Emily Ratajkowski Sued By Photographer Over A Photo She Posted On Instagram

If you have an Instagram profile (which is something that a majority of individuals have), you probably don't think twice about posting a photo or video. Whether it's for your feed or your Story, it doesn't always take a whole lot of thought to post something. But sometimes, you have to be careful as to what exactly you post for one reason or another.

This may be the case for American supermodel turned fashion designer Emily Ratajkowski, 28. That's because she was recently sued by a photographer over an Instagram photo she posted. The suit was filed by American photographer Robert O'Neil and is asking for $150 000 USD for her alleged actions, as well as reimbursement for any profit she received from posting the offending photo.

According to the lawsuit, Ratajkowski shared a candid photo that had been taken by O'Neil. It was of the gorgeous model holding a large bouquet of flowers close to her face. She posted it onto her Instagram Story with the caption "Mood Forever", although the image has since expired on her profile. O'Neil alleges that Ratajkowski didn't have his permission or consent to upload the photo in question to her Instagram, hence why the lawsuit is happening.



It's worth noting that this isn't O'Neil's first time suing a model for uploading a photo of his onto Instagram. Fellow American supermodel Gigi Hadid was sued just last month over a photo she'd previously posted of her ex-boyfriend, American musician Zayn Malik. That lawsuit is currently working its way through the courts.

Another example of this that had nothing to do with O'Neil concerns Canadian singer/songwriter Justin Bieber. A couple of weeks ago, Bieber shared an image online that belonged to another American photographer named Robert Barbara. Luckily in Bieber's case, he revealed on social media that he and Barbara have made amends without having to resort to a lawsuit.

As of now, neither Ratajkowski nor O'Neil have publicly commented on the pending lawsuit. It's unknown what will come from the lawsuit, but it'll certainly be interesting to see what happens next.

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