Ellen Pompeo From Grey’s Anatomy Defends Kelly Ripa In The Bachelor Feud

Ellen Pompeo From Grey’s Anatomy Defends Kelly Ripa In The Bachelor Feud

Ellen Pompeo is coming in to defend Kelly Ripa in the ongoing The Bachelor feud, showing that she has her back. Kelly has not made a secret of how she feels about the popular dating show, but when she earlier this week called it 'gross', it did spark some controversy. The topic came up on Live! With Kelly and Ryan when Kelly and her co-host Ryan Seacrest were discussing that Hannah Brown, the new Bachelorette, was going to visit the show. Kelly slammed the dating show calling it gross and disgusting and said she does not understand how 25 exceptional women can fight over one, in her opinion, ordinary man. She also called out the audience for watching the show when they cheered her on.

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Mike Fleiss, the creator of The Bachelor franchise, was not too happy about his ABC colleague's statement about his show and decided to respond to Kelly via a Twitter post. His message suggested that Kelly should not hate on The Bachelor since it pays her salary, something which a lot of people reacted to, and Ellen Pompeo was one of them. The Grey's Anatomy actress called Mike out for his statement saying that his show does not pay Kelly's salary and also added that they do not attack successful women on their network (ABC). She ended her tweet suggesting that men should stop taking credit for women's success, and made it pretty clear that she as well is not a fan of The Bachelor.

Ellen Pompeo From Grey’s Anatomy Defends Kelly Ripa In The Bachelor Feud
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As reported by Hollywood Life, Ellen has made herself known for being outspoken whenever she feels something is not right. The forty-nine-year-old actress called out the Today Show hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford when they discussed Ellen's interview on The Red Table Talk, but only the part where she was asked about her former co-star Patrick Dempsey.

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Although Kelly is probably happy for Ellen's support, she did not seem bothered at all when Hannah Brown finally showed up for her appearance on Live! With Kelly and Ryan. Kelly made it clear she stands by her initial comments about The Bachelor franchise, and jokingly told Hannah, "just blink twice, and I'll get you out of here!".

While it is understandable that Mike Fleiss did not like the comments from Kelly about his show, especially since they are on the same network, he should not take credit for her success. Ultimately, Kelly Ripa and her success have nothing to do with The Bachelor, and she is entitled to an opinion.

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