Ellen Pompeo: 15 Grey's Anatomy Cast Members She'll Miss (+ 5 Not-So-Much)

It's pretty difficult to find anyone who hasn't watched at least one episode of Grey's Anatomy. The series is one of the longest-running scripted TV shows in history and has pretty much become a pop-culture staple in the homes of hundreds of thousands of those in the United States. Since the series launched in 2005 a lot of characters have left the show, but the main character Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo has stood the test of time. We pulled together a list of people she, as well as her character, will probably miss and a few of those she probably will not, some of the reasons certain characters left the show are pretty juicy. Want to know more? Read on.

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20 Best Friends Forever


Sandra Oh who played Meredith's best friend, Dr. Christina Yang, on the show left at the end of Season 10. Although Meredith misses her as do many devout viewers, it was kind of time for her to go. I mean how many tragedies can one go through and how many marriages can one break up because kids just aren't an option?

19 Now She's A Widow


Oh Patrick Dempsey! When Derek Shepard took his exit no one on the show or on the couch at home had any dry eyes. But according to Pompeo, there was a bit of a pay difference between the actors behind the scenes which will leave her missing their chemistry, but also gives her a boost. She said in an interview with Variety Studios that his departure made her want to, "prove to the studio and the network that I could carry the show and the show could continue" after he left. Yay for female empowerment.

18 She'll Miss George


TR Knight played George O'Malley the soft-spoken dear friend of Meredith Grey. When he left a lot of viewers were pretty sad, as was Pompeo. According to inside reports, the actor came out as gay which, because of some tension created by some actors on the show really made it better for him to leave. Juicy right?

17 The Sister She Never Knew


Chyler Leigh played Lexi Grey, the sister Meredith never had, until she met Maggie. Leigh made her exit at the end of Season 8. Meredith's character still mourns the loss of her sister well into present seasons, making mention of her occasionally. Many fans of the show were kind of over her character, though.

16 Her Husband's Steamy Friend


Her husband's sidekick Mark Sloan aka Eric Dane is sure to be missed. Mark Sloan aka McSteamy was one of the hottest doctors on Grey's Anatomy. Meredith will miss him because she was a support system for her for a while. He also provided comic relief when things got a little too intense.

15 Her Drinking Partner


Sara Ramirez played the famous orthopedic surgeon Caliope Torez. The straight turned gay turned interested in whoever batted their eyes, character. According to behind the scenes scoop there was no beef between her and Pompeo, making her exit very amicable. But, Meredith's character will miss her because after Christina left, Callie as she was known, became her drinking partner. Say hello to solo bottles, Meredith.

14 Her Prized Pupil


Stephanie Edwards was one of Meredith's star pupils, surely she will be missed. Edwards as she became known, was called that so many times fans often forgot her first name. She was really good though, and super talented. So much so that attendings like Amelia Shepard and Meredith Grey often fought to have her on their service.

13 Her First Real Romance After Derek


Merediths first real love interest after her husbands' death, Martin Henderson should have had a longer run. His departure really made things feel unfinished. Especially since he left for Owen's sister and then after he left Owen's sister showed up to work at the hospital. What? Anyway, Meredith won't be having any steamy action in the back seats of cars anytime soon, or will she? Only Shonda knows.

12 Her Crazy Friend, Literally


Izzie Stephens, played by Katherine Heigel was a bit loopy. She wasn't always but she cut the L-Vat wire to save this dying guy she loved and then married Merediths oldest friend and then left him. It was a lot. But according to inside sources, Heigel really angered writers and staff when she said the show wasn't really worthy of the Emmy's. She said, "given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination." Low blow Izzie, low blow.

11 The Drill Sargent Doc


Not everyone remembers Dr. Hahn. She was the ex-soldier turned doc (how many of those are on the show now?) Anyway, there were rumors that she was escorted off the show after her realization about the fact that she likes girls. Surely Meredith didn't care, but apparently, producers and writers did. Many were surprised at her departure.

10 That Random Intern


As an intern, Dr. Leah Murphy's position on the show was relatively lackluster. But Meredith will surely miss being able to boss people around. Dr. Murphy first appeared on the show after Meredith had grown into a firmer doctor who ruled with a heavier hand. Dr. Murphy really helped Meredith play out that role, surely her subordinate position will be missed.

9 The Other Random Intern


Dr. Shane Ross kept messing up. The actors' real name is Gaius Charles. He didn't have a particularly long run on the show but again, he helped Meredith's character shine in her leadership role. When he left the show it's not even sure that many fans even noticed. But one thing is for sure, once writers took more interest in who Meredith was dating and less of who she was bossing around, his time was up.

8 Her Boss' Husband


Meredith Grey will miss Warren, maybe not as much as Miranda Bailey, her boss, and Warren's wife. Let's get one thing straight. Warren was all over the place. He was an EMT turned doctor turned firefighter? He didn't have a lot of sticking power but his hopping interest kept fans interested and his passion for the practice kept Meredith intrigued.

7 Her Longtime Friend


Melissa George, Meredith's once close friend who winds up leaving after it's discovered she cheated to get into the surgical program will be missed by Meredith but fans knew she had to go. Behind the scenes, George had some issues. Writers felt that her character had grown hard to write for, and there was no longer a place for her on the show. Regardless, after she took her exit, Meredith was pretty down.

6 She Got It From Her Momma


She might not willingly admit it, but everything she has, including her surgical talent, Meredith got it from her mom–which is why, when she left in Season 3, it was sort of a sad-happy occasion. Sure Meredith was in part relieved that her overbearing mother was no longer around to criticize and call her "ordinary," but it later propelled her to win the prized Harper Avery award.

And the people who won't be missed...

5 When She Was A Homewrecker

via:Marie Claire

The red-headed bombshell that played Derek's not so ex-wife will probably not be missed too much. The stiletto-wearing baby doctor known as Addison Montgomery also known as Kate Walsh actually left to star as the main character in the spin-off Private Practice. But it's doubtful Meredith's character missed her at all since she did kind of steal her husband.

4 That Doc She Didn't Really Like


So much drama! The rollerskate wearing turned one-legged pediatric doc known as Arizona played by Jessica Capshaw did not see eye to eye with Ellen Pompeo at all. According to sources, they argued frequently over pay grades and character likeability. When it finally came time to bid her adieu, it's doubtful that Pompeo shed any tears.

3 Kepner, Yuck


What can one really say about Kepner? Even her name made fans sigh. Pompeo and Sarah Drew duked it out until Season 14 when the actress finally left. Writers say that she was let go because of "creative" differences, but many speculate it was over Pompeo's salary raise, again. She's the star, she makes more money!

2 The Reason She Didn't Have A Happy Family


Lorette Devine played Richard Webber's wife. She played into the reason that Dr. Webber and Meredith's mom couldn't be together. Richard wanted to be a good husband, even though he totally had a baby out of wedlock who later appears on the show as Dr. Maggie Pierce, Meredith's sister. According to sources, the actress left because she felt she was too young for the role she was playing.

1 Her Deadbeat Dad


Meredith's father played by Jeff Perry probably won't be missed all that much. The fact of the matter is, he was never that much of a dad to Meredith's character anyway. Thatcher as his character was known, appeared off and on the show for several seasons, always seeming to upset Meredith's character at one point or another. Good riddance.

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