Ed Sheeran Will Never Forget This Missed Note Thanks To Beyoncé's Iconic Look

Singer Ed Sheeran had a moment on stage with Beyoncé where he missed a note, and she gave him an iconic look for it, something he will probably never forget. This epic scene took place on stage at the Global Citizen Festival in South Africa and was captured on camera by fans in the audience, celebrities these days really cannot get away with anything, can they? And if there is anyone you do not want to mess up in front, it is Beyoncé; somehow she appears to be quite the perfectionist.

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The whole thing took place during Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé's epic duet Perfect, and it was a breathtakingly beautiful performance. However, when Ed Sheeran missed a note, Beyoncé literally flinched and gave him the most iconic look, and it is safe to assume this will haunt Ed for a while now. It almost appeared as if Ed Sheeran was having a problem with his in-ear monitor, so perhaps that is the reason to his missed note, but the rest of the duo's performance was perfect.

As reported by Cosmopolitan, the main topic after the two highly praised singers was their different take on what to wear to an event like the Global Citizen Festival, because it was not particularly well matched. Beyoncé brought her A-game with a huge, fuchsia pink gown and of course full glam, whereas Ed Sheeran wore his typical go-to outfit consisting of jeans, sneakers, and a long sleeve t-shirt with a regular t-shirt on top.

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In most cases, celebrities that are performing a duet together tend to match their outfits somewhat, but not this time. In a way, it is refreshing to see that both of these superstars chose to stick to their own personal style, instead of meeting halfway. After all, part of what makes their song Perfect so good is the combination of the two of them, which is so much more than just their voice.

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Little mistakes like this happen all the time, and the audience probably did not even notice the mishap. To look on the bright side, at least they were both singing live which is not always the case at concerts no matter how big the star is.

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