Ellie Goulding Shows Off Her Amazing Abs Once Again During Rehearsals

Ellie Goulding is an award-winning English singer/songwriter who has many fans all around the world. Her music continues to be praised by both fans and critics for being well done, original and catchy. Whether it's a song for an upcoming album or for a movie's soundtrack, Goulding knows how to write and create a surefire hit song. But she not only has a great voice- she also has a great body.

Goulding shared a post on Instagram that happened to catch a glance at her killer abs. The black and white photos in question were taken during concert rehearsals and later shared in a captionless Instagram post. While it may be a bit difficult to get a good look at Goulding's abs, you'll soon be able to see them after looking for a moment or two.

In the photos, Goulding is seen wearing a black Calvin Klein sports bra, black Nike leggings, and (most likely) black shoes. She has her long, light blonde hair thrown into a messy ponytail, and seems to have little to no makeup on. She's pulling off the athleisure trend with ease while showing off her natural beauty.

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While she doesn't do so often, Goulding's gorgeous figure isn't exactly a well-kept secret. She's shown if off before on social media here and there, making fans gush over wishing they had as amazing a figure like hers. She once admitted in a past interview that she manages to maintain her physique by eating a primarily vegan diet- despite the fact that her new husband, art dealer Caspar Jopling, is a meat lover. In addition, Goulding regularly practices yoga and attends Barry’s Bootcamp classes.

"Barry’s is so good. Especially if you start on the treadmill you have no choice but to get right into it," Goulding said. "Your heart rate is up within a couple of minutes. Once your heart rate is up, it’s natural to be in the zone."

It's great to see that Goulding was nice enough to reveal what works for her to get healthy and look good. Perhaps you may try one or all of those tips to get killer abs of your own. It couldn't hurt to try, at least!

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