Emma Stone Got A Perm - And You Can See The Whole Process

Another reason to love Emma Stone: the actress got a perm. Her friend documented the whole process and posted it on social media for all her fans to see.

A new year warranted a new look for Stone as she and one of her pals each got new hairstyles to kick off 2018. As the La La Land actress was getting her new locks, her hairstylist documented the whole process so it could be shared on Instagram. There was not a single step left out - from the curlers to the stinky product to the final wash. It can all be seen on social media.

According to Instagram, NARS Director of Pro Artistry Rachel Goodwin and Stone got matching perms. Goodwin is the one who posted the process on social media. They went to Mare Salon in West Hollywood to get their new hairstyles. Celebrity hair stylists Mara Roszak and Kiley Fitzgerald gave the ladies their new perms.

"We have a permanent bond! Some friends get tattoos, well we get perms! We’re here to tell you that they are BACK and they re not your grandmas perm! Especially when you are in the amazing hands of @mararoszak and @bykileyfitz at @mare_salon #curlyisthenewstraight this is the #newwave," wrote Goodwin as she posted photos of the two getting their perms.

Rachel Goodwin Instagram

Goodwin and Stone did not get your ordinary run-of-the-mill tight ring curled perm. Oh no! They each got a wavy perm called a "digital wave." Glamour magazine reports a “digital wave” perm like the Oscar winner's costs about $350. Although pricey, perms last up to six months. If someone wants nice waves, the results are long lasting and pretty awesome.

Perms are no longer taboo. It is once again becoming a trend, especially in Hollywood. Actress Emma Stone is the latest celebrity to get a perm and fans can watch her get it done on social media. The end result looks good and shows just how far perms have come.

What do you think of Stone’s new wavy perm - is it a hit or a miss?

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