EGF Facials—And 19 Other Out There Beauty Treatments People Are Raving About

The ultimate investment—you! According to the New York Post, new research reveals that US women "spend nearly a quarter of a million dollars on their appearance in their lifetime.” Wowza! This means women are spending an incredible amount of time and money on maintaining and improving their appearance. Females have long sought after ways to enhance their beauty either temporarily or permanently, but the way that they are making these changes has become more innovative. With more beauty and skin props behind the scenes plus better technology at our fingertips, beauty treatments are helping women all over the world to find more happiness and satisfaction with their appearance.

Of course—there’s nothing wrong with aging, discoloration and skin imperfections, but for many women, a new approach helps them overcome insecurity and exude more confidence. This year’s trends run the gamut from prioritizing beauty on the inside (probiotics and collagen ingestion), non-surgical procedures (lifts and nose jobs) to the new and noteworthy (EGF and micro-needling). There’s been a surge in procedures that can be done in the comfort of your own home, as well as numerous reviews that help guide the way. Here are 20 of the latest breakthrough beauty treatments that have the beauty community raving.

20 Cate’s Face Secret—The EGF Facial

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Cate Blanchett recently raved about the EGF facial. This treatment includes a TCA peel, micro needling with stem cell application, and the application of an electrifying galvanic alginate mask to soothe the skin.

The serum sparks a bit of controversy as it contains human fibroblast cells.

As per celebrity facialist Georgia Louise, “EGF is derived from the progenitor cells of the human fibroblast cells–which helps to generate collagen and elastin, to tighten and firm the skin. This process allows the active ingredients to be transported deep in the skin by creating temporary micro-channel.” Bold! Be sure to account for one to two days of downtime as you may be a bit red post-treatment.

19 Leave It To The Pros—Like Glow's Inner Beauty Probiotic Powder

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Experts have long claimed that a person’s emotional state—whether they’re dealing with anxiety, stress or depression—is rooted in poor functioning of the gastrointestinal tract when unhealthy bacteria build up in your immune system. This results in inflammation—like breakouts—and worsens skin conditions like rosacea, acne or eczema.

Probiotics like Glow's Inner Beauty Powder promote internal health and can help balance the toxicity of bacteria being absorbed into the bloodstream. As per Dermstore, when applied topically, “Probiotics have been found to provide numerous benefits” by influencing the type of bacteria that live on your skin.

Benefits of probiotics include improved inflammatory skin conditions, strengthening of the skin barrier, anti-aging and promoting a healthy scalp.

18 Eyebrows On Fleek With Semi-Permanent Microblading

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After years of waxing, threading, and penciling, women are seeking a more permanent option to fuller brows. Well-groomed brows help frame the face and accentuate your features. According to Elle, "the process uses a tool that is similar to a pen with a nip being a sloped blade and 10-12 little needs at the end.”

Unlike a tattoo, the microblading needle delicately scratches the surface of the skin, similar to the effect of a paper cut.

The needle creates featherweight strokes with a medical grade pigment to create fine, natural looking hair strokes. Sounds painful? The microblade technician will apply numbing cream before the treatment, after which results should last 12-18 months.

17 Pain Is Beauty—And Laser Hair Removal Brings Both To The Table

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For hair-free legs, arms, underarms, bikini lines and more, laser hair removal is a popular go-to. Instead of shaving, women can achieve permanent hair removal within four to six sessions around three weeks apart.

According to Vogue, “The laser targets pigment, therefore having the least amount of melanin makes the treatment easier, safer, and most effective.” The laser’s pulse is a bit painful and feels similar to the snap of a rubber band.

In the 1-3 weeks following the treatment, the hair will fall out—with less and less hair growing back each time. Pro tip: try the procedure it in the winter—an even, tan-free surface will produce more effective results.

16 Lash Lifts Are A Perm For Your Lashes

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For beauty babes looking for an alternative to lash extensions or falsies, consider giving a lash lift a try. Though exact formulas may vary, Cosmopolitan describes a lash lift as “a keratin treatment that enhances your natural lashes by lifting the hairs and curling them.”

The process takes about an hour and includes cleansing the lashes, gluing the lashes down with a silicone shield, a perming lotion, and a setting lotion.

Treatments can be complemented with a lash tint. Technicians recommend avoiding water for the first 24 hours but after that, lash lifts are generally low maintenance and will last about 8-12 weeks depending on lash growth.

15 Pearly Whites With Philips Zoom Whitespeed

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Clean, white teeth are a sign of good health. Unfortunately, diet, bad habits, coffee, or red wine intake can lead to stain buildup that inhibits you from flashing your best smile. Consider professional teeth whitening solutions that can get you on track for an awesome smile that will keep you grinning all the time.

As per Women’s Health Magazine, the Philips Zoom Whitespeed is the most effective option—“It's not cheap, but it sure does work. For around $600 and an afternoon at the dentist (the procedure takes 45 minutes), this whitening treatment will lighten your teeth up to eight shades. The treatment uses LED technology, and you’ll get take-home trays to use.”

14 Give Vamp Vibes When Ladies Go Micro

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For women with premature wrinkles, signs of aging or sun damage, this treatment promises a fresher look.

The notorious "vampire facial" starts with a blood draw to isolate platelets through a centrifuge.

Next, patients receive microneedling or microdermabrasion before PRPs are applied over the face (options with or without radio frequency are available). As mentioned in Allure, "It sounds gory and mysterious, but in fact, it is central to our evolving understanding of the physiology of the skin and advanced techniques with which to improve the quality of the skin.” Kim K is a notable fan of this facial, which is said to achieve great results.

13  Dip It Low With Powder-Dipped Manis

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Move aside gel, nails have a new BFF—powder! So how does it work? According to PopSugar, “dipped manicures use pigmented powder. First, a base coat and a sealant is applied from a small container of the color you've selected. A nail technician will then paint on both coats, shaping it to the contours of your nail.”

Pro tip: be sure the technician both coats on your nail rather than dipping into a container. As you can imagine, dip powder manis dry instantly and last around three to four weeks. Better pick a good color if we’re committing to it for that long! Like gel, powder manis require more time for removal.

12 Who Nose

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As per Harper’s Bazaar, Dr. Alexander Rivkin is credited with inventing the “lunchtime nose job” technique. This fairly new treatment uses hyaluronic acid to correct curves, bumps, and lumps to make your nose appear smaller and more precise. Longevity is based on the choice of injection—Volume lasts a year and a half, while permanent takes three spaced-out sessions and leads to results that can last years.

But keep in mind that the nose is a particularly delicate area of the face.

Rivkin notes, "I think that people need to understand the safety principles of injecting, and a have a healthy fear of the nose. In terms of what's dangerous, the nose ranks up there as the most dangerous.”

11 When Botox Is a No-Go

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In recent years, Botox and fillers have become the new norm. But not all women are enthusiastic about needle injections—hence, the rise of non-surgical cosmetic procedures. But we’ve found the Holy Grail! Fillerina is a two-step process that can be done in the comfort of your own home. It contains six types of hyaluronic acid to penetrate various layers of the skin.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, “Fillerina is much, much stronger than your average hyaluronic acid serum. Yet, despite giving similar results to hyaluronic acid-based skin-boosting injections, there are no needles involved. You could say it's the best of both worlds.”

10 Women Everywhere Are Threading Up

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As portrayed in New Beauty, “The practice of lifting the face and body with threads is new and improved and here to stay.” Threads are impactful for stimulating collagen growth as the material itself works operates as a foreign substance to lift and thicken the skin.

The doctor inserts tiny threads underneath the surface of the skin during the procedure.

The threads are made from the same material as surgical sutures that dissolve into the skin. Within six months, this will help stimulate collagen production in the skin. The treatment looks great immediately and lasts up to a year and a half or more. There is a lifting effect that continues to improve over time.

9 Light It Up With LED Facials

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Over the past decade, doctors have used blue-light-emitting diodes to help clear acne, and red light to help combat fine lines and signs of aging. In the past, LED facials used a single wavelength of light to penetrate the skin, but advancement in technology has increased the number of wavelengths that can be delivered at one time.

These types of facials start with extraction before using a panel of multiwavelength LEDs to ensure 20 minutes of deep-light penetration that leave skin radiant with no downtime. A StyleCaster editor who tried the facial claims, “I follow my treatment with three blissful days of going makeup-free and looking bright.”

8 Bite Beauty 5 Night Fix For Lips Is The Bee's Knees

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The newest craze among lip masks brings deep conditioning to your pout and keeps your lipstick game on-point. The majority of lip masks contain high percentages of nourishing ingredients like agave and vanilla, while others include collagen to plump and dissolve dead skin cells.

Some lip mask versions incorporate enzymes to fight the effects of dry, aging lips and reducing fine lines, making lipstick more wearable.

According to Bustle, Bite Beauty 5 Night Fix for Lips is worth a try. They note, “Bite Beauty was one of the first companies to come out with deep treatment lip masks, so they know their stuff.” Apply before bed to get some game-changing beauty sleep!

7 Swipe On Some GrandeLASH MD Lash Enhancing Serum

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Whether you sport extensions or go au naturel, the GrandeLASH MD Lash Enhancing Serum promotes longer, thicker-looking eyelashes. The formula is infused with vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids to help enhance short or thinning lashes and restore brittle or damaged lashes. This product is dermatologist approved and works most effectively when used within a three-month span.

Sephora shopper candyman claims, “I've had significant lash loss from lash extensions. I was wearing falsies every single day, which also wasn't helping my lashes. This product brought my lashes back and with mascara, I constantly get asked if they're my real lashes. It is so easy to use and a tube lasts a long time.”

6 Calling For Collagen With Vital Protein's Peptides

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Collagen is currently one of the buzziest words on the skincare scene. It's made up of amino acids and acts as the glue that holds our skin, hair, muscles, bones, and even blood vessels together. As mentioned in Women’s Health Magazine, “collagen makes up about 30 percent of the structural protein in the body.”

Give your collagen levels a boost by ingesting a powder form in a smoothie, shake or even your morning coffee.

Regular consumption can help soothe achy joints, improve gut health and enhance athletic performance. Consider it a new kind of protein powder and drink regularly for best results.

5 Beauty On A Budget Makes The GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool A Must

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For ladies who are interested in microneedling but not sure if the price point works, consider a derma roller to get an in-home fix. At-home micro-needles can be used three to five times a week vertically, horizontally and diagonally over the face for no more than two minutes.

According to Allure, “use any serum or oil with your dermaroller—and therefore specifically tailor the treatment to your own skin type.” Over time, consistent at-home microneedling can yield impressive results and give you glowing skin. Not sure where to start? The GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool ($199) has rave reviews—give it a go!

4 Make Light Waves With Neutrogena's Light Therapy Mask

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For a revolutionary approach to acne, Neutrogena’s Light Therapy Acne Mask uses a combo of red and blue lights work to combat two of the major factors that contribute to acne: bacteria and inflammation. Boom!

This mask is FDA cleared and designed to be worn for 30 daily treatments.

Does it work? Research says yes! According to the Neutrogena site—in a Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. 12-week clinical study, 98% of users reported fewer breakouts and 94% of users had smoother skin. As per Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask user Roxanne93, “I bought this product about 2 weeks ago and I already notice the difference.”

3 A Cure To Crow’s Feet? Radara's Eye Treatment

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Radara is an eye treatment that works to create micro-channels through the surface of the skin. It uses a patch coated with microscopic plastic needles and a bottle of hyaluronic acid. Be sure to start with a clean face to remove any dirt, makeup or oil, so the acid serum can penetrate the innermost layers of the skin.

As referenced in Allure, a woman who tried Radara claimed, “My skin felt plumper, my undereye shadows less obvious and I found myself wearing less makeup without thinking about it.” Amazing! Radara has plans to expand the line to include patches for the forehead, upper lips, and body.

2 Be Crystal Clear With The Lift + Sculpt Butterfly Stone

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Celebrity facialists are now using crystals to treat acne and wrinkles and boost glow! According to Elle, celebrity facialist Georgia Louise (the same facialist who treated Cate Blanchett with the EGF facial) created her own rose quartz tool called the Lift + Sculpt Butterfly Stone for a puffiness- and wrinkle-reducing face massage. Though crystals seem to be less invasive than most beauty treatments out there, they can work wonders.

One of the most popular crystals is the rose quartz, which is known to promote circulation and self-love.

Try The Lift & Sculpt Butterfly Stone for healing and anti-aging benefits. As per Georgia Louise, “Regular massaging with this stone will help to drain puffiness and unwanted toxins, contour the face and help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.”

1 One-Stop Shopping With Hanacure’s All-In-One Face Mask

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The beauty community is buzzing over this one! For the woman who wants Botox-like results without leaving her home—Hanacure’s All-In-One Face Mask delivers a transformative experience in just 30 minutes. Hanacure notes, “a patented CO2 OctoLift™ tightens, brightens, contours, and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, giving a restored and youthful appearance.”

This mask has been favored by celebs like Drew Barrymore and January Jones. Apply the Korean-inspired mask once a week for half an hour for an impactful pick-me-up that leaves you glowing. Not convinced? The Hanacure site features over 2,635 reviews from real women who saw immediate results. Buy a single treatment for $29 or splurge for the 4-pack for $110.

References: Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Sephora

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