Parker has been clear that she doesn’t buy into deprivation, gluten-free obsession, and unappetizing miracle foods. Did Emma Thompson use Parker’s professional advice in an effort to reverse the damage that clean eating and calorie deprivation had done to her metabolism in the past? Perhaps she did.

Thompson, who in 2009 spoke of her “great big zonking bottom” must have tried every fad diet on the planet, until she had someone spelling out for her what humanity has known since the beginning of civilization: Consuming smaller portions and exercising daily self-control can do miracles.

To be honest, it’s hard to imagine someone like Emma Thompson living off of Brussel sprouts. With her larger-than-life talent, sense of humor, and fairy godmother-y sparkle, she comes across as someone who not only isn’t uptight about her weight but also needs real food to fuel her eclectic personality.

Thompson is probably right to expose the dieting industry. But with new fad diets popping up everywhere on the web, and numerous fitness professionals giving contradictory weight-loss advice, it’s hard to take sensible advice over promises of ‘miracle’ results.

Moreover, it’s worth knowing that Louise Parker’s “anti-diet” diet, to which Thompson swears by, doesn’t come cheap. Someone needs to fork out over £4,000 for a dieting plan. Sounds like the most expensive anti-dieting decision ever, but Emma is finally at peace with her body.


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