Edited And Filtered: 21 Times The Kardashians Altered The Pics Of Their Kids

The Kardashian-Jenners aren't going away anytime soon. Kim, Kylie, and Khloe all added daughters to their family empire over this past year alone. That means a whole new generation of selfie-snapping socialites is on the rise. But for the time being—to be frank—t the Kardashian-Jenner kids are just kids. That means they rely on their parents to take them under their wing. What makes their upbringing complicated though is their parent's fame.

Having rich and famous parents isn't without its challenges. The Kardashian-Jenner matriarchs are going to have to decide how they want to present their kids to the world. Some have already figured out a system. Kim, for example, uses Snapchat Filters all the time with pictures of her kids. According to Elite Daily, using filters is actually a shrewd way for Kim to keep her family life private while also appearing playful. In fact, the Kardashian-Jenners are no strangers to filters or even photoshop. They use them all the time on their own pictures, why wouldn't they on their kids? It's never been easier and more tempting to touch up or add humor to photos. Even these tricks aren't below the Kardashian-Jenners. These are some of the best filters and worse photoshop edits of the Kardashian-Jenners ever.

21 Stormi Puts Out Any Fires Kylie Starts

Via: Daily Mail

Looks like Kim's kids aren't the only ones getting the Snapchat treatment. Following in her sister Kim's footsteps, Kylie is also lighting up her child. One of the filters Kylie applied in Snapchat to her daughter, Stormi, was a head full of small flames. But the only thing that's on fire is Kylie's Instagram likes.

According to The Daily Mail, around the time she shared these photos of Stormi, she went to Coachella. Even being a new mother didn't stop her from hitting up one of the biggest music festivals around.

Another filter Kylie applied to her daughter was the pink teddy bear ears and nose.

As eye-popping as the flames were, the teddy bear seems softer (and safer). Speaking of eye-popping, Kylie sported some hot pink hair at the time. She didn't hesitate to share photos of her and the new hairstyle.

As The Daily Mail reports, Kylie didn't get all love and praise from posting these photos. She also got some criticism for leaving Stormi at home while she went to Coachella. One Instagram user commented, "A 'cool mom' doesn't up and leave her newborn for a weekend of partying at Coachella — yes that's you, Kylie Jenner."

20 Kim Throws Some Shades On North

Via: Daily Mail

Valentine's Day has always been a special day for the Kardashians (and anyone in love, really). There's plenty of lavish gifts the Kardashians have treated themselves to over the years as Revelist points out. Back in 2014, when Kim and Kanye were dating, the rapper got her red roses. While it sounds like a simple and traditional gift to get a Valentine, the reality is it's the Kardashians. So when Kanye treated Kim to some roses, he got her 1,000 of them. But we won't let that speak for all the Kardashians. Khloe, after all, admitted back in 2013 to PeopleTV that she never got Lamar Odom anything.

To make Valentine's Day that much more special, Snapchat releases fun filters. Kim decided that she'd have a little fun with this season filter. But instead of sharing this Valentine's themed video with Kanye, she chose North instead. With Snapchat on, these two turn into hip shade wearing divas. The fun filter even flashes hearts across the sunglass lens while activated. As much as Kanye means to Kim, she's showing where her priorities lie. Her kids mean more to her than anything. Of course, they're also adorable which doesn't hurt her number of views either.

19 North Preps For Beauty Pageant

Via: Pinimg

When girls reach a certain age, they can make a decision about whether they want to wear makeup or not. But some worry girls are using makeup earlier than they used to. According to Glamour, a survey by Escentual.com revealed that girls are starting as early as age 11 to start decorating themselves with all sorts of mascaras, blushes, concealers, and eyeliners. That's much lower than where it was ten years ago, averaging at the age of 14. Many are going to find themselves on different sides. Some disagree with girls using makeup at such an early age, while others find nothing wrong with it.

Here, Kim has decked out her daughter North for a beauty pageant.

Only instead of applying real makeup, she turned on a Snapchat filter to glam out her daughter. With eyeshadow, blush, lipstick—plus, it looks like North may have gotten some tips from her mom. North's pose shows she's following in her mother's footsteps. Though we don't expect her to open an account of her own anytime soon. As per The Huffington Post, a user has to at least be 13 years old first before opening a Snapchat account. We expect her to keep using her mom's account until then.

18 Kim Wishes Upon A North Star


Kids can't get enough Snapchat. Using a filter adds silly animations to their face. When they look at themselves with bunny ears and big eyes, they can't help but smile. This photo with Kim and North with a head covered in stars proves it.

As Mum's Lounge reports, North appeared a little hesitant of Snapchat at first. When Kim started rolling the video, adding a flower crown on her daughter's head, North wasn't interested. But things took a different turn when Kim added some stars and asked, "Are you my little North Star?" North shook her head. But not long after, she reached up above her head and tried playing with the imaginary stars.

According to a study by the University of Michigan, as reported by the New York Times, Snapchat makes people happy. So happy, in fact, that college students in the study found more enjoyment from Snapchat than Facebook or other social media applications. One reason that's speculated is the fact that Snapchat gives users fewer options to "beautify" a post. That means people feel less pressured to look a certain way online. In turn, the filters don't hurt either, as they invite kids to have fun and act silly.

17 Kim and North Sing Squeaky Christmas Carols

Via: Daily Mail

Kim and North got in the Christmas spirit back in December 2017 when they made this Snapchat movie. In the festive spirit though, first, they got dressed up in their pajamas. Then, with a simple swipe of the phone, Snapchat transformed them into reindeers. That's when the urge to sing a Christmas song struck.

They just couldn't resist from breaking into "Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer."

These two sang the classic song, written by Johnny Marks (as per The Daily Mail) in a way that would make Kanye proud, though they sounded more like chipmunks than they did reindeer due to Snapchat's voice filter.

Back in the day, as reported by Gary Vaynerchuk on his website, Facebook attempted to buy Snapchat. But in the end, Snapchat's CEO Evan Spiegel turned down Facebook's offer. Now, the two social networks are in a battle. Users are in the middle of it all, forced to choose which app they like better. That's caused each of the social networks to introduce new features to attract users, and the use of such features by celebrities like the Kardashian-Jenners is no doubt giving Snapchat a boost in popularity over its competitor. One of the features to come out of Snapchat in 2017 was voice filters. This feature, as used by Kim and North here, can modulate a voice to sound much sillier than it is in reality.

16 Baby True’s Flower Power


Once again, the Kardashian genes prove their superiority. With a few snaps, True Thompson grabs the world's attention. Of course, she had a little help from her mommy and Snapchat. In these photos, True is already proving she's a Kardashian with how photogenic she looks. Plus, the flower provides a small accent provided by Snapchat's filter feature.

As Elle reports, True is the daughter of Khloe Kardashian and NBA star Tristan Thompson. Though Khloe and Tristan aren't on the best of terms at the moment. Allegedly, Thompson hasn't been true to Khloe lately. But that doesn't mean Khloe has no one to rely on. True is not only keeping Khloe's spirits alive but keeping her busy as a new mom.

According to The Fact Site, Snapchat's original name was Picaboo back in 2011. That seems to fit in line with the ghost mascot, who's called "Ghostface Chillah," as PastBook notes. But for the time being, Khloe is playing peekaboo with True.

Though there's good news for fans hoping Khloe and Tristan can work out their differences. According to Elle, the couple was spotted together at a movie theater. We hope they can work things out, especially for this little girl.

15 The World Can’t Bear Chicago’s Cuteness

Via: E!

Fans couldn't wait to get a glimpse of Kim's youngest daughter, Chicago West, shortly after she was born. Lucky for them, they didn't have to buy a magazine or subscribe to Kim's official website to see Chicago. Instead, Chicago said hello to the world on Instagram.

Even though Kim posted the picture on Instagram, she took the original in Snapchat. After all, it's a Snapchat filter that allowed both mother and daughter to have pink ears. According to E! Online, fans could see Chicago before this photo arrived. But they had to watch Kylie's video about her pregnancy.

This happened to be the first time Chicago appeared in an official snap.

Already, from her first photo, Chicago's career is in Kim's hands. Though if there's anyone that can show Chicago the ropes, it's Kim. Out of Kim's three kids, Chicago is the only one who she and Kanye decided to have through a surrogate. Although Chicago was only born this past January, she's already gotten a lot of attention. As TMZ reports, she was even delivered by Dr. Paul Crane, the same doctor for North and Saint. If she continues to follow in her older siblings' footsteps, she's on the right track.

14 Stormi Is All Ears Thanks To Kylie

No one is safe from Photoshop in the Kardashian-Jenner household. Not even the kids. Poor Stormi, Kylie's daughter, isn't even a year old. Yet she's already been the victim of photoshop.

According to the website Girlfriend, an Instagram post by Kylie looks awfully suspicious. If one looks closely at Stormi's visible ear, one might see the after effects of photoshop. The lines look a little sharp on Stormi's ear. Plus, the lighting looks off. But the most glaring giveaway of all is the wall next to Stormi's little ear. With a careful eye, it looks warped and unnatural. Whenever there's a distorted line or shape that looks a little off, it usually means photoshop played a role.

The argument this photo doesn't stoop to such lows doesn't look very good. Some people, after all, accuse Kylie of using Photoshop in the past, according to Life and Style Magazine. According to Girlfriend, the Instagram user @celebface wrote, "She 100% photoshopped the baby's ears she photoshops her own ears all the time." While Kylie and the Kardashian-Jenners do have detractors, they're the parents at the end of the day. When it comes to how they want to raise their kids, it's up to them.

13 Saint Poses For His Author Photo

Via: Daily Mail

It's hard not to smile while looking at Kim's kids using the Snapchat filters. Without a doubt, these kids were born to be in the spotlight. They're all naturals when it comes to being photogenic. According to The Daily Mail, this photo is part of a series featuring all the kids.

Kim, being the awesome mom that she is, made sure to set aside time in her busy day to be with the kids.

Even if that means making her son, Saint, look like Albert Einstein. But Kim's life as a mom doesn't all sound like unicorns and rainbows. At the time these surfaced, Chicago was just born.

According to US Weekly, the mother of three gets up at any time in the night for her kids. If they need something, she's there. Even more, Kim is said to be "very hands-on" when it comes to being a mom. That shouldn't surprise fans in the least. She's known for liking control over things in her life. It's only natural that this is the case for child-rearing, considering the empire she's helped create alongside her family. In the meantime, she often dotes on her children. She may even hope Saint will become the next Einstein.

12 North Isn’t Bugged By Snapchat Anymore

Entertainment Tonight

Leave it to the Kardashians to turn a run-of-the-mill car ride into entertainment. Kim never misses an opportunity to bond with her daughter while using Snapchat. This time, the filters help to pass the time while driving. Kim chose a butterfly crown as her filter. North, who goes by "Nori" within the fam, opted for a bee instead. ET Online reports that at one time, North wasn't so fond of the photo app. In fact, it's the filter effects that alter one's appearance that scared her the most, as Kim once admitted.

Even though North wasn't a fan of Snapchat in the early days, Kim continued to take pictures with her using the app. On the surface, it looks like Kim was practicing tough love with North. It seems to have paid off, considering how receptive North is to the app now.

North's not the only one who's struggled with Snapchat. According to the National Review, the filters can be problematic. Sometimes they make a user look more attractive. While this sounds great, it can actually be harmful since it's covering up how someone looks. There's going to be a debate on filters at the end of the day. But at least Kim and North are just having fun.

11 Kim And North Call The Dogs Off

Via: Time

Two years before North West came into the world, Snapchat was born. Back in 2013, the same year Kim and Kanye’s first child was born according to HubSpot, Snapchat started gaining popularity in the mainstream. Today, North West's mom is one of the most popular users the app has ever had. In this photo, Kim and North are enjoying some cuddle time before bed. But not before what we imagine is a daily ritual now in the Kardashian household.

Instead of taking time to read a bedtime story to the kids, Kim opens up Snapchat.

Kim is always a sly dog when it comes to using her phone. She always has it at the ready should a perfect opportunity arise for a selfie. Using the Snapchat filter, both mother and daughter have pupped themselves out. Kim looks to be taking on the look of a Puggle, while North is a Dalmatian. Even if Kim's taking the photo op a little more seriously than her daughter, North still shows a willingness. Even if she's doing it only to indulge her mom, we imagine she makes Kim proud. She's already picking up the family's penchant for cameras at an early age.

10 Kourtney And Mason Are Victims Of Photoshop


When one looks at the cover of OK! featuring Kourtney and baby Mason, nothing seems out of the ordinary. But when compared side by side with the original, the magazine cover looks altered. More than a touch-up, the cover now looks like a major facelift. The magazine's front page contains a headline reading, "Kourtney's Body After Baby Exclusive." But according to The Huffington Post, Kourtney claims she didn't pose for the magazine. She shared her frustration over Twitter saying, "One of those weeklies got it wrong again...they didn't have an exclusive with me. And I gained 40 pounds while pregs, not 26...but thanks!"

Although Kourtney bore the brunt of Photoshop, little Mason got some touching up as well. His skin looks lighter and less red all around. Except Kourtney denies having any part in their altered looks. In an interview with WWD, Kourtney said, "They doctored and Photoshopped my body to make it look like I have already lost all the weight, which I have not." It looks like Kourtney had nothing to do with the way she or Mason looked here on the cover of OK!. If she's telling the truth, it's not fair for a magazine to use her picture without permission.

9 Kim Picks A Flower For Chicago

Via: Twitter

Sometimes all it takes is a flower to bring a picture together. That at least is the thinking behind Kim's Snapchat photos of infant daughter Chicago. As is often the case, Kim can't settle for taking one photo. She took several. Providing insight into her world as a 24/7 mother, Kim shared photos where she's with Chicago. These two appear to be getting along from the start.

In this photo of Chicago, the infant (and future celebrity) have one of the simpler filters applied over her face. Kim chose to put a flower on her daughter's head.

She even let something sweet slip saying, "Are you not the cutest?"

As Yahoo reports, these photos happened on what was a hectic day for Kim. Kanye revealed that same day to TMZ that certain substances were affecting his life. What doesn't look clear in these photos is the layer of stress Kim must be feeling. Instead, she does a good job hiding it and finds a way to be in the moment. It's times like these that are fleeting when Chicago is still only an infant. Coming as good news, Kanye is doing much better. According to E! Online, he said, "I think I'm in a stronger place than I ever was after the breakdown, or I like to say the breakthrough."

8 Kim And North Have Pizza Faces

Via: Us Magazine

When someone calls another person a "pizza face", it usually means they have pretty bad acne. But it's a different story in the context of Kim and her youngest daughter, Chicago. Here, mother and daughter are taking some time to bond together. There's no better way to bond these days, after all, than with Snapchat. While there does exist a digital community on Snapchat, it's best known for its silly filters. That encourages users to become more interactive with the app. When people take pictures together, it becomes a shared experience.

Not only is Kim sharing this experience with her kids, but a lot of other people online. That's the power of Snapchat. But how many people exactly? Unlike other social networks, according to Elite Daily, only users know how many people follow them. That means for a long time, people didn't know how many followers Kim had. That is until she revealed via Twitter back in 2016 how many Snapchat viewers she had. On Twitter, Kim wrote, "between 8-9 million." That kind of following makes Kim a force to be reckoned with. Plus, that was back in 2016. We can only imagine how many more followers she has today.

7 North Regurgitates Rainbows

Via: Buzz Express

Snapchat filters aren't afraid to hold back from being outright silly. In turn, it encourages users to act silly whenever they turn on a filter. That's exactly what's on display here with North. By now, she's a full-fledged believer in the app. Whereas before, when she was two years old, she wasn't into it at all. Even Kim admitted to it back in the day. She once wrote about North, "Not a Snap fan. Scary filters," according to Bustle.

But now that North has broken out of her shell a bit more, she's not afraid to hold back.

Even more, she's not afraid to use Snapchat. Now, she's barfing up rainbows like nobody's business.

According to Piktochart, one of the things Snapchat is popular for is sending pictures of cocktails. It just managed to beat out photos of food and scenery. Another stat is the fact that 65% of the time, users retake their selfie anywhere from one to five times before sending it out. There's someone though that doesn't struggle with this and that's North. North and Kim's other kids are at a stage where they act still and don't have to be conscious yet of their appearance around others. If Snapchat can foster that even more then it’s a great app.

6 Kim And North Are Cheese Chowing Mice


Something tells us the idiom of being "poor as a church mouse" doesn't apply to these two. The reality is that Kim and her daughter North are far from poor. According to Time, Kim is worth around $175 million. She seems to have something of a Midas touch turning everything to gold. There's the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the Kimoji mobile app, also the cosmetic lines. It makes sense she and the family are rolling in dough. Or in this case, the gold cheddar.

People are Snapchatting all the time these days. In fact, according to The Fact Site, users create over 7 billion photos and videos on the app every day. That means there's a lot of content out there. Even more, it comes as no surprise to learn that filters only boosted the app's popularity. Ever since Snapchat introduced filters back in 2015, people have been flocking to the app. Anything Kim posts on Snapchat is going to be a hit. In spite how many content users create every day, it's safe to say Kim's gets a large amount of attention. Plus, having one of her adorable kids in the photo (or video) only helps.

5 North Fits Right In At Coachella


Even though Coachella has been around for some time, it's really caught on fire in recent years. Starting back in 1999, as Elite Daily notes, the music festival has trickled into the mainstream. Although it's become synonymous with partying, it has a reputation for headlining some of the top artists. Lots of people that go may not even be there for the music. They go for the experience of being in the Coachella valley surrounding by lots of people for an unforgettable weekend.

The music festival is so popular in fact, there's even a Snapchat filter that pays homage.

It looks like a bunch of pretty flowers sitting atop a user's head. For those familiar with Coachella, it's not uncommon to find people wearing flower crowns. Plus, it's sort of a throwback to hippie culture back in the '60s when music festivals started. Here, Kim has adorned her daughter's head with the flower crown. It's possible she's getting North ready for one of Kanye's performances. Or they might be having fun passing the time with Snapchat filters and thought this one was pretty. Whatever the case may be, it's another example of Kim ruling Snapchat while showing her protege North the ropes.

4 Khloe Turns True Into A Bunny Girl

Harper's Bazaar

Kylie isn't the only new mom under the Kardashian-Jenner banner this year. Adding on to the family empire was Khloe, who gave birth to a new daughter back in April. Khloe showed her newborn daughter, True, to the world through the magic of Snapchat. In fact, there's been a lot of photos of True with the Snapchat filter. To name a few, there's True as a bunny; True with a flower on her head; and patriotic True celebrating Memorial Day. Granted, the last one wasn't so much of True filtered. Rather, Khloe animated her head with red, white and blue teddy bear ears.

In a way, photos like these promote Snapchat. Newbies will become curious about using the app, while users will want to use it more. According to The Fact Site, there's only one social network more popular that Snapchat: Facebook. It's ironic considering Facebook tried to buy Snapchat many years ago. When Facebook failed to buy Snapchat, Slate reports they went in a different direction. Instead, Facebook launched the platform Poke to compete with Snapchat. But it struggled to lift off and reach a level equal to Snapchat. But Facebook did hold supremacy over the social media world for the time being.

3 Kim’s Perfectly Photoshopped Picture Of North

Via: Famous Plastic

Photoshop rubs some people the wrong way. They think it hides authenticity. Plus, it places an expectation on others to look perfect in photos. Others argue it's a person's right to do whatever they want with their photos. This particular photo of North West, Kim and Kanye's first child, is believed by many to be a victim of photoshop.

If true, it would be one of the earliest edited photos of North in existence.

When looking at other photos of North around this time, it does look like her eyebrows are a bit more natural. But in the later photo, the eyebrows look immaculate. As Famous Plastic points out, Kim would've had to have trimmed up her baby's eyebrow, but that wouldn't be very mother-like.

What says a lot is how people are able to tell what's real or not. Like visual effects in a movie, the human eye is able to spot what's digital without much effort. It's something our brains do all the work of. In a matter of seconds, we can make a conclusion about it. While a photo is a lot harder than visual effects, the same principle applies. Many people just aren't convinced that this picture of North isn't doctored at all.

2 Blac Chyna And Dream Are A Pair Of Pups

Via: Daily Mail

At one time, not that long ago, Blac Chyna was part of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Although she and the family had a major falling out, there was once a better time. She and Rob Kardashian have a child together, a daughter named Dream. Dream, pictured here with Chyna, is playing along with mommy on Snapchat. The two look like a couple of cuddly puppies in this photo.

It's no surprise, looking at photos like these, how much people love filters. As per The Fact Site, filters are one of the most popular features on Snapchat. Added in 2015, filters are responsible for drawing even more users to the app. Although teenagers rule Snapchat, more users across different ages are joining in. It's safe to say they're checking out the filters as soon as they get on.

Though it's a well-known fact that Snapchat has more women than men. According to The Fact Site, 70% of Snapchatters are female. Even more, half of Snapchatters in 2014 were anywhere from 13 to 17 years old. Although its diversified since then, it's safe to assume the app is still teeming with teens. Even if Chyna doesn't fall in this group, we expect Dream to use Snapchat when she's 13 to 17 years old.

1 Kim Shows North How To Put On Snapchat Makeup


North is growing up so fast — already she's wearing makeup like her mom! Wait a minute, that's not real makeup... It's not the first time Snapchat’s fooled us either. At first, according to The Daily Mail, it started with Kim messing around on Snapchat. Then North came along and that's when Kim made efforts to include her. "Oh, hey, do you like my makeup today, North?" Kim said. On her phone screen, Kim's eyes darken with eyeshadow and glitzy Mardi Gras-like effects cover her face. It's the Snapchat filter at work again.

Kim's question to North though didn't go unnoticed. That's when North admitted, "I wanna do it." We imagine Kim was smiling on the inside.

It must make Kim proud to see her daughter find joy in using Snapchat the same way she does.

This picture is the result of North's eagerness to join in on the fun. Of course, Kim affirmed her daughter for how she looked. It's never a dull moment for these two, who are becoming besties before the world's eyes. Snapchat is partly responsible for bringing them together. The filters bring so much entertainment. If one looks hard enough, one can see genuine smiles underneath the animated faces.

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